Get on the Spiky Side.

Guys from the eighties no longer have the monopoly on spikes. Remember the style that your lame older brother had? He listened to one hit wonder pop bands and invited girls to dates at McDonald's. It demands a woman's touch to drag it kicking and screaming into today's fashions. Spikes also work well applied to natural curls. The earliest recorded spiky hair was Iron Age Britain around 1000BC, warriors wore them as a badge of honor. They lasted about a thousand years and disappeared only to re-appear two thousand years later in 1970's Britain as part of Punk culture. They've waxed and waned in popularity since but never disappeared completely.


Bonus Video Slideshow. Extra 50 Short Styles.

Styling Guidelines.

Making pointy locks is easy, it depends on hair type and type of spike required. Hardened professionals brandishing lengthy aggressive looking barbs often used glue but we're not in that league. Everyday products will see us through for any here. Gel gives a wet effect, wax a dry matte, and mousse volumizes. If you have normal or thick strands, smooth your product of choice into the front section and pull to an apex. Twist the ends for definition. Combining fine or limp hair and spikes is ambitious. You'll need as much volume as humanly possible using thickening shampoo, volumizing mousse etc. Then it's a balancing act with length, too long and it will flop, too short and the covering looks sparse. Use holding spray, if beneficial. Finally, an artist should know when to finish. Don't overdo it.


Adding color variations and layers give spikes new personality and new ways to highlight your appearance. These are not for the faint of hear and can seem daunting.


Theatrics in Mind.

Considering spikes? Remember, keep eyes and mind open. Fashion can express mood so take the time to explore possibilities. What's interesting about hair horns is they're not the kind of style you need wear every day. Keep a completely different daytime fallback and wear spikes for special occasions. For instance, we only see Ellen Degeneres wear her hair in points when posing for fashion magazines and makeup ads. And she's attended by personal stylists. Not that spikes are excessive work but it's nice to have something in reserve when needed.


Portfolio 9 takes bold to a whole new level, wallowing in textured designs and maximum theatrics. We don't advocate shaving your locks like some celebrities but sometimes you have to shout to make yourself heard.


Wild and Free.

Photographs of wild, free ideas that are wearable and unique. Although on the surface these wouldn't seem professional, apply a soupcon of modification, a good portion are suitable for office jobs. They shine when you desire something different. If you're bored of your usual cut, borrow elements from these and spruce it up a notch. These illustrations scream trend and fashion with the interplay of colors, textures, and different lengths.


The gallery before had quite remarkable stuff but this may be for the purist. Some include more sober ideas keeping you on your toes. Love being the center of attention or to put on a show? This collection was constructed with you in mind. Sometimes you want something different for the weekend, the party that you're going to or while you're not in the confines of any squareness in the workplace.


Mix with Bangs?

Age-old riddle: is spiking and leaving bangs making things too weird? Usually yes, so combine front edges up in the points. Prefer a fringe? Try pulling it into points down in a mirror image of the top, makes fun, interesting effects. Mess up and it can drag the effect downwards. A gamble, but calculated, much practice is required.