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Fancy a Change? Go for a Trim.


Nothing is constant. In our fast paced lifestyle if you don't make a strong impression you're forgotten in an instant. Making a strong impression depends on many factors and differs depending on the occasion. Clothing and make-up are important but our remit is hair so we'll stick to that. A good hairstyle is very important to most women because it boosts confidence. A dowdy or ill-suited style can drag you down and have a disproportionately negative effect on the rest of your outward appearance. If you find yourself in this position, a makeover may be a necessary step. A slight change can renew the flavor of life, providing renewed vigor and a fresh outlook. Ruben Colon from the Sally Hershberger salon in NYC performs a stunning makeover the pictured client.

Choosing a hairstyle which brings out femininity is important in a short style, you may want to look trendy and fashionable too. In today’s world, you can have a touch of roughness and remain feminine. Many short haircuts are a perfect combination of edginess and trend. Long locks? Don't hesitate to chop it all off. Varying levels of symmetry is an option. An asymmetrical cut and shorter around the nape and dense on top gives more volume, razor cutting gives an edgy finish and more texture.

Use Products with Care.

Use products that bring added benefits, a keratin spray for example. A keratin spray promotes texture and extra shine. It's not excessively neat so you need not comb it, adjust using your fingers throwing in a natural touch, you could also use gel to give extra texture and different finish. This potentially enhances the beauty of a heart shaped face and compliments any sharp features. A very modern arrangement making you the life of the party.

Choose accessories with care, for a party you might want to add a splash of color. Makeup should be eye-catching and attractive. Dark mascara highlighting your eyes is perfect. Deep lip gloss to deliver shiny touches making you sexy and alluring.