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Short Styles for Black Women.


Short hairstyles are already the buzz of the season. No women or girl, black or white would like to miss an opportunity of looking different and trendy. Everyone is looking for a great look that would suit their personality, so we thought to help you out by showcasing this video that has some really viable options.

The first is the most fashionable Pixie utilizing a sort of Mohawk effect, colored blonde which adds to its individuality. All of these lighter and darker shades of blonde color tone are carried by black women wearing short locks. The second one is another kind of pixie, it's quite close in length and looks cool. Third is best for people who are naturally blessed with curls. The fourth is a buzz cut, it looks professional and stylish. The next is a kind of bob, a straightened style looks very attractive.

In another picture, the lady looks amazing and attractive by virtue of her natural extreme chop plus a red shade. In there somewhere is a pixie cut looking super cool on thick and shiny black tresses. Dotted around in this collection are a few celebrities like the late Whitney Huston and incredible hair dresses worn by many renowned black celebrities like Rihanna.