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Messy Beach Waves.


In this video, the attractive presenter will teach you a cool and casual messy beach wave. Visit her original Youtube page to subscribe or buy the products online.

All you need is Liquid Light Serum, Serene Moisturizer, Still Life Moulding Wax (all from EIDA) a dryer, a paddle brush, and a curling iron. Take some Liquid light on your palm and apply throughout ijn a smooth motion. You can apply it on dry or wet hair as per your convenience. It's better to apply on dry because the product is more easily absorbed, this makes your hair soft and manageable. Then blow dry and brush your hair down, so that it doesn't tangle and we can get started.

Scrunching and Moisturizing.

Take some Serene moisturizing paste on your fingertips and apply it throughout, by grabbing and scrunching, so that it doesn't accumulate in one area. This makes your hair soft and still you can shape it in different styles. Brush and side part, pin the middle section up. Now take the medium-sized side pieces and curl them with a curling iron away from your face.

The curling iron can get very hot, so handle it with care and caution. Repeat the curling process for all the sections. If one side is too short, then don't curl there. Tease that section and then take some molding wax on your fingertips and apply it. Now take the middle part and curl it back by dividing into different medium sized sections. Take some molding wax again and apply it on the cooled down sections of curls. Repeat and scrunch through the waved parts. Run your fingers down through the waves. This is a great look for pool parties or some other casual event. It's easy, interesting and cool. Definitely worth a try!