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User Gallery.

Had a short haircut you're particularly proud of? Or want to gauge people's opinions on your existing look before you decide whether to strike out in a new direction or not? There are many reasons to post a picture in the user gallery.

Rating System

Using a simple One to Ten out of Ten stars, you can grade the haircuts of other visitors. Please remember to be nice, we don't welcome trolling here, but also be honest. If someone's got a style that doesn't suit them it's kinder for them to realize sooner rather than later.


Please use pictures you're authorized to use. We ask that you use pictures of yourself that you took yourself to be sure that everything is above board. Get in touch with us via the Contact page if your picture appears here without your consent and it will be removed. To make things easier, please send the filename of the image in question. Do this by right-clicking over the image, opening in a new window, and noting the filename. This works for most browsers, otherwise get in touch and we'll help.