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Double Dutch Braid.


Recently joined the short hair brigade? Unsure of the hairstyle options available? Perfect example, a Double Dutch Crown Braid, it's quite unique so you won't see every second person wearing the same style. For all occasions and places; party, office, get together's and every other possible situation. As far as the overall effect is concerned it makes you elegantly regal and adds glamor to your persona. The bottom line is, it's damn easy, convenient and quick. Excited to know how it's done? That's what this video from Hello Gorgeous is for, it'll explain the simplest method to construct a Double Dutch Crown Braid.

Initially, center part your hair and capture a small section of frontal locks from either side. Split the sections into three and start crossing underneath. That's the main difference between Dutch and French plaits, French crosses upwards rather than crossing downwards. Cross it thrice and then stretch the left part. Now start taking pieces from around and pull downwards.

Finishing Touches.

Once it gets down, tie using a regular elastic band. Now loosen, even if some pieces come out, it's not a problem because it's going to be safely clipped at the back. Repeat on the other side. When both the sides are complete, what remains is a small chunk left behind. Tie any remaining hair using a shorter band and make a little, sloppy bun and pin it. Now take the plaits and tuck them over the bun. This makes the crown look higher and lovelier. Pin from all sides. You can loosen and make them look sloppier and casual. If wispy strands take over, flatten using hairspray on the back of a hard surface such as a comb.