This is a fun and stylish cut, perfect for younger woman or a woman that is not afraid to take risks and stand out in the world. The stylist has taken slightly longer hair than you would normally find on this site but we loved it so much we had to show it to you and created a beautiful look.

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Having a ruffled look does not necessary equate to messy and unfashionable. It can also mean being stylishly creative. Take this design for instance. The look creatively displays light and feathery feel. The dark colored bangs also brought out the feathered feel. Attaining the look is also very easy as ruffling it is the main step you will do right after drying it. The just got out of bed look has been gaining popularity because of its ability to make women look sexy and stylish without having a tedious upkeep. Women with thick locks can try this extra soft pixie cut with lots of layers and get the messy out of bed look instantly. This style has varying lengths that give is fullness and texture. The crown has enough height and the sides have tapered edges without making the cut look like a helmet. Styling this look only takes washing, apply volumizing styling product and drying. It is an effortless style that is good for everyday wear.