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Long bangs can be difficult to deal with, we'll concede, they're more likely found on a younger person. The trick is to start with the bangs and arrange everything else around them. This model has shorter sides, which heightens the impact of the long front bangs. Tying the bangs back with a small clip ensures suitability in any environment.

It gets harder and harder to keep long locks as you age. The ends begin losing gloss and volume, it starts to fray, and can be difficult to keep in line. There comes a time in most women's lives when they say goodbye to lengthy locks and keep to a manageable length. This may be a big step, you may have spent the last thirty years with waist length hair.

A longer curly design, for the lady who wants her hair to be her crowning glory. Worn with large waves rather than curls, it swathes the head in a gentle crown eminently female and alluring. The wearer is likely to want to seem somewhat sophisticated and well dressed.

A pixie style for a girl with fine hair, cut in layers so it's straggly on the edges but layered on the crown to give the appearance of height and body. The ends are bleached blonde and the roots left her natural color.

A short crop hairstyle for active girls who can't tolerate a daily fuss but would rather do whatever's required and get out. The short crop will show off the beautiful shape and the pixie is ultra feminine.

A neat cropped short haircut, another style for the girl who likes her hair short but wishes to show a full crown. Emphasizing height, the hair is cropped fairly short at the back and sides but still looking full and hanging around the ears.

What are you doing if your hair's not fun? There are a billion cute, fashionable and fun things a girl can do, no matter the length. Please don't think if it's ear length or shorter you're obliged to do nothing with it. Go wild instead!

Learn How You Can Make Long Bangs Work With Shorter Hair. Be an Everyday Rock Star with this Iconic Look. Longish Feminine Pixie Style with Relatively Long Bangs. Pixie Style Ideal for Fine or Thinning Hair. Short Cropped Pixie Style, Wash and Go, Easy to Maintain. Cropped Hairstyle with Longer Side Swept Fringe. A Nice and Cute Flared Style for the Summer.

Long Bangs with a Tousled Texture.

The bangs-covering-one-eye look has limited opportunities for use but adding a simple clip makes it more versatile. Perfect for going out but if you wear them to work then toning down is in order.


Many people cannot face working with curls, they find it difficult to create a look that's perfect. Curls can be horrendous to maintain. This particular lady has the right idea! People with straight locks need curling tongs for this one. The second one in this collection is a contrast in almost every way.

The Classic Blonde Pixie Cut

A fun fairy-rocker vibe. Simplicity incarnate, shorter than ear-length, super fun and easy to work on. Spike it or wear it straight and simple. The bangs cover enough forehead to hint at mystery but not cover your face. Keeps things manageable no matter the weather. Wind, rain, snow, and even hurricanes can't give you bed head anymore!


After a couple months with this haircut, you won't believe you spent the last several years slaving away on your hair. Pair this with a variety of clothing choices. Short hair doesn't mean guy clothes! Loose clothes look good, say sweatpants and a t-shirt, or mom jeans. Class this up very hard, match it with a little black dress and a cool, interesting necklace. It even suits a sun dress! No need for a complete wardrobe change because you've changed your locks. Your main prerogative is to find a nice balance with your make-up.

Makeup Combinations.

This hairstyle can go with gel liner and light lipstick, as shown, or a completely natural face. Your makeup bridges the gap between hairstyle and clothes. Find what make-up works best with your clothes, and your hair will blend right in. You don't have to be afraid of grays. As the picture shows, this pixie cut looks nice with those hues. Works with all colors, brown hair or fake red hair, blonde or black. Whether you want your natural self or a fresh creation, this will fit right in.

Classic Brunette Ringlets.

Ringlets have been long associated with femininity. Curls are often found on women with longer locks. One of the most iconic styles is the Marilyn (Monroe), it's blonde, curly, quite short and very sexy. The Marilyn classic works with dark brown locks, the curls look so proud and defined and the colors highlight shine. So alive with volume and soft texture.


In conservative, fashionable clothing this is a style for the smart lady about town. The color lends itself to lighter shades but could be worn by a red head or a brunette. The waves are full with a gentle, swept fringe falling onto the forehead. Following this is a blonde with fine hair.

Fine Highlighted Pixie.

Fine locks are a perennial bane for those afflicted by them. Fine hair can look dry and frizzy and because of brittleness is prone to breakage. Women have struggled to keep fine locks looking neat and stylish. Luckily, this pixie cut is right for fine tresses. This pixie keeps split ends and frizz at bay by making the tips uneven and wispy. The crown has sufficient texture to make the tresses appear livelier and more eye-catching.


Thin tresses are no longer a problem. Essential for girls who wear short and unfussy hairstyles, this nails it. Requires a quick toweling post shower and then flick of comb or brush to be ready to go, for the active girl.

Hair that's Easy to Maintain is a Plus.

Most women have no stylist at her beck and call and limited time to get ready for work or life in general. If you're always rushing from one place to another, a wash and go look makes life a lot easier. This cropped pixie style has the right amount of fierce attitude and flair while still being easy to work with. The nape area and sides are tapered and thin, the bangs require little styling and these locks can be finger-combed and air-dried.


This would look good on women of any age or hair color. The cut is short but layered thus emphasizing the abundance of hair. Worn with a short uneven fringe cut high on the forehead it's another low maintenance style which still looks gorgeous on any girl with a busy lifestyle. This one, last one, and the next one are all quick and simple.

Dark Bangs Swept to One Side.

Side swept bangs are useful in so many ways, they conceal a rather wide forehead, soften a blunt cut and draw attention to the eyes. In this short crop cut with long side swept bangs, we see how the whole style's constructed. The shortness at the sides and back compliments the height and texture at the crown and the fringed bangs.


This works well for oval and long face shapes and looks gorgeous in any color. Moreover, you can glam it up or dressed it down with a few touch-ups. The top is much longer and includes a full sweep across the forehead. This emphasizes a girls height and leaves everyone in no doubt that this is an independent minded lady who knows what she wants and intends to get it. Could be worn by an elegantly dressed lady of any age. Next up is a nod back to the 1950's

Flared and Highlighted.

Flaring is an effective way of adding a special detail, especially as the weather turns pleasant and you can retire hats and scarves until next season. Works with almost any style, dare to flare. As pictured, flaring works on any short style. This takes five minutes to achieve. Step out of the shower, or dampen your hair. Only the tips need to be damp, from here, you have several options.


We all have unique hair, and one option will work better for you than others. Set your dryer to cool and dry into shape with a round brush. This isn't as damaging as using heat. Like freezing into position, sort of. This feels great in the summer heat. You don't need any products, so it's a money saver! No cool setting or not for you? There's always plan B. Curling tongs or flat irons will do this in a similar manner, flick the ends out.

Easy Fingertips.

Since the flare is not pronounced you could get this done with a bit of hairspray or gel on your fingers. Spritz thumb and index finger and pull the ends and twist into shape. Combine with noticeable jewelry or eye-popping makeup for a chic, fun look. Use Big hoop earrings, peach lipstick, and strong contouring make-up to emulate this example. Have fun with it!