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When ladies decide to have short hair, the bob hairstyle always comes to mind. It is short, chic, elegant and stylish. It is a kind of hairstyle with one side section that is longer than the other. Famous celebrities known to sport this look are Chelsea Kane and Rihanna.

A modern working woman's hairstyle. This sexy hairstyle incorporates the rocker look with an ash blonde color but is suitable for everyday wear if you tone it down a touch.

This pixie style with longer layers is an easy appearance to maintain, the thin wispy bangs and soft choppy scissor work around the models face emphasizes her cheekbones and the wide black neck band provides a stark contrast to the rounded softness.

This slightly shorter variation of that ever popular and highly versatile pixie is always a timeless classic. Wispy bits of blonde are pulled forward over the eyebrows and in front of the ears. Seventiesesque multicolored tank top only adds to the overall effect.

Just that little bit of difference gives this soft dark style an edge, created using lots of uneven hair strands which does give this beautiful style lots of movement and heaps of elegance. The hint of highlights line the crests of the sections giving a spectacular effect.

This fantastic and unusual ladies short hair style that is asymmetrical, so its longer to one of the sides than to the other, uses the models natural crimps, kinks and waves to create a really easy to wear, forgiving style that has both short bits and of cause a few longer bits as well.

Here we can see an extremely fashionable hairstyle if maybe a touch impractical; it's short and neat at the back yet with extra long soft sideswept bangs completely over the models eye. Looks absolutely stunning however you might need a grip for day to day life when you need to see things.

Asymmetric Bob.

Rihanna is a singer, actress, song writer and fashion designer who has been rocking concert stages in this look.
Chelsea Kane has been wearing different hairstyles and one of those is the asymmetrical bob haircut. We have seen it in Disney's Jonas L.A. and ABC Family's Baby Daddy. Seeing celebrities and models wear this look makes you want to sport it too doesn't it? You don't have to spend too much for this hairstyle because you can do this on your own. Here are the five quick steps to DIY asymmetrical bob style:
1. Have everything square then choose the front section you want to be longer.
2. Tilt on that side of your head, put the fine teeth comb at the back section to bring the front section to the comb.
3. Slide the comb down until you reach the shorter length of the back section. That gives you one section: the whole uncut front section and some from the back.
4. Put the entire section around to the back then cut a horizontal line across the front section.
5. Release and enjoy!
This haircut best complements girls with square forehead but also looks good on girls with different face shapes.

Fauxhawk on Lighter Colored Hair.

Career oriented women need not be stuck with ponytails, ordinary bobs and overall boring locks, most workplaces have become less conservative and appreciate the working woman who asserts her freedom to choose.
Gone are the days when the working woman's tresses just need to look blah, this is an example a modern day working woman's look, it is short and sexy yet classy and chic.
The look is short all around, nothing unusual there, the excitement comes in styling the top parts upward to create more height and volume.
This look can be worn everyday or changed up and texturized from time to time. Boys are not the only ones who can don this look this can also be worn by women who want to look brave yet still appear feminine. This can be done by blow drying the hair to get some volume and then applying styling gel on the center top part. Comb the hair up on that section until the style is achieved.

Bob Derivative in a Rich Mahogany Color.

The long layered pixie cut is one of the most stylish short looks there ever was, this one is a cross between the bob and the pixie. Strands are kept long all around like a bob but the tips are thin and wispy like a pixie cut, the two elements blend together to create a look that has great volume, texture and height. The color is reddish brown which makes the skin tone and eye color pop.
A look like this would look good in any color and all face shapes, it can be sleeked back or further volumized for a mod look or combed through for every day look. This style offers an alternative way to sport your growing locks, they are straightened out a little to still attain volume and parted slightly on the side and then the hair is given a reddish hue to make it appear more vibrant. Bangs were also parted slightly on the side as if framing the face.

A Classic Pixie Cut.

The classic pixie style, as the name would suggest, is the most popular of the pixie range because of its versatility and simplicity. Its popularity dates back to the swingin' sixties when Twiggy and Vidal Sassoon brought this design to the mainstream. Volume, texture and bounce are some of the characteristics of the classic pixie.
The varying cuts all around give this look the impression of fullness and texture and the darker lowlights give it dimension. Although the model is blonde, this look would like amazing on any color. Different hollywood stars have been spotted with this design and they all look awesome and chic, this is one of the usual ways to maintain locks of the same length, usually the locks on the top of the head are combed to the front while the rest are combed down to their respective sections, this can be made unique by having your locks colored with the opposite hue of your natural hair color, this will add more pizzazz to the overall effect.

Say Goodbye to Long Locks that Look Dull and Lifeless.

This 'do is soft and elegant. It is also ideal for the woman who is always on the go but still wants to look chic and polished. The soft texture and appearance of movement comes from the different short lengths all around the hair. The back is kept long while the sides and crown areas have definite shorter cuts. Additionally, the soft look is also achieved by air drying the locks and using little to no styling products after washing and conditioning. This is one of those looks that women can easily take from day to night, to work and play.
Want to have a carefree look while not sacrificing style? Then, this is one look that you can rely on. This style offers slight mess on the hair, but still maintains femininity and stylishness. The hair is slightly scrunched to attain the messy look while still upholding the soft flicks at the ends of the locks.

Tired of the Usual Looks that are Either Short or Long?

Well, have the best of both worlds by getting a 'do like this.
This 'do is unusual for oh so many reasons. Primarily because of the varying lengths that give it a certain shaggy and messy appearance. One side has an almost pixie cut with portions that are incredibly short. The other side has long, wavy and spiky strands with different highlights.
A design like this is not for the square and stiff woman. It takes guts and attitude to sport this wild tousled look that defies most boundaries. Try to lean on the experimental side with this new look. For this style the tresses are cut in various lengths, extremely short on one side and lengthy or up to chin-length on the other side. The side with lengthier tresses is also highlighted to make it pop out more. Then, the tresses are hand combed to display edginess over anything else.

Long Sideswept Bangs that Cover one Eye.

These trendy designs with extra-long side swept bangs are so similar to what Keira Knightley's mane looked like about a year ago.
This style shows lengthy bangs swept to the side, which made it cover one eye entirely. The locks are straightened out, especially the lengthy bangs. The rest of the hair was combed to their respective sections. However, the length of the rest of the hair appeared diminutive as the lengthiest only touched the top part of the ears.
The back and sides are cut very short, with uneven tips that end around the ears. The strands near the crown are cut even shorter to add ore height and texture. The shortness of the cut gives this design enough bounce and volume.
The long side swept bangs are what gives it the different, stellar appeal. The bangs are cut so long compared to the rest that it almost seems like the intention is to mysteriously hide one eye.