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There's a point in every woman's life that requires a daring and bold outlook. A prime method of exhibiting those qualities is a trendy but unique haircut. Goodness knows pixie cuts are in this season. Every celebrity from Jennifer Lawrence to Anne Hathaway has sported one. Maintainable, other than frequent trimming costs, wash your locks and head out the door.

Counterculture changes over time but it's always been about going against the grain. Back in the day, this might have meant growing out your hair or wearing specific clothing styles. To be different in a world where everything's been done, how about asymmetry? One of the freshest hipster looks was short hair. Of course, everyone started wearing that too, and a further unique spin was essential.

There are two types of curls. There's the loose kind, the kind one wakes up and embraces. It screams, "I'm fun and youthful!" Sporting this may give off a lackadaisical air. Then there are curls you encourage. Bend the world around your pinky or hair wand.

Inventing is fun, what can you invent with your short locks? Experimenting can produce your own interesting new designs.

Combine styles, spice up life. What's hipster fashion if not looking poor while dressing well? Or mixing pixie cuts with dresses and heavy makeup? Combinations are endless, it doesn't revolve about clothing. Tread many lines with hair alone. This interesting look seems, messy, trimmed to perfection and under control. A big, loud design that'll make passersby give a second glance. Something you could wear to important occasions, like a work gathering, or date.

Three hair lengths? Short, medium and long but there's much in the intermediate ranges. Sometimes a pixie cut isn't enough, and sometimes shoulder-length hair is uncontrollable and stubborn.

On trend, this spectacular style ideal for a younger woman with the strength and confidence to do it justice. Its jagged cut, volume, and style are amazing. Finish this design in a variety of ways, for a day at the office or night on the town.

Fun Comes in the Form of Blunt Bangs. These Bangs will Turn Heads Everywhere! Nothing Says Powerful Like Some Precise Curls. Give Your Hair a Unique Twist with These Curls. Nothing Says Elegant Like a Touch of Bedhead! Even Your Hair Needs a Fun Night Out Now and Again. Modern, hip, young, stylish pixie on the longer side.

Neat Pixie with Blunt Bangs.

It's especially fun to get a pixie cut if you've had long hair for a while. There's nothing quite like the looks on everyone's faces when your waist-length tresses are suddenly around your ears! Drastic change is always a fun way to kick off summer. The perfect pixie cut is trendy but also personalized. J Law is only in her mid-twenties. If you're in your late fifties and getting yours like hers, you might get raised eyebrows. So what else is in right now? The answer's the 60's, everyone's rocking one 60's look or another right now. Countercultural loud colors, tie-dyed long hair, formal flower dresses, hairbands, and bobs.


Precise blunt bangs are quite angled, these are the details where uniqueness thrives. Create partings with clippers to draw attention to what remains. Add volume to the back by teasing your roots. You can also wrap the hair at your scalp around a round brush and blow-dry, leaving it fuller-looking. You could also use a curling iron from root level. Try curling pins for a genuine retro feel!

Separate the Layers.

Separate into two or three layers. You'll need hair pins since it'll be tough to get hair ties or equivalent in due to the length. Starting at the bottom-most layer, work your comb in quick, circular motions to tease into shape. Hairspray will be your best friend when adding volume. Remember, not too much now you've got less to work with. If you want to skip the volumizing step, you can take pieces of the bangs and part as shown. Add a headband to show a separation between the front and back and voila! You're rocking this pixie derivative.

Asymmetrical Bangs in Dark Brown.

Combining short bangs with incredible asymmetry. Starting near the top of the forehead, they feather out as normal. The only difference is the short comparative length. Be wary, it isn't for the faint-hearted, and won't work with every facial shape. If you have a large forehead, it may be best to stay clear completely. It can bring attention to unattractive areas if worn incorrectly.


An attention grabber, adorable, especially with big glasses, subtle makeup, and professional photography. Although the bangs are the first part you'll notice, there's more to it. Angle the rest to have a short back and longer front, graceful and you can arrange this in different ways, here it's curled. In general, curl away from the face. Love spending time in front of the camera? Wear something popular and rare, allowing both fashionable and unique.

Against the Grain.

Going against the grain is fun, but we need to eat. Still wearable to office jobs, this takes minimal upkeep. Feel like moving on? The bangs will blend as they grow.

Every Hair in Place in Perfect Ringlets.

We're going for the looks-can-kill-so-don't-try-me kind of curls. How to create such a perfect look? Many think of curls as what happens when we wake up too late to heat up straighteners. Using a curling iron or hair wand is the best way to achieve this look. After clipping the top 2/3 out of the way, brush snags out of your bottom layer, then curl in about 1-1.5-inch sections. Allow cooling without brushing.


Repeat on the top layer except on your bangs. These curls start directly above the ear, so keep the top part nice and straight. The only touching up needed is gentle clustering of the curls. Making individual curls combine into what look like miniature buns. Turn your blow dryer to cool and run it through your hard work, this helps it stay in place by setting.

Setting Bangs.

To set your bangs (before using hairspray, while allowing your curls to cool and set). You'll be straightening the bangs against their natural direction. Take your straightener or flat iron and twist to create volume. Only twist near your scalp; everything else should be straight. Then flip your bangs to the side you want them and allow cooling.

Curly Rows.

Featuring beautiful hazelnut hair with blonde highlights, this is very reminiscent of Emma Watson's lovely pixie cut, or Lena Dunham's style. On normal days it's a nice boyish haircut, simple but chic. The uniqueness derives from rows of curls.


You'll get stopped in the street and asked where the inspiration came from and how it's created. All you need is a flat iron, not even curling tongs for these curls! Straighten, but flip out the ends. Do this with your top layer, the only part with sufficient length in the case of the model pictured.

Pretty and Unique.

Section and split into ponytails to recover. Flick your wrist in the same direction each time. Some might cling to another, giving volume and cuteness. It should take only a couple minutes to do each side. You may even end up doing one side; this will still look adorable and classy. This will need a lot of hairspray to keep the top in shape.

Ruffled and Slightly Bed-Head.

There are a couple of routes to achieve this style. One idea is rollers, remove them, apply a lot of styling wax or mousse, and leave the house in something scandalous.


Another is with curling tongs. Since there's limited length, you won't be rolling it continuously. Set the tongs at the base, turning your wrist slowly towards your skull, giving huge waves. Imagine your head has a center point, right on top and dead in its middle. You want all your curls to be facing this center point. You can change their angle later.


The lower short parts should be reaching up, and with correct product use, they'll stay that way. Repeat curling until your waves are exactly right for you. A concern should be heat damage, take into consideration when using heated tools.


There are extensive clothing options, your best bet is big, dark makeup and boyish clothing. Dark skinny jeans and a white shirt or a cute jean jacket. Jump off your motorcycle or moped like this. A European vibe, sexy and sultry, wild and yet sophisticated.

Dark with Volume.

You could straighten it, but curls or waves would look as good. You could even mix it and do a little of each! Curling the tips must be the most fun you can have with this hairdo. There aren't a lot of hairstyles that look good with only a curl here and there, but this is one of them. You don't even have to make them even! It's worth taking advantage of!


There's lots of room for experimentation. Place your part far to the right and curl only the tips. Or, curl it starting from the tops of the ears. You could also part it many different ways and still look great. You could pay for one haircut, and yet end up with many different hairstyles! The possibilities are literally endless! Due to multiple layers, it's a very versatile style. If you twist your straightener at the base of the hair, you'll add volume that will give it a very punky appearance.

Youthful Appearance.

A youthful look, perfect for a night dancing or partying, straightening gives a more professional appearance. Works seven days a week even on days off! Going with a punky look? Combine with bold make-up and jewelry. White or silver eye shadow would work well, along with light blues, and cat-eye mascara. Fake lashes are always fun to experiment with, also. For a more professional look, thin eyeliner and natural-looking lip color would complement and contrast with the uniqueness of the haircut.


The bangs are feathered at various lengths. Although they look fine lying across the forehead width, they could also be pushed to the side, or pinned up out the way. Want extra volume? Time to tease! Looking for a meeker look? Straighten and part for side bangs!

Retro 70's cut.

First impressions this particular crop gives off are retro and chic. The jagged chops and volume are reminiscent of Final Fantasy characters. A true epitome of confidence and strength, choose to have the ends curled inwards or straight. A long pixie cut that's been around for decades and popularized by the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn.


This young, hip and stylish pixie with thin textured tips, wispy side-swept bangs, and the volumized crown looks upbeat due to its messier and scruffier appearance. Daily wash and wear for the college chick or the young working woman. Make the ends straight or curled inward this can transform with a more polished vibe. In contrast, the following idea is a bit more traditional.