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Celebrity Redheads are Back.

Rihanna started the trend by shocking our senses with a very bright and brilliant shade of red last year. It took a while for all other celebrities to catch the fire but it's all the rage now. Yes, the redheads are back and better than ever. Cinnamon, copper, cherry, and berry, it's all there in 2012. Hot young celebrities in Hollywood follow trends making red even more fiery, energetic and desirable. Let's take a look of a few redheads seen on the red carpet this year.


Berenice Bojo. The actress from the "The Artist" wore a very classy shade of red at the Academy Awards. Dressed in emerald green Ellie Saab couture, Berenice seemed like an enchantress out of an artist's imagination.


Jessica Chastain. The best supporting actress nominee was bullied for being a redhead as a child. Seen at the Academy Awards glowing in a stunning red mane she's now proud of.


Emma Stone. Red gown and red crown, Emma was a wonder on the red carpet. Graceful Emma sports a very subtle shade of rouge complemented by her flawless complexion and dreamy eyes.


Alexandra Breckenridge. Talented Alex made an appearance at the Art Directors Guild Awards adorned in a sequined gown, berry lips and a crimson braid that stunned everyone.


Lindsay Lohan. One of our all time favorites once again goes back to her ginger locks this year. Though she's never out of the limelight, this time she wore her signature reds. So, if Lindsay is back to her roots, what are you waiting for? Visit our hairstyle gallery to find amazing short hairstyles to complement your strawberry hues. Don't forget to experiment with some trendy short hairstyles.


2012's Hottest Browns from Tinseltown.


Brunettes are not hard to spot on the red carpet. While some carry it in elegant and subtle manner, some spice it up with funky highlights and ribbons or different shades. The best part is that brown compliments everyone, regardless of complexion, eye color, face structure, and other factors.


Once again, 2012 saw some of the most jaw-dropping brunettes ruling glittery events. So, let's take a look at how you can dye your hair the hottest and latest hues of brown this year.


Chocolate Brown.

Delicious and rich chocolate brown makes a return this year, but wait, was it ever gone? Some of the A-listers are diehard fans of chocolate browns and we never get bored of it. Famous examples include Katie Holmes who never seems to experiment with color.


Dark Brown Broken by a lighter Edge.

We see a lot of celebrities flaunting deep dark browns and glowing lighter brown ends. Celebrities wearing a similar color right now include Lea Michele and Anna Kendrick.


Brown on Fire.

We've already talked about redheads. Even the brunettes are spicing up their browns using copper, auburn or red undertones. Embracing this style are most of the hottest celebrities in Tinseltown including Megan fox and Kristen Stewart.



Blondes are experimenting with browns this year, coining the term bronde. Keeping it safe for first timers, check out beautiful blends of blonde, ash, and browns. Blondes to watch out for this year include Minka Kelly and Eva Longoria.


Love it short? The color brunette is one of the safest choices. Check out our short hairstyles gallery to find the perfect choice to match your favorite browns this year.


Seasons Colors.

This site's primary dedication is short hairstyles but color applies to any length and is an important attribute when deciding on your next choice. Color depicts seasons and even your mood so don't overlook this very important factor.


Deciding on a hairstyle is heavily dependent on your face shape, but when deciding on a color you should take eye color, your natural pigmentation, and skin tone into account. It's most important that your new hair tone complements your skin tone.

Seasons also play an important part in deciding your color and you should stick to darker, warmer colors in winter and lighter, brighter colors in summer.

Dark roots showing through under blonde and darker on the bottom and lighter on top is a thing of the past. Instead, currently the color trends emphasize on natural looking blends, and it's never been a better time to go darker.


Brunette. Today's trends in the brunette category include shades of rich chocolate brown, honey, caramel, cinnamon, toffee, and walnut. While using deeper tones of burgundy, mahogany, and ebony as highlights throughout adds dimension.



Blonde. In the blonde category, the trend is for warm blonde tones and includes shades of golden blonde, neutral beige, and ash tones, with undertones or highlights of butterscotch, wheat, and sandy shades to add warmth.



Red. Reds are back in full force and include shades of bold cinnamon, fiery brick, cherry and garnet and on the lighter side of red are warmer tones of warm copper, saffron, apricot and golden strawberry blonde.

Combine any of these with different accessories to change your look completely. Visit our gallery dedicated to some of the hottest ideas in Hollywood for more inspiration as well as our sections on haircare and what styles will suit your face shape.