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Versatility in a Short Blonde Undercut.


A video of a pretty young lady with a platinum blonde undercut. She shows methods for creating a variety of close to 10 different ideas. Use products like mousse, accessories like headbands, and LOTS of hairspray. First a bubble quiff, a standard quiff follows, that's similar to Miley Cyrus' cut and reminiscent of this Carey Mulligan style. Then a slick parted number and a couple of mohawks or fauxhawks. A handful of accessories provide the last three or four looks.

The Video's set at high speed to get more styles in as quick a time possible. The first one utilizes a touch of mousse, backcombing and the obligatory hairspray (Aussie Instant Freeze) to make a clipped bubble at the front. She achieves the second using L'Oreal Tousle Creme and turns into a nice textbook quiff but don't call her Miley. Next up is a neat and sleek number with a part that's ready for action at any occasion. Then, by contrast, a Justin Bieber inspired hairstyle, to be fair not total Biebster but it is reminiscent. A touch of further backcombing and product and we'are in Mohawk territory.

Back to basics with a feathery band accessory. Then some twists and pins, then back out there by adding a quirky head chain. Finally, the addition of a braided silver headband finishes the collection. The ozone layer may have taken a battering but there's a huge array of possibilities from a simple short haircut design. Reserve an evening to yourself and experiment!