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Reminiscent of the Justin Bieber craze, long front, wispy and stunning. Covering any forehead imperfections, providing boyish overtones yet offers femininity taking full advantage of facial framing and jagged edges.

Nothing says glamor like big, boisterous, platinum loops! Blonde is a necessity. You can recreate the hairstyle regardless of color, after all, even Marilyn went brunette but to achieve the overall concept, blonde is essential. Two more things are crucial: ringlets and volume, volume, volume! Lights up rooms, stop shows, break hearts, and get seen from across the street. Easy enough to pull off, though it takes some time to achieve. Beauty needs patience and lots of hairspray.

A business-like alternative to the just-out-of-bed effect that's optimal for any woman of strength and stature seeking the absolute power and confidence to flaunt it. Soft yet overflowing with body offering extensive styling opportunities.

Young, fresh and funky, plus it is easy wearing, easy caring and easy on the eyes. Achieve a wider variety by including volume, spiking and much more. Office ready or ready for a night on the town, simple for any occasion.

Soft and sweet pixie, adding extra long bangs at the temples creates a splash of height and body and speaks of super chic. Easy to use the proper accessories utilizing a splash of spiking and spray, perfect simple yet bewitching look.

Popular among more mature women, a beautiful vermilion creation and is simple, maintenance personified. A precise color combination can accentuate your most spectacular features. Change the part, accessorize and you're ready for any occasion.

Fun, flirty, and can convert from day to night in a second. Longer on top than the back you can create body or tone. Simple yet sensuous, a spectacular suggestion for an extensive variety of women.

Long Pixie, Wispy Fringe for Long Face. Big Flaxen Curls in Loose waves. Retro sixties look turning a modern twist. Funky Versatile Finish. Pixie Enhanced by Wispy Fringe and Side Bangs. Mature Popular Seasonal Color. Choppy Golden Ruffled Effect.

Big Bangs.

Thick and heavy on top, a design requiring mass to achieve, fine flyaways just won't cut it. This particular crop brings back memories of the Justin Bieber craze, which sported an impressive fringe. Stunning and feminine yet paradoxically boyish, frames faces and softening jagged edges.


Long face shapes have elongated foreheads, broad cheekbones, strong jaw, but narrow width. The remedy suggested for women with a long face shape has body, texture, and wisps, longish pixies offer all three. The hem of the fringe conceals the forehead, accentuates the cheekbones and the useful texture and height on the crown draw attention upwards rather than downwards, making the face appear fuller, less narrow and long. Redheads, blondes, and brunettes can all nail similar trims.

Makeup Combinations.

Compare and contrast gel liner and light lipstick, as shown, or a completely natural face. Makeup bridges the gap between hairstyle and clothes. Experiment to discover what makeup and clothing combination works best, and your hair will blend right in. You don't have to be afraid of grays. As the picture shows, pixie cuts are manifestly nice in those hues. Works with all colors, brown or fake red, blonde or black. Fits right in whether you want your natural self or a fresh creation.

Easy Fingertips.

Since the flare is not pronounced you could get this done using a touch of hairspray or gel on your fingers. Spritz thumb and index finger and pull the ends and twist into shape. Combine with noticeable jewelry or eye-popping makeup for a chic, fun look. Use Big hoop earrings, peach lipstick, and strong contouring make-up to emulate this example. Have fun!

We All Know Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

You'll need a curling iron or wand. Smaller and narrower than the kind you would be accustomed to employ on this length. Create very tiny, very bouncy rings, on small sections.


Center part, then layer into three or four sections, save your fringe for last. Working from the bottom layer up, aim to get curls half the size you'd usually aim for. Generally, aim for half an inch worth in diameter but it varies around hair types. Flick the tips upwards in a playful manner and you're on the right track.


Now the Fringe.

Once you've curled all the layers, it's time to work on the front edge. Take your wand or curler and run it through those front edges, turning it away from your skin using gentle motions. Aim for a single, all-encompassing, volumized wave. Try a flat iron to smooth out specific parts of your glamorous hairdo if you have the extra plug space. Once you've finished adding oomph, let it cool. Then, pick which side you want the part.


Don't worry if you lose a touch of the effect at the roots: you're going to comb that part out soon, anyway. Once you've tamed the roots a little, use spray on the rest of the fruits of your labor. Don't be afraid to lift up your layers, getting in between and underneath, so it doesn't end up limply sagging in some parts and effervescently bubbly in others. Finish and enhance by donning conspicuous eye makeup and a sultry dress. The main thing to remember is: the bigger the better. To be glamorous, you have to give 1000%!

Business-like but Not Neat.

Whoever said the business look always has to be neat and squeaky clean? A particular crop that's a perspective changer, a professional's version of the bedhead. Featuring extensive textures of different lengths and wispy bangs that transmits sexiness at high frequencies. Businesswomen can now appear serious without being tedious.


One of the most iconic hairstyles from the 60's was Goldie Hawn's pageboy. It had the rolled out of bed texture that made it the captivating and adorable crop du jour. A modern take on Goldie's classic swingin' sixties design by reducing height on top. The texture on the crown counterbalances and the different lengths of the wispy bangs and sides keep it light and exciting. Keep the career woman looking fierce without being dowdy. Two dark brown styles either side of this lighter one.

Subtle and sophisticated.

This particular bob is an all-time favorite of many women especially among fans of The Beatles. An iconic crop, inspired in the 60s, flamboyantly brandishes a funky look as the back and sides are chopped on equal lengths with wispy edges. Versatile and functional. The Beatles moptop took the world by storm in the 1960s. Iconic styles linger for decades and even women of today are sporting updated Beatles-inspired looks.


Featuring the body of the moptop but chicness of the bob. The front sports light thin bangs obscuring the forehead up to the brow line. Functional and versatile enough to keep haircare at a minimum so promotes more fun. We had flaxen previously and we're back to a golden number to follow.

Influences from Twiggy in the Sixties.

Remember Twiggy from the 60s? Her cropped mane is now known as the pixie. Even though the 60s is over, women are still loving this look in all its guises.


This particular illustration could trigger a sweet and soft aura. Add extra-long fringes at the temples for volume. There's no doubt, Twiggy redefined the entire 60s mod era with her delicate locks trimmed at the back, longer sides and sometimes swept fringe.


Very much alive half a century later, this particular take is very similar except more volume on the crown and has no blunt edges near the ears. Light, playful and classic. Comparable to a type of pixie popular among celebrities including Emma Watson, Ashlee Simpson, Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway.

Champagne Streaks or Slices on Red.

Many mature women want their locks trimmed to be easily maintained but still make them enchanting and ravishing minus the extra endeavor. Jawlines, cheekbones, and necks are extenuated or downplayed as applicable for a regal, graceful air. Mature women shouldn't let age dictate their choices too much. Trimmed locks brighten up the face and draw attention upwards to a woman's smile or pretty eyes.


This mature feel is popular this season because of its muted reddish color and exciting champagne highlights. Keep the back longer, the sides have a slightly uneven wispy texture and the bangs are thin and shorter. All in all, it's chic and polished, perfect for the woman who wants to age with grace. Bright ideas either side of this red design.

More Textures in a Single design.

An ear length choppy sandy design featuring a shaggy texture creating width can offset a longer face. All the better for its ruffles breaking up the lines of transition from hair to skin.


Messy locks have never been so popular thanks to supermodels Charlize Theron and Agyness Deyn. Hollywood celebs Ginnifer Goodwin and Vanessa Hudgens have also been sporting this feel recently. It may take boldness to work a trimmed pixie but it's one of the most effortless yet tantalizing cuts ever. All it takes is the application of styling products on the roots and crown before texturizing.