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The pictured undemanding style is a definite time saver, and perfect for everyday wear. The example shown is unique and gives short tresses incredible life and will become a sure favorite. We remember similar cuts worn by celebrities such as Aisha Tyler and Anna Stern.

It works whether you're working, cutting up the dance floor, at a child's soccer game, walking down an aisle, or cruising on a private yacht! We have seen Charlize Theron, Thandie Newton, and Jessica Simpson sporting similar creations.

Gray is a popular color right now, it's funky, and heck, you don't have to worry about attacking the inevitable natural gray. That's right, gray is in! Women of all ages are seeking out the sexy color. The Granny Gray trend is rocked by our favorite A-listers such Kylie Jenner, Kelly Osbourne, Lourdes Leon, Nicole Richie, and of course Lady Gaga. If going gray is trendy it's a consolation for aging.

Here the face is framed, brow lines softened, and cheekbones emphasized. Flattering on an individual with a narrow face, you can also style it especially for rounded or square face shapes. Perfect for fine flyaways, whether straight or wavy. An impeccable choice for black tie events or for business meetings. An outré feminine style projects confidence while length allows various variations, including a short ponytail.

For the young and unconventional, frequently worn by the blue jeans brigade. Pixie styles are ideal on a full head of thickish locks. An uneven fringe swept at the top of the forehead but introducing shortish bangs intruding at the sides of the eyes gives a sense of fullness.

Bobs are often thought of as sleek and straight, however, the bobbed example shown is full of body and a unique take and is evidently stunning! Super easy to style proves the versatility of the bob. Reminiscent of the 50's bombshell and screams "vixen!" We have seen similar styles on Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor. Timeless and ageless designs are incredible for a night on the town, red carpet, or the office.

Boyish crops are low maintenance but include the perfect sophisticated look for any busy working girl. Despite the heavy highlights and gel it still frames the face in a softening manner due to the bangs and is further enhanced by our models tan and eye color.

A Good Example of the Flipped Out Bob. Big Beautiful Bombshell Bob. The Lady Gaga-esque Light Bob. Regal Looking Blonde Bob. Seasons Hot Golden Blonde and Sandy Shades. Start at Bob Level and Add a Bit Extra. Boyish Crop cut, Low Maintenance Cropped Look.

Bob with Flare.

Perfect coupled with any face shape. Layers are necessary to create lift, it'll be difficult if your hair is one length. Proof that delightful and funky can coexist while remaining professional. A great option for anyone who has limited time in the morning or doesn't have the patience to spend hours getting ready. Always remember, your stylist is your hair's best friend. Stylists have training and experience giving the professional capacity to help you choose the perfect cut for both your face shape and features.


Use a straightening shampoo and conditioner, followed by volumizing mousse while still damp. Blow dry starting with a large paddle brush, then switch to a medium round brush (ensure you use the round brush to make the ends flick outward). While drying, set a part onto the preferred side. Use a shine serum or Moroccan oil and distribute it evenly creating a beautiful shine. Once dry and you've achieved a deep set part, divide into small sections and, using a flat iron, flip out each end, spray to finish. Equipment; Straightening shampoo and conditioner and Volumizing mousse. Blow dryer, flat iron, and large paddle brush. Shine serum or Moroccan oil, and strong hold spray.

Weaved, Flipped Out Bob.

Will work on any facial type, but is especially perfect for long faces. It frames the face while the side bangs shorten the forehead and draw attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Use a light shampoo that's neither too oily nor heavy and make sure to use a good conditioner. If your natural locks are straight, use a shampoo and conditioner to add texture. If you've got natural curls, use straightening serum prior to blow-drying using a large round brush.


Once dry, section off from the bottom working towards the top. Starting from the bottom sections, curl using a large barrelled curling iron. Continue until you've completed each section, then to finish, spray a shine mist on and run your fingers through the curls to make them looser. In the case of straight hair, blow dry using a bristle brush. Running the brush from roots to ends maintaining a slight tension and blow dry.


Once dry you'll begin creating the large curls. Section off from the bottom to the top again. Then, using a wand, wrap around the barrel in an outward direction. Don't worry about perfection, individuality in each curl is utopia. Once you've curled your entire head, finger comb to soften the curls. Hairspray to finish, choose the strength depending on your ability to hold curls. If you're curly use large round brushes, thermal protection serum, shine mist, and shampoo and conditioner to help straighten. If your hair is straight: Volumizing shampoo and conditioner (light), hairspray and a bristle brush.

Non-Standard Color on a Simple Bob.

The incredible color is flattered by the simple bob, and the shorter length stabilizes the color. Let's start with the color... The unfortunate aspect is it's one the most difficult colors to achieve. Multiple bleaching sessions may be required even if you're already light. Any stylist should inform you, during the consultation, how many lightening sessions they anticipate. If you're a very pale blonde, your stylist may use toner, often violet or silver toner treatments work. Maintaining the color will cost the majority of effort, so the less hair the better (and cheaper).


Brassy yellow will try to take over, but there are weapons to combat this. Use a purple or blue shampoo and conditioner. Use a clear moisturizing cream or serum to prevent excessive dryness. The style will take no time at all once you get it cut. From damp, add a moisturizing straightening créme or spray. Blow-dry on low heat using a paddle brush. Once dry use a de-frizzing spray. Section off and give it the attention of a flat iron.

Regal Look.

To create a style such as this consult a stylist to discover the correct length and layers. Use a shampoo and conditioner for wavy to curly hair. Use fingers to apply a small amount of matte pomade, use a round brush while drying, and begin styling in the direction you wish.


Once you have clean dry hair, part it to the side. Section off from the bottom to the top, make sure you clip the side part into place. Use hot rollers to set by holding the roller vertically and place it into the center of the section, wrap the hair around it and clip it into place. Continue until all sections are complete, leave in for 20 minutes before removing the hot rollers. You should have more body after this rolling process, and some waves or curls. Resection (large sections), clipping it up. Spray each section a coat of light-hold spray then curl the section using a large curling iron. When the whole head's curled, pin into place, then clip before spraying with a strong hold spray.

Light Sandy Tones.

This summer season, the hot blonde and sandy shades are two of the most massive hits. These colors not only match the golden rays of the sun, they also look lightest and sparkle the most under the sun's glorious spotlight. The best cuts to combine with sandy shades and golden blonde are short ones. A pixie with a soft wispy fringe looks great in a light blonde color.


The shortness makes it easier to beat the summer heat and it looks flirty, fun and flexible. What's more, the cut and color work wonders alongside the golden tan summer brings. Suitable for those stating that they're no fashion slave and don't care what Paris or Kim are doing today. Worn by young college students or under thirty, forty at a push but not suitable for the more mature lady.

Standard Bob Given a Bit Extra.

Make sure you show your hairstylist this image so they layer it correctly. Certain bob styles create the sleek look with ease. Others assist you in creating fabulous volume using layers. From damp add a volumizing lotion, and work it through and use a round brush to dry. When dry but still has a bit of moisture, create volume by lifting and blow-drying away from the natural direction. Try flipping your head over and blow-dry from the back and sides.


To create, start with clean, dry hair. A large round brush is your best friend, section off from the bottom working to the top. Curl around the round brush until the general shape is there. Repeat the sectioning process and pin up, leaving out a one-inch section. Using a large curling iron on each section, have the ends of each large section going different directions, thus creating the appearance of volume. Once you're done curling, flip your head upside down and shake the strands free of each other, remember you don't want a curly look, you want volume, so you may need to comb carefully. Again, begin the sectioning process creating large sections, take the large sections and backcomb the roots. Apply a finishing spritz of spray.

Short and Gelled.

Though lots of gel is used, the face still looks sweet and soft because of the feathered wispy fringe. This highlighted short haircut is perfect for working girls who are aiming for sophistication, low maintenance, and convenience. This boyish crop was made famous by Kate Moss and Demi Moore. Remember Demi Moore's short cut? How about Kate Moss's back in 2001? Well, those two celebs bravely made a change and paved the way for us all to sport the boyish crop cut.


The only part needing attention is the slight fringe at the front. Wear this boyish crop cut naturally or using styling products to make it slick or more textured, as pictured.