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A retro design that has re-emerged and becoming popular today is the pageboy that rose to prominence in the 1950's. A geometric cut looks particularly gorgeous when it's thick and straight. The uniform nature is replaced by a side part, lift and swept bangs. The name relates to the pudding basin cut page boys from Old England wore.

Unique and curly hairstyle lookbook, image gallery of suggestions which are bound to draw attention. If you have curly locks then you're lucky, the only real downside is you cannot do anything too daring without a bit of effort. Enter this particular suggestion, it's fantastic (use a curling iron if you haven't got natural curls or a perm). You may need a professional working on it though and might not be something you are going to be wearing every single day due to its high maintenance factor. If you want to dress to impress then we can think of nothing better.

A wonderful, styled boyish cut enhanced by a ragged appearance, a diagonal side sweep covers forehead. Cut longer at the jaw and a similar length around the neck on thickish straight strands giving a delightful appearance.

Short hair on women is an international trend right now; however, some ladies are a little anxious about getting their locks sheared off and find an alternative. Food for thought. A modern twist on a classic transformed by an artistic edge. Shear it short for the daring; keep it long one side for the less inclined; either way, it's very fierce and certain to turn heads.

A sweet and simple, perfect for women of any age. Easy to create and take care of and provides a touch of volume. Part on either side, creating a soft sexiness.

Lovely hairstyle on trend, sweet and innovative, and provides a youthful exuberance. The jagged edges provide sexiness and raciness, while that delicate layering gives volume and pizzazz.

Afflicted by a longer face shape? The ideal is to appear more oval. Fluffed up volume provides width and the striking red color adds to the effect.

Funked Up Blonde Pageboy Cut. Textured Curls on Blonde. Short and Boyish Plus Feminine Touches. Ultra Blonde Asymmetry. Feathery Pixie. Pixie Cut - Long Layers. Pixie Style Volume.

A Pageboy Cut Boasting a Bit Extra.

The line between pageboy and bob is very thin. The pageboy is a type of bob that displays symmetry and is cut straight, like the wig worn by the little girl in the Sia videos. The basic cut oozes sophistication and yet, simplicity. The pageboy also became the signature look of Toni Tennille, the other half of the "Love Will Keep Us Together" singing and popular 70s duo, "Captain and Tennille". Another famous outing was Uma Thurman's character in "Pulp Fiction".

Fifties Revolution.

Back in the 50's long was the fashion but was so impractical for active girls. The pageboy gave the best of both worlds because it could be still long, neat, easy to maintain and projected confidence and power. Modern women love power! It's so simple and does not require much time to build. To sustain the classical beauty, all a girl would need is a paddle brush, setting lotion and a blow dryer.

Why Not Give curls a whirl?

Have curls? Have no fear. Curls can be an obstacle preventing you from getting too many hairstyle destinations. So don't fight the curlies, sculpt them to your own preferences. Here everything is trimmed and pulled away from the face. Curls form depending on the shape of the follicle. Round follicles produce straight hair but if it's flattened curls grow. Stronger curls result from a more elliptic follicle.

Not too Much.

When women are dreaming up a new look many opt for the most extravagant idea, not advisable. More often than not the extravagance will overtake your gorgeous facial features. You should opt for a more 'down to earth' idea.

A-line or Inverted Bob with Bangs.

Despite the changing times, some women are still apprehensive about getting their locks chopped. Some think it'll turn out boyish while others adhere to the perspective that women with longer tresses are more beautiful. This blonde example shows your mane can be short and femininity remains. Longer strands at the back and bangs at the sides and front give movement and feminine flair. Wear with strong make-up and accessories to kick it up a notch as the occasion requires.

In Your Face.

Youngish and 'in your face' lend themselves to the independent girl in casual or distressed apparel. A definite unkempt and nonconformist appearance and may be out of place in a formal situation, unless paired with a spanking good dress. Lends itself to colored hair which is much in demand this season, the model is blonde but red hair or even brunette would work too.

Ultra Blonde Asymmetrical Hair Design.

A mixture of the bob and the boy-short cuts. Some celebrities who have rocked the glam style include Kimberly Caldwell (American Idol), Disney's Chelsea Cane (Jonas LA), and even Paris Hilton (Hilton hotels heiress). The edgy example screams unique and daring, and only the bravest, most fashion forward ladies dare to wear it. Styling is simple; running a comb through the short side makes for more time to style the longer side. Curl the longer hair for an elegant edge, or straight iron it for a very angular, sharp finish.


Some ladies choose to further detail the cut by adding choppy layers to the length; others choose to make the bottom taper from long in front to very short in back, allowing the length to gradually decrease from left to right (or sometimes right to left! It's up to you!). There are many, many creative possibilities for these types of cuts. Choose all one color in a natural hue for a subdued angle on this sharp, edgy idea, or make it an all-out crazy color to stand out in a crowd.

Try an Ombre Twist.

Ombre coloring style is very chic and this style would look fabulous splashed by an ombre twist. Feeling extra bold? Dual colors are an excellent option too, choose different shades for each side, or have a gradual change in color as the cut changes in length. This is best suited to younger women; it's very alternative and looks amazing on those who dare to wear. Don't let that deter you! Many women of many age groups have rocked alternative hairstyles. We're sure you could, too. We dare you to try it!

A Simple Design

We've heard it said a pixie cut looks gorgeous right after a salon visit but soon gets a handful. Take this feathery pixie for instance; making it stay salon perfect and magazine worthy isn't a big deal, a comb, brush, or fingertips and the right styling product can do wonders.


Sort of sexy messy with plentiful volume. Putting styling product on damp locks, then tossing or brushing while drying is simple and quick. On the other hand, you can spike it up and out using some gel and spray. Go from office to party in a flash by adding some accessories and makeup.

Layered Short Pixie Hairstyle.

Thanks to the celebs from Hollywood, the long layered pixie cut has skyrocketed to being ultra-trendy. The different lengths at the crown and layers at the sides give an almost spiky texture. The bangs on the forehead make it appear less pronounced. In addition, the tapered sides soften the appearance of strong jaws of a square face shape.


Great with a square face and blonde color, it could also work in brown, black or red.

Brushed forward on to the Cheek.

Twiggy is one of the most famous pixie pioneers, synonymous with her iconic style which was close to the scalp and very short. The 60s was a hotbed of pixie sightings, not the Tinkerbelle variety but the Goldie Hawn and Mia Farrow variety. Since then, the pixie has taken many variations and more devotees over the years like Madonna, Winona Ryder, and Emma Watson. This is a reddish-brown and versatile example with extra volume on top.