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Getting cropped down to ear length has a million benefits, it's cute, super-trendy, easy to maintain, and great to personalize. If you have sharper, more masculine facial features, getting a bob is written in the stars. No regrets here!

The ultimate in softness, sweetness, and sexiness in a pixie style haircut. Easy wash and wear styling offering simple beauty applying barely any effort. Comb, let dry and voila, spike for nighttime, sleek daytime.

What's everyone's biggest fear when preparing to cut their hair? "It'll be too short!", "What if they cut too much off?", "How long will it take to grow back if I don't like it?" Luckily, you've never been the kind of girl who shies away from huge change.

An evolution of the 60's mop top, perked up by long highlights. Sweep the fringe away from your face, off to one side or straight up.

What's the point of having a pixie cut if it isn't adorable? Is it even possible to have a pixie cut without looking sprightly? You're guaranteed to look playful and charming. The cut has a lot of layering, being short at the back and front, and gaining length around the ears. The top layer adds volume, in this case, it's tousled and styled using gel to add extreme amounts of oomph.

We're living in a wake-up-and-go world. There's always so much to do, and so little time. Why add another thing to your to-do list? So, why wouldn't you want a cute and easy hairstyle that takes less than a minute?

Funky, retro redhead style employing side swept bangs and sweet wispy side bits. Designed to respond well to finger combing. Ruffle the fringe in any direction to create height, volume, and sexiness.

Try Adding a Fringe to Short Bobs. Carefree Soft and Feathery Pixie Style. Wash and Go. Dare to Go Short. Unique Design. A 60's Mop Top Hybrid from a Familiar Background. Plenty of Layers Always Means Lots of Fun. There is Always Beauty in Simplicity. Funky Pixie Style, Long Side Wisps, and Ruffled Top.

Fashionable and Fun!

We'll call this a pixie-bob, it retains elements of both designs. Technically it sits on the bobbed side of the fence, imagine it with a central parting and not tucked behind the ears. Ear-length, resting there retaining a bounciness only a pixie-bob can create. Combine length, layering, and side sweeps. Tuck some wisps behind the ears and pull a bit forward and you have a pixie bob combination.


Bangs can have a skater-boy look, for any woman who isn't afraid to bend the gender norms. No need to fire up straighteners to tinker with bangs.

Perfection Accentuated.

Since this is a touch masculine, you might want to stay light on the make-up. Your best bet is to pick something that looks natural and keep it subtle. Pick colors to complement a natural look. Think Peggy from Madmen, instead of Taylor Swift. Let's face it, you're beautiful, so why do anything more than accentuate perfection?


Love spending time on presentation? Find a whole new world of clothes and accessories. If you're a little lazier in the looks department, have no fear! Has potential to be a get-up-and-go haircut that saves you tons of time that you could spend eating, sleeping, and binge-watching box-sets.

Soft Takes a Whole New Meaning.

A daring, fascinating choice. The front sections have an adorable choppy, teenage aura, both cutesy and bold. For a mysterious/angsty look, dark heavy makeup is a fine companion.


An uneven look, which is part of its boldness. Not everyone can pull off asymmetry. Consider this one asymmetry light, to dip a toe in. Clippers created the lower portions. Unusual colors like red, (pictured) blue and purple work well, although it can look cool no matter what.

Muted Chestnut.

In the example above, her hair is not its natural color, but the muted chestnut is civilized. Quite a subtle color, which mixes the whole ensemble nicely. The top is short and blunt cut. Suits long, and square faces, and accompanies those buzzed sides and blunt front section. How do you accessorize this? You do whatever the heck you want.


Combine interesting colors of make-up, pink-and-blue goes well, including the almost makeup free example pictured. Enhances fun jewelry and loud colors. Your wardrobe may start to revolve around how you wear your hair. Mix it up, and make every day its own story!

Highlighted Mop Top.

Pixie elements, wispy sections around the ears, transformed by accessories. Experimental waves and textures add delicate details. Trimmed at the sides, it still retains bounce and full volume. As a starting point grow into a bob or shorten back to a cropped pixie.


A polished design, like the middle ground between a pixie and a bob, demonstrates bounce and body. The crown has height but is slick and the sides are even. The interesting highs and lows create a nice depth and dimension to otherwise plain blonde locks. Next, much shorter bangs.

Sixties Retro Blonde Pixie.

An all-rounder. The back and sides are shorter than the crown and bangs, anything but typical. Retro chic plus an element of balayage. Bayalage is derived from a French term and for the sake of brevity means painting color on freehand to small sections resulting in natural or haphazard strands of shading. You'll often see this effect on long tresses but it also gives a natural, highlighted finish here.


Learn more dramatic looks by spraying the roots and using volumizing or root boosting products and then either lifting with fingers or small round brush while drying. There are less severe styles available by using a small amount of wax or pomade on damp hair. Use a curling iron or wand to achieve more choppy but playful waves and slight curls.


Be careful when using pomades and waxes. A little bit goes a long way and overdoing it can make things greasy and spiked. The pixie is great for straight hair but as awesome in curly hair, as actress Keri Russell proved.

Kept off the Face by a Pink Ribbon.

Wear a bow and/or a headband. The pink sets off the sweetness of bleached blonde. You could also use pins and clips top put it up. Other accessories could include cute novelty items like ponies or cupcakes, to suit the vibe. Length terminology is a matter of interpretation, here past the jawline is on the medium side but expectations differ so this and similar lengths appear. Try an interesting new braid on for size or miniature pigtails.


The model wears doll-like makeup. She's wearing an abundance of blush and some noticeable mascara and eyeliner. A super-chic idea that blends the girly, fairly-like qualities. Soft, pastel colors would complement these tones even in contrast to raven coloring, you could pull off hipster glasses and a fluffy shirt.


Go a little wild and try blue or purple or even a soft pink would look fantastic! The bangs are rendered versatile by layering, let them fall in front of your face for cool Myspace angled photos.

Subtle Coloring in the Fringe.

A large proportion of the mass of locks here is in the bangs. If you ignore the front hem we have a standard pixie. There's no point ignoring them though since they are so integral. It's actually hard to tell where the bang section ends and the hairstyle begins, and that's what's so fun about it.


If your forehead is prominent, you could part far over to conceal that. If peepers are your favored focus, part closer to the middle and show them off. Feeling mysterious today? Set your style accordingly! The streaks are pretty casual and exude a bookish or mousy vibe, that doesn't mean boring! Bill Gates was a huge nerd, but he still got arrested as a teenager! You can enjoy looking like a librarian and living like a criminal mastermind.

Flaming Locks.

Get flames. Definitely sporting a fierce and provocative essence! Choose to ruffle the fringe creating volume, a little spray and finger-combing will achieve this. Funky pixies compliment more rugged street fashions, what sets them apart from other pixie versions is the longer sections.


The ruffled top and red-orange color add pizzazz to this short eye-catching style. Sleeked back for a more sophisticated appearance or leave natural and loose for the messy 'out of bed' look. Go to the next section or through this one again in case you missed anything.