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Three Simple Yet Effective Ways to Add a Bit Extra.


Disappointed with what peered back from the mirror this morning? Disappointment won't help, do something to rectify the situation. Get a nice big trendy trim that you can spice up using these little knots and braids. Strike immediately while the iron remains hot. The tiny details of these innovative techniques make all the difference. With beauty, time management is necessary in today' s modern, ultra fast-paced world, so getting simple to manage locks is integral. Short haircuts have numerous variations, many of which are a breeze to manage. They'll get you ready for an important meeting or a rocking party in a few minutes. You need healthy hair, a few styling products and you're ready to change your style in accordance with the occasion. Add a couple of minutes to your schedule to include one of these elements that add something special.

Let's go through a handful of examples. French braids are popular, promoting an elegant appearance. At first glance, it looks complicated but it's simple with a few steps to follow. Divide your hair in half and taking the upper portion, make a ponytail. Take the front section and twist, forming a braid using your fingers. Make a braid on both sides and pull backward. Tie the end of these braids with the hair at the back. Use a few pins if necessary to hold. Your ready for both formal and informal occasions and look perfect for both.

Knots and Ponies.

It's often thought that knots are difficult to make with short locks. True for the shortest but here's an easy style that works well. Make two ponytails then finger loosen, upturn the ponies onto themselves and pull to make it stable and get two sexy knots giving a modern look. Also use clips to accentuate the effect, beautiful studded clips will add to the style. Perfect for any casual event or occasion, a perfect combination of style and comfort.

Another gorgeous design which includes knots, take a few strands in front and twisting with your fingers, make a knot, pull this strand to one side and pin. Multiple knots are a fantastic option. Feminine and subtle with trendy and fashionable simultaneously. Enhance your beauty by wearing accessories, diamond studs, and a beautiful carved neckpiece will do nicely. Makeup should be light with you face's natural charm visible.