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Wavy, Blonde Semi-updo from Straight Bobbed Hair.


Start from a standard highlighted bob, wave your magic curling wand and throw a few bobby pins in and finish totally owning a delightful sexy half pinned wavy design. Use the right styling products and you'll become your own stylist. Everything can seem monotonous eventually, for variety give your world an occasional jolt. One side can be pulled up and pinned, giving a new refreshing look.

Divide into Sections.

May require practice sessions, perseverance and patience are key. Divide the upper section off and work on the lower rear areas. Curl around the wand, the nape first then move upwards in slow increments. Moving around from one ear to the other, take small sections and wrap around the wand a few seconds until the curl holds.

This requires some volume, as curling reduces perceived density. Reaching around chin length is perfect but there is some leeway. Unclip the top, section off again about 3 inches (7cm) higher and repeat the process on each fresh section. Repeat until complete. Give it a quick brush and you could call that the finished product having created a beach wavy vibe but to add extra zest tuck one side under and pin in place. The Ombre effect she has going on combines particularly well with the curls. Blues, violets, and purples would also make good companions. Wear to any casual or semi-formal event. Dinner date with a close circle of friends or any party, you'll be the center of attraction.

Star of the Show.

Eye color is important to bring out features. Eye color not cutting it? Try contacts. Highlight your eyes using a lot of mascara and eye shadow. Dark lip gloss will also do justice. Choose accessories bearing your wardrobe in mind. More colorful accessories for a casual event and if going semi-formal then go for diamond studs with a matched pendant. Using a few simple steps can alter your look completely. Surprise people by having such an elegant makeover and you'll transform into the star in a crowd of many.