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Smooth hairstyles are passé, try the wild experiment of a fresh modern makeover. A hybrid is exactly what we're aiming for and that's when chopping comes to our rescue. It's a cool way to get the perfect balance between typical and edgy styles. Rough, uneven cuts which could be a birth-hairdo (if there is such a thing) for free spirits who love to show their wild side. An exciting, fresh cut provides a breather between those hectic days you're pressured to don the sleekest cut.

The epitome of the modern pixie cut. Short length graduating to a sweeping fringe. Pair boyish cuts with feminine attire, such as the big sunglasses.

Anti-aging tips? Botox? Nay. Mind-boggling diets? Nope. A secret ingredient from Halle Berry's closet? Maybe. But here's the kicker - a short, choppy hairstyle can cut decades from your age. The above picture shows a youthful and chirpy girl, so whatever age you are, knock off the blues, cheer for fun, playful, cool cuts. Close-packed layers that end at razor-sharp angles seem soft yet sharp, thanks to its ability to add amazing texture. It need not always scream rocker-chic; it can even be feminine.

Cropped artistic short cuts are a sure shot hit, providing edgy charm for stylish ladies. The stylist has chopped at different lengths producing a neat layered effect. A spanking new image to succeed in accentuating those facial assets and turn heads! Razor sharp edges echo throughout causing the need for quality time spent on maintenance. It could turn into a whopping disaster if not given tender loving care.

Fine hair isn't a total curse and who says short hair is only for men? Serious, airy and without doubt tailor-made if you're sick of maintaining flowy long tresses. Could be just the style icon if you're unafraid to try radically different ideas. Exposes that gorgeous face and radiates confidence, an open face means an open mind. Use the razor creating different, super noticeable, lengths. One trade secret is that none of the surface lengths are identical.

A lot of combined components you don't see together in general. There's overwhelming volume, reminiscent of a bowl cut but differently shaped. Lots of strands from a very little space.

An adorable pixie cut is all about the layers! A longer underlayer adds length and softens the ends. The fringe is long and covers the eyes, you might want to keep those shorter or sweep them. Help from the bleach blonde, eye-level hem, leaves the model looking fun-loving, young and alive.

Two Tone Hybrid Look Plus Bangs and Shades. Blonde Pixie. A Choppy Chestnut Brown Pixie Cut. Artistic Style, short cut but different lengths. Why not try a boyish, blonde pixie look? Short and Dark. Fabulous Blonde Cut Promoting Longer Bangs.

Cool Plus Shades.

Starting on damp hair, work a dollop of volumizing mousse right from root to tip using your fingers. Blow-dry using a paddle brush so the structure retains volume and edge but not too sleek. While you're drying, pull the bangs towards your face so the texture is accustomized to lying in front. Use a round brush on your bangs giving a curvy appearance, finger comb the rest. Aim for a touch messy or windswept.


To add texture, apply pomade or wax showing off layers. Tease the hair and spritz on some long-stay setting spray. Perfect for heart-shaped faces owing to the bangs and layers framing her visage. Best results on straight hair since crazy curls would give you a harder time trying to tame them to sleek-cum-windswept. Screams Road Trip but can also suit formal occasions once flat-ironed and gelled to give a smoother and sleeker appearance. Girls sporting this style would have a field day on nights out accompanied by pals or any other casual event. Keep the makeup minimal. Next up is a big quiffed number.

Big Shades.

Never forget old sayings, and blondes do have all the fun. Those willing to cut lots off and go blonde for extra cuteness deserve it. That said, any color suits the pixie cut, natural or otherwise.


A model wielding giant sunglasses mirroring celebrity fashion featuring big earrings, leather jacket, and subtle but noticeable makeup. We can't tell what's on her eyes, but judging by the rest, she spent some time in makeup before the shoot.

Delightful Chestnut Colored Pixie.

Wash, towel dry, and apply mousse or styling foam using the fingers to add texture before drying. Use a heat protectant too for better defense against heat damage. Use your fingers to select and pull trimmed sections to towards your face to soften. Piece out the ends so they stick out in the direction you want when dry. Take a rough, mild part (the messier, the merrier) to throw in a casual aura. Use volumizer or texturing pomade to add shine and bulk. Tease the crown area to get chic-messy, use a product that gives both hold and shine.


Suits faces that aren't square or angular. There's no restriction on color, even throw in a few streaks if you're feeling brave enough. Even more adorable starring cute barrettes, bows, and clips, so embellish to get something bound to pop out from the crowd.

From the Catwalk.

Use dry shampoo to keep clean, apply a leave-in conditioner and blow dry. Taking care, pick at the top layers on the top pulling small sections up into subtle spikes. Trendy and chic cut defining perfect edgy spikes. Be inventive and smart with makeup and one pre-requisite is to highlight those dazzling eyes and cheekbones. Wondering what occasions these might suit? Versatile and suits formal and casual situations.


Spike for a dramatic look. Forces out the hidden confidence levels and creates a dominating elegant image. Ladies wearing this cut are passionate, strict, edgy and chic. You might even avoid a style and go messy. Get ready to rock your style! The example to follow shares some aspects whereas as the one before was quite different.

Fair Haired Crop.

Feel the boldness, conveys a sense of freedom in a modern era. In essence, here's a current throwback to the 1960s. It's important not to over-style, make it natural, realistic, and simple by playing with texture. Elongates a round face because all the body and texture is on top. Your face will appear longer, instant cheekbones, and the focus falls on your bigger eyes.


Straighten this length as much as you want, within reason, without worrying about the damage it causes. Straighten and chop off the damaged ends if they get fried. For texture, use matte effect wax and finger shape. This one, the preceding one and the subsequent one are similar cuts but the styling has produced a different result.

Dark and Neat.

Interesting faux sideburns, these are pieces of bangs. They bring attention to her cheekbone. Her fringe is short for what one would expect from pixie cut bangs, and they're very much side-swept. Unique and interesting on its own, and in a couple months without a trim, it'll be a more average looking pixie.

Nice and Blonde.

Helped by the bleach blonde and the eye-length hem, this model looks lively. Her hair is straightened quite a bit, giving the cut more character. The kind of style for when you're out partying. It's good for headbanging and rocking out. For more professional days, you can sweep the bangs to the side and out of your face.


The kind of style you want if you're looking to have some fun. It goes well with unnatural colors like blue and pink, although bleach blonde comes awfully close. You could wear it with your natural color, or a darker one. Generally speaking, something youthful looks light.