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Look how you can craft a style that's very cute for casual situations. A honey blonde example sports a delicate and economical amount of length piled up that goes a long way.

Quite a masculine base straight out of the Eighties but since we're sadly no longer in the Eighties, very few men go for it anymore so we can borrow it for the moment. The side swept bangs and blonde streaks or slices soften it further. Want to look unique and draw attention everywhere you go? Take a peek at our image gallery.

A bouncy and flamboyant pixie for the young at heart. Cut long on top and leaving strands falling over the eyes, for a feisty girl. A definite unkempt and nonconformist appearance and if accentuated by dark eye makeup a brunette would appear almost gothic.

The ditsy dizzy blonde look as expertly sported by the likes of Cameron Diaz in 'There's Something About Mary', 'The Holiday' and 'Knight and Day'. A number of long strands give a wider, fuller and taller appearance.

The ruffled pixie, instead of having a neat and even finish has a deliberate uneven and ruffled cut to give the appearance of elegance but also bouncy and windswept.

The classic bob haircut is so popular, most women will have worn it at some point in their lives. The length can have a huge variety from short, chin length to shoulder length. It's a versatile cut for women of all hair types from pin straight to very curly. A few softer layers applied at crown level lend a more natural appearance overall and fewer hard lines at the bottom.

The cropped pixie is so popular there are several blogs dedicated solely to it. A beauty staple for celebrities such as rock star Pink, Charlize Theron and Carey Mulligan. Considered bold, edgy and a liberating move for many women who shed their long locks for something exclusive.

Cute Looks and Uneven Bangs for the Casual Woman. Feminine Take on a Masculine Eighties Classic. Bouncy Pixie Cut Basking in Wispy Bangs and an Undefined Parting. Slick Style, Extra Length Strands Individually Styled. Nice Elegant Ruffled Pixie Cut for Short Hair. Classic Curly Bob, Side Part, and Highlights. A Blonde Cropped Pixie Cut with a 'Tude.

Honey Gold Brushed to One Side.

A vague side parting with all the strands brushed towards her left. Brushing over and framing the face, perfect for most situations. There's nothing better than a side parting. Fewer people rock them nowadays so when you find somebody it draws attention in an instant.


Neat Parting, Quirky Style.

nowadays, looking unique is a real mission, everybody attempts it and as a result, nobody achieves it! It's a rare event indeed when someone invents a brand new hairstyle. Innovations are often rebooted retro designs and this is no exception. It might have jumped the gender gap but it's still from the Eighties. So get your Wham cassettes out and have a bit of a party!


Working with textures can be key to creating fabulous hairstyles. The texture is perfect for those women who have finer locks because it helps to create a degree of fullness. The third picture is a side parted design but less defined.

Flamboyant Pixie Cut.

The bouncy pixie cut offers fun and flirty femininity. Some other pixies have shortened strands almost too close to the scalp, especially where fine hair is concerned. This design has interesting texture and appearance of motion. The crown is a little teased and messy which gives the desired height and volume. The thin bangs at the front frame the face by elongating and showing off the interesting bone structure.


The dark color is a nice contrast to the pale skin but different tones of reds, browns or blondes would be excellent too.

Shag Nouvelle.

You need not always stick to convention. Locks are as much part of an overall look needing updating and deserving attention. Flattened in places but still funky and stylish, the back is lengthy and reaches the nape. The sides are cut into varying lengths using a razor and the front has wispy side swept bangs. The razor cutting technique is what gives it a textured edge.


In terms of styling, the majority is blonde but the roots and the back are light browns and the individual strands are styled into semi-spikes. The cut is to the middle of the neck and longish on the sides but uneven and very striking. Bound to cause heads to turn especially if worn with aplomb. To follow is a similar ruffled design on light colored hair.

Elegant Ruffled Pixie.

Maybe a bit scary for some people's taste but it has movement and texture making it exceptional. Cropped at the back and the sides have different long and short layers. The front has thin short bangs cut across the forehead making it less wide and obvious. Tresses at the crown also come in short layers, giving the cut more height and volume.


Wear at any age, although it seems to be a young girls style, the elegance would be equally at home on someone wearing a business suit or evening dress. Suitable for any shade although lighter would be preferable.

Classic Curly Bob.

Ludicrously cool short curly bob. The humbug effect colors in the longer curls are especially effective. The balayage coloring technique would most effective at producing the desired effect. Paint freehand stripes of your desired color on small sections, allow it to develop while protecting the rest using foil or something with similar properties. Once styled, the color and curls will blend. Achieve supplementary height using volumizing powders or sprays on your roots. There's added lift but many also give extra texture and shine.


One of the hippest styles right now is loose waves. You could impart character from a cute braid or two above one ear fastened at the back. Twirling a flat iron about midway up and pulling through gives loose, romantic curls and waves flattering any face shape adding texture and dimension.

Use those Curls.

For natural curls, manage with easy to use products and a blow dryer and attach a diffuser for added volume that won't result in frizzy curls. Famous faces framed by similar hairstyles include Jennifer Aniston, Heidi Klum, Scarlett Johansson and Colleen Atwood.

Spikey and blonde.

Products are certain to become your new best friends for those sporting a comparable short style.


Women who lounge in a glow from curly or wavy hair may find themselves styling using some even harder setting gel or putty to get that quiff. Or calm it for a choppy and pieced out look, like Morena Bacarrain or Keri Russel. Use a cool setting on your dryer or using a ceramic plated brush to aid setting and add shine.

Beachy and Windswept.

Resign yourself to regular visits to your stylist. Maintain the length to stop the hair looking too unkempt or shaggy. If your hair is very fine and you opt for this, add some texturizing spray to the daily routine like Garnier's Deconstructed Beach Spray or John Frieda's Beach Blonde Sea Waves.