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Blonde to Red Complete Makeover Video.


Planning a complete and comprehensive makeover? Something to revolutionize a look that's become monotonous over time? Here's a perfect idea from Anja Herigg of Hair & Mehr. First, decide what you want and discuss its feasibility with the stylist. After you reach an agreement, begin with a steady wash. Conditioning is often omitted since conditioners coat the hair preventing the color taking due to the cationic nature of quaternium conditioning agents. Drape a towel around and leave a minute or two, until semi-dry.

The stylist will wrap an apron over your shoulders to avoid tufts causing irritation. She clipped and brushed the gathered hair in sections using a wide toothed brush. Three separate clips to the front and sides. Using the razor cutting technique and a narrow comb, she cut the back to the requisite length, the excess left on the neck is also shaved and removed. She used the razor technique to soften and blur the boundary between the skin and hair by leaving the ends at different lengths. Shortened bangs provide the finished look.

Colors and Tones.

Colors mixed in appropriate proportions give the desired tones. In this case, she uses several different colors and applies dye with the utmost care, starting at the back right to the roots to increase the styles shelf life. While applying color to the edges, paper prevents stains around the face and color mixing. Once the coloring is complete, washing removes excess color, conditioning at this stage is appropriate. Light makeup applied to eyes and lips enhances the new style. A large round brush and blow dryer complete the process.

Comparing before and after pictures shows a huge contrast. Now coming to the question asked in the beginning, the answer is obvious. This will certainly redefine your personality.