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Classic, Voluminous, Curly.


Hair trimmed recently? Already missing the styles you could create with longer length? A video tutorial teaching how to get a simple pinup look by setting pin curls and styling. You need a teasing comb or brush, flatirons, sectioning clips, hairspray and time.

Don't forget to check out more videos from our featured model here. Side part, then take around one inch of the front section and curl in the flat iron as shown, clip this curled section. Continue this process until you complete the entire head.

Use Caution.

Try not to keep hair in the iron for too long because excessive heat might cause damage. Continue all the way around and remember that the waves at the back need to be bigger. Now spray all over to set the curls, make sure that it's a flexible hold spray. Leave curls to cool down. Remove the pins and loosen the waves using your fingers. Gently start brushing the crown section. The more you tease, the higher it becomes, continue for the entire back section.

Make sure you volumize high at the top and flatten the back. You can also use moisturizing powder for teasing. Use fingers to make the curls lay whichever way you want them, then spray all over. Now tease the side section. Finally, come to the front bang and start teasing from the back, making sure you achieve the height you desire. Give a final touch by making the curls as you want them using the fingers. And here you have the classic look. The best thing is that it's quite a quick style, achieved in twenty minutes.