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This sexy undercut fauxhawk is a super stylish short haircut and is the epitome of cool and confidence. The two tone of the top and bottom sections rev up the vogue. The blond curls are sexy and feminine while the brown undercut is rocker panache. Benefits, other than the obvious "it's gorgeous", it'll save you both time and money, simple to style and you'll only need small amounts of product.

This cute pixie with side-swept bangs is très chic, frames the face, and the bang covering one eye gives a sense of mystique. The pixie is relentless in its popularity and has been fashionable to the extreme amongst Hollywood starlets such as Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, Beyonce and Shailene Woodley.

This wavy bob is oh so Marilyn, the heavy front is beautiful and modern. This sultry look is not too short nor too long, faultless for those hot summer months. Flattering on almost every face shape, it's edgy and the cut itself is quite low-maintenance. So versatile and perfect for any "little black dress" occasion, the office, or the dance floor. This bombshell is classically elegant, but will never fall out of style. We have seen this grace the red carpet on Hollywood royalty such as Kerry Washington.

Ultra feminine look, a dreamy medium short hairstyle that's perfectly cut for long shaped faces. It takes away from the face length by providing width.

One of the more trendy and sexy hairstyles. A fantastic messy look that creates an ultra-sexy and ultra-trendy appeal that has beautiful volume and texture.

A unique variation of a long pixie cut. With a super long angled side bang, this style along with the color is ice HOT! It frames the face, accentuates the eyes, and emphasizes the cheekbones. The hair is rocker perfection; it is young, edgy, and so flattering. Once you have the cut, it will take no time at all to style, so this look is not only fashion forward but time efficient.

No matter what era it's from, retro never goes out of style! Yes, every decade has its time in the spotlight, but if a 20's look suits you best, no one will ever turn up their nose if you wear it that way forever. One of the most interesting things about the term retro is that it covers many different personas. This interesting bob, for example, has quite the 50's appeal, the short bob and light curls scream happy, healthy housewife. It also roars, like the roaring 20's. So, what to do when your retro cut is in "era limbo"? You make a choice and you stick with it!

Delightfully Girly Faux Hawk with an Undercut. Cute Pixie Cut with Side Swept Bangs. Marvellously Marilyn Monroesque for the modern woman. Dreamy Medium Short Style with Soft Side Swept Fringe. Trendy, sexy style with messy appeal. Shouty Pixie for a Rocker Chick. There's No Time like the Present for Retro!

Top Curls.

A modern take on the Eighties classic birdnest. Cut close on the side, then a slight fade with the loose, soft curls and waves cascading to a bit of an undercut highlighted by contrasting colors. Fabulous design, more people need to wear this one.

Simple Long Sideswept Bangs.

Apply some shine serum to damp hair, use straightening lotion on natural curls. Using a paddle brush, blow-dry from the crown creating lift at the root and brushing back. At the midpoint between crown and forehead start brushing forward while still creating root lift. For impeccable side swept bangs, dry contrary to the direction you part, then brush back. Put a lick of gel on the end of your bangs. Flat iron your bangs flicking the ends.


Spritz of hairspray to finish and smooth away frizzies. To follow is a modern take on the Marilyn look. If you're in a hurry, five minutes quick styling won't be perfect but not far off. Dry with a towel, comb into place, with your fingers distribute pomade, then air dry.

Thoroughly Modern Marilyn.

Blow-dry until damp with a texturizing lotion and round brush. Use the dryer to set your part. Using a rat tail comb, section off and clip. To create those voluptuous curls use a large curling iron (at least 1 inch wide), curling each section inward. Brush with care and go over with your blow dryer on low prior to spritzing with a light hold hairspray.


Remember, some hair types hold curls easier than others, so if yours is straight, you may have to experiment to find the method that holds the curls best.


Another method to achieve this look is by curling with rags. This is a look that takes the whole night (you sleep in it). Cut strips of rags 5 inches wide and 15 inches long. Separate your (dry) hair down the center, then section off each side. Start by taking a piece, grasp the end of the strand with the center of the rag folded over, curl around the rag to the underneath, all the way up to the side of your head, and tie the loose ends into a very tight knot, repeat with other strands, and use hairspray. Sleep in these overnight, take them out in the morning, brush, and you're good to go. What you need: Texturizing lotion, round brush, rat tail comb, clips, large curling iron and light hold hairspray. Next a feminine wispy cut.

Lovely Feminine Light Locks.

Designs like this are often referred to as mid-length because it falls to below the ears. This dreamy style is an updated classic mod style. Cropped at the back and long around the ears and bangs. The softness is created with the use of a technique called razor cutting on the ends.


The contrast of textures and the volume makes this one interesting, the sides and the crown have a more volumized messy look while the bangs are neatly swept to one side. This look would work well with all face shapes and hair colors. Trimmed to add volume and definition, the sides feature swept bangs which also take away any excess length of the face. If you want something with style and volume, this is one of the more feminine short hairstyles to go for.

Sexy and Messy.

This trendy, sexy style is popular because of its messy appeal. It is a look that is exciting because of all the textures. One side has soft waves and the other has more straight and winged out bangs. Once set, this style does not need follow-up styling through the day. If platinum blonde is not your thing, you need not worry, this style will still look great on brunettes and redheads.


A breeze to maintain, easy on the pocket and great for women who are always on the go. Worn by teen girls up to seniors. Adding clips or hair jewelry dresses up or down, keeps everyone on their toes. The following idea needs more preening. If your hair does not stay up, you shouldn't have to worry too much, as this hairdo will still look nice when it's around your ears and in your face.

Rocker Chick Bangs.

Take a small amount of straightening cream and distribute into your hair. Choosing a straightening cream that adds texture will styling easier. Use a rat tail comb to perfect the side part and comb into place. Blow dry using a round brush, fingers on the short areas, lifting the roots. If you have stubborn bangs add matte pomade.


Take the long side section and clip. Beginning with the bottom section use a small flat iron to straighten and angle, working your way to the top. Add some shine serum to the long bangs and comb it through. Smooth unwanted flyaways with hairspray on the back of a brush or comb. With the color in mind using sulfate free and blue or purple shampoo will fight brassiness. Use a mask and products like Argon oil to keep your hair moisturized and protected from heat products. By contrast the next one's 20s retro.

Retro Twenties.

Pretty plain in isolation, hidden with curls and hair pins looking super-sultry. The curls and styling bestow personality. The accompanying make-up and accessories help complete the ensemble and drive it home. Pearls and bows don't exactly go with everything.


To achieve this look, you only need a curler/wand, a comb, and quite a lot of hairspray. These curls start high on the head: you're aiming for the arch of your eyebrow. Don't let these sit as long as a normal curl: you'll be combing most of this puppy out! The bottom needs to keep wavy as possible, around the ears comb the curl out before it sets.


Finishing Touches.

After you've flattened the upper portion, wrap the curls around a long bobby pin. Section off: two sections should be sufficient, although course hair may require a third. Roll the first portion into a simple bun, following the motion of the curls you've made. Do the same to the second part, having it meet the first using another pin.


Fine hair? You'll need extra pins and a ton of hairspray. Spraying the pins prevents them slipping out. Add a bow, some pearls, and heavy make-up and you're ready to sneak to the speakeasy!