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A spectacular out-of-bed look, sleek yet funky pixie giving a variety of potential directions. Easy care, the proper accessories, appropriate styling products and a few minutes, you'll make it sweet, sexy, demure or lively.

Longer back than front so it's easy to bump and give the illusion of volume. Some wispy strands create the edge and sexiness that's currently coveted. Side parts incorporating jagged cuts are perfect for all women. The long earrings and matching necklace also add to the overall effect although quite so long and dangly is unnecessary.

Super edgy but feminine, a fun example, stylish and wonderful for a strong and flirtatious woman. Longer strands on top you can spike up to make it racier or omit the styling products and let it lay on its natural line creating soft and sweet aspects. In common with many shorter exhibits it's easy to care for and control. Intense colors, especially red shades are prone to fade in intense direct sunlight so it might be worth considering a leave-in product containing a sunscreen.

Ultimate sexy pompadour, worn by starlets such as Rihanna, Emma Stone, Pink, and Miley Cyrus. Wear it in different ways, slick one side for a faux undercut for instance. The pompadour is rooted in history, often thought of as 50's rockabilly, actually started life further back in history. The pompadour is eponymously named after the infamous mistress of King Louis XV, Madame de Pompadour. The pompadour has evolved since the 18th century, it'll be intriguing to see how it evolves in the next three-hundred years.

Wintery colors shine on pretty much any skin tone. The versatile 'day to night' package is essential for any woman who needs to dress to impress at work and move to rocker chick in the evening. Layered cuts rock fringes, frame faces, and are reminiscent of Charlize Theron and Jennifer Hudson shaking it on the red carpet.

Graduated bobs aren't going out of mode, classics are constantly reinvented, our favorite A-listers such as Posh Spice (Mrs. Victoria Beckham) and Ashlee Simpson have all dipped their toes in. Bobs accentuate the face and emphasize, uncover eyes, and lift cheekbones. Not only the design that's jaw-dropping and stunning, additionally it's the arctic platinum color featuring a dash of gold. The color pumps the ensemble to a whole new level!

Truly a spectacular just-out-of-bed design. This sleek yet slightly funky pixie makes a variety of potential directions available. Extremely easy to care for, proper accessories, styling products, and just a few minutes facilitate sweet, sexy, demure or lively locks.

Cropped and Highlighted. Blonde and Choppy. Red Spiky Pixie. Sexy Pompadour. Arctic Blast. Colored Swept Bangs. A Bit Ruffled.

Neat and sweet.

If sharp and sexy is what you're after, consider a refreshing boyish crop, no need to spend endless hours wrestling long tangles, relocate to easy street. Get all Halle Berry or Demi Moore. A boyish crop has so much going for it.


It's time efficient, cost effective, and fierce! Resembles a Demi Moore, Halle Berry or Natalie Portman cut. Despite being almost shockingly short, the bangs add softness. The right accessories and makeup can take you as girly or boyish as desired. Next one in this collection of mainly blonde designs is a cross between flair and conformity.

Short Hair Pioneers.

Those ladies weren't the first to break onto the scene in short hairstyles. Women who first popularized short in the roaring 20s began ditching corsets and long locks for bobbed hair and flapper dresses. Boyish was in, and these ladies cut no corners for fashion.


Fashion is cyclical, and short hair returned in the sixties and seventies to applaud the arrival of the Pixie cut. Actresses such as Mia Farrow (Rosemary's Baby) made a feminine version of the boy cut popular. Over the past few decades, it has evolved and changed into what it is today. A sassy, boyish cut radiating echoes of Mia's Pixie cut and vague memories of the roaring twenties. Each time a style returns it's modified to reflect the era it has returned to. Classic, modern, and flatters almost every face shape and body style and brings back an air of stylish sense to an otherwise dated look.

Graduated bangs.

A toned down version of this one from this portfolio. A cut to take you out from the crowd propel you into the stratosphere! Manipulate the locks giving that funky and edgy feel.


The wispy strands and delicate bangs speak out for themselves. Enhance any design by wearing accessories making you shine like a sexy rock star. There was once an old rule to not mix angular face shapes and sharp haircuts. Nowadays, it pays to take more risks to stand out. An edgy and funky design, openly flaunting wispy strands. Polished with accessories but can still be transformed for frivolous and more free-flowing events.


The delicate bangs could cover a wide forehead if needed, the razored edges draw attention to the eyes and down to the sides of the face resulting in elongation. Risky as it may seem, the fabulous world of possibility it brings compensates. Next a spiky red.

Red and spiky with wispy bangs.

Whoever said that achieving femme fatale status needed long tresses? An edgy crop is for ultimate fun!


For femme fatales who love adventures and having fun, the haircut to investigate. No part of this concept is boring, any woman walking down the street would turn heads wearing it. Does it get livelier than red? A perfect shade of red, hints of brown and mauve. The long top layers are easy to fashion into spikes or funky textures and the bangs continue the edgy vibe.


Works with red but will look equally captivating in brunette or blonde. Next up is a versatile fauxhawk.

Sexy Pompadour.

Difficult to sculpt yourself, the base cut needs a particularly competent professional stylist. It's important to ensure the cut will flatter your face when not worn up.


When your hair's wet, prep it using mousse or volumizing product. Blow dry upside down to create volume. When damp, take a small amount of pomade and using your fingers run it through the sides to direct it back, keeping it close to the scalp. Comb the long section (the pompadour area) forward and begin blow drying upward.


Once completely dry, section off starting from the crown forward (make sure to clip these sections out of the way). Take each section and tease at the root for a lift before spraying, then re-clip it out the way. Once each section of longer pieces has been clipped, begin curling. Use a small curling iron, and begin behind the crown, curling backward. Complete each section, working towards the fringe. Once completely curled, use a little more pomade and run through the curls to loosen them up. Blow dry on low heat, forcing the part to the preferred side.

Winter White.

To get the cut and especially the color make sure the salon you choose is up to the task. Going to a quality salon may be more expensive but it's worth it in the long run. Even more so if you are going from a dark color to platinum. If not done carefully it could all go horribly wrong. When bleaching, preparation is essential, three days before your appointment it's worth a deep conditioning treatment. Refrain from shampooing for a couple of days prior to treatment, the natural oil that's produced is scalp protection from bleach. It's also worth deep conditioning after you bleach.


After all, the work to get this platinum color it's worth taking the necessary steps to maintain it. Ensure shampoos or conditioners are color safe. Use a purple shampoo to negate the brassiness that'll try to overtake that beautiful platinum. Every 2-3 weeks use a protein mask as a response and defense against further damage.


Simple Styling.

Since the work put into maintaining platinum is colossal, it's gratifying that styling is easy! From damp, add some texturizing cream and blow dry using a paddle brush. Loosen the fringe by blow drying in the opposite direction that you would like it to settle. Use the end of a rat tail comb to separate your bangs to where you would like them positioned. Once dry use a small flat iron to straighten, focus on your bangs. When you have finished put a very small amount of matte pomade in your fingers, and distribute to the ends using your hands, shaping to the preferred direction.

Arctic Graduated Bob.

It's important you get both the cut and color done by a professional. Color maintenance and care are essential after bleaching to an icy shade of platinum. After coloring, use a purple shampoo, a product that neutralizes any copper tones. The intense purple color additives in these products leave a slight residue taking the edge off any brassy tones. A good color shampoo will also have chelating agents to remove heavy metals and other undesirables. Depending on your hair type, sometimes leave the conditioner in for about 5 minutes prior to rinsing. Use hydration serums to help combat the dryness and frizz caused by bleaching. Try a toning mask to help keep the color vivid. Despite your maintenance work, you'll eventually need it touched up.


The effect shouldn't take too long but requires a touch of effort. The most important part is making sure it's cut by someone who specializes in short hairstyles. Apply shine serum prior to blow-drying, use a large round brush to taper the ends toward your face. Use a flat iron to shape and finish with a small amount of light-hold hairspray.

Delightful, Wispy and a Touch Messy.

The bedhead in a spectacular setting is funky and sleek to ear length. The correct styling or accessories result in sweet, sexy, demure, or even fierce depending on your mood. Messy locks are sexy locks, look sexy without much effort assisted by this chop.


Messy is sexy, it's ridiculous how much it costs women to look effortless. Aside from the skin and make-up, the tresses also need attention. Styling only takes two steps: applying a styling product (mousse, wax or gel) and tossing the locks as if shampooing. Effortless beauty at its finestand most straightforward.