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Here we can see an extremely fashionable hairstyle if maybe a touch impractical; it's short and neat at the back yet with extra long soft sideswept bangs completely over the models eye. Looks absolutely stunning however you might need a grip for day to day life when you need to see things.

Pixie with attitude.

Long Sideswept Bangs that Cover one Eye.

These trendy designs with extra-long side swept bangs are so similar to what Keira Knightley's mane looked like about a year ago. This style shows lengthy bangs swept to the side, which made it cover one eye entirely. The locks are straightened out, especially the lengthy bangs. The rest of the hair was combed to their respective sections. However, the length of the rest of the hair appeared diminutive as the lengthiest only touched the top part of the ears. The back and sides are cut very short, with uneven tips that end around the ears. The strands near the crown are cut even shorter to add ore height and texture. The shortness of the cut gives this design enough bounce and volume. The long side swept bangs are what gives it the different, stellar appeal. The bangs are cut so long compared to the rest that it almost seems like the intention is to mysteriously hide one eye.