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A tinge of color adds many dimensions to any coiffure. A variety of fetching options available, make a sharp part anywhere creating a ravishing look or something super feminine and demure depending on styling and flair. Reminiscent of the post-punk era styles but tweaked and updated to suit a modern girl. The following image in this group of short haircuts has a definite Eighties feel.

Wear at any event or tone it down for everyday use. Styling gel and spray would aid the reproduction. To follow is a boyish ruffled pixie crop by means of a complete contrast with a slight color tinge.

Beautiful brunette creation incorporating ruffles and quaint curly ends. Better yet, it takes no time at all if you're blessed with natural waves or curls. The side-parting and teased curls create a casual and messy but serious and sexy effect. See glamorous curly bobs on red carpets on celebrities such as Rita Ora, Angela Bassett, Helen Mirren and Emma Stone. If you have straight strands, all is not lost, a little effort makes it a breeze!

Sleek, silver and shiny, soft and chic. The length means it won't take an eternity to dry or style, so it's perfect for anyone racing the clock. Platinum silver's all the rage right now. Stunning argent and granny gray are not only the new blonde but also the new black. The color is intersting, unique and versatile. Appropriate for the office or a music festival, is there anything better than that?

What's hotter, the color or the cut? This layered shag cut is fun, versatile, and painless to fix. The length and layers make it a rapid blow-dry, style the layers for any occasion. The autumn red color is stunning and bold, yet can translate from professional life to a rock show after-party. Many view red coloring with trepidation due to its reputation of being doomed to fade, but a touch of T.L.C keeps autumn reds remaining pleasingly vibrant.

Softness and hardness combine to create sweet yet sexy. Spiking, texturing and slight volume at the back combines with the fringe to provide a dual finish in one style, perfect for any impromptu occasion. We saw edginess previously and there's sleek elegance in the next. Here we saw versatility and simplicity.

The elegant disposition of this neat A-line bobbed cut is enjoying its time in the shiny glow of limelight. The diverse ability to go in the classic or edgy direction means its popularity is unlikely to fade. A-line refers to the shorter back, demonstrating an angle that's appreciated from the side. Many celebrities have rocked the A-line bob: Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham, Kiera Knightly, and Beyoncé are a few icons who have worn sexy A-line bobs. Flattering on most, sleek and arrow straight is terrific for women of all ages and works not only for the stuffy office but for stepping onto the dance floor. One of the best aspects here is that it grows out well. While it gets longer it still maintains shape so you can skip that awkward precut period.

Height and elegance. Short blonde look. Boyish pixie. Silver Blonde. Shaggy Autumn. Big volume. A-line bob.

Boyish Cropped Mane.

If ever you regret having a boyish cropped mane you need not be pessimistic, instead, experiment. A sophisticated and fabulous glam look that suits a cropped mane, achieve by blow drying and using a shiny clear wax. You got the cut to beat the heat of summer then realize there's a formal event to look resplendent for.


Don't go panicking and buying extensions yet. It's easy to take the fierce vibe from the street to fabulous, glam girl. Armed with dryer, volumizing product (or styling wax), a brush and creativity, this is easy. The key is to section well and volumize or tease the back to create height but keep the bangs sleeker for the perfect polished appearance.

Naturally Straight

If you have straight locks it's a slightly different process. Use texturizing mousse or lotion in addition to thermal protection prior to blow drying. Once completely dry, section off from the bottom up, then use a small curling iron to create tight curls starting from the bottom sections and working incrementally upwards.


Once you have the entire area of your head in question tightly curled, part, clip to the preferred side and begin to blow dry on medium heat to set the part while using your fingers to scrunch and break up the unwanted curls. Complete using finishing spray, removing the part. Clip and once again scrunch. What you need: If you're curly. Mousse or wax, dryer plus diffuser, defrizzing spray, lotion, or serum, and finishing spray. If your locks are straight. Texturizing product, thermal protection product, small curling iron, clip, finishing spray and dryer.

Blonde wavy short hairstyle.

Styling gel and spray helps achieve this blonde semi-wave. Subtle yet sweet, perfect for all occasions. There's no reason to get intimidated by other guests since you're strutting a simple yet elegant design. Styling locks which have less length for formal events is simple and lots of fun.


Think Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway and Emma Watson, they all sported this length well. For the prom, wedding or elegant party you have to attend, the trick to standing out is focus on fabulous yet effortless. In a room dominated by complicated chignons and sloppy buns, this blonde semi-wave will shine like a beacon. The bangs are to stay soft and natural in front and the sides are deftly brushed. There you go, polished and pretty!

You Can Build this Curly bob Whether you Start with Curls or Not.

How to create. If you have natural curls, from wet, brush to remove any tangles. Add mousse or wax and scrunch away. Next, use a blow dryer (diffuser attached) flip your head upside down and begin drying. Make sure you get the teeth of the diffuser inside the body of the hair mass. When damp, part in the preferred direction. Use a defrizzing spray, lotion, or serum and continue blow drying. Once dry, loosen curls using the fingertips. Use a finishing spray to set and tame any flyaways.

Stunning fringed Silver Bob

Begin with clean, wet hair and apply a root lifter to the crown followed by a hydrating straightening serum starting at the ends and combing through. Section from the bottom up. Blow dry in sections starting from the bottom. Use a small paddle brush for the bottom part. As you move up sections, begin using a round brush. Using a round brush, pull sections from the root perpendicular to the scalp and work the blow dryer over it. Once it's dry distribute shine serum throughout, then resection starting from the bottom, working towards the crown. Introduce a flat iron in gentle strokes turning the iron inwards at the ends. A lightweight finishing spray is perfect.


To get the color correct but causing the least amount of damage (more likely if you're starting from a dark color) going to a professional will give the best results. Go to a stylist who specializes in coloring. Maintenance is key and requires unwavering attention, using a purple/blue toning shampoo and conditioner is essential to protect the tone. If you need to mollycoddle your crowning glory for any aiments, quirks or general willfulness, alternate with your normal regime. Don't be afraid to splash out on a toning session (not as expensive as an initial color, and you know it'll get done correctly), or if you're all about the DIY, purchase toner and a low volume developer from a beauty supply store.

Autumnal Red in Color and an off Center Part.

Once you have the cut and color from the stylist, reproduction is so easy it's breathtaking. Apply a quality straightening serum or lotion that boasts superior heat protection. When blow drying, use a paddle brush. Once dry use fingers to distribute a very small amount of wax to the ends. Then section off starting at the bottom and work up. Using a paddle brush, blow dry each section in the direction you'd like it to set. Resection and work up, use a flat iron on each individual section. Employ gentle strokes and turn the iron outward for the pieces you would like to stick out. Use a light finishing spray.


Maintaining the red will take a little bit of diligence, for the vibrancy of that color, it's worth it. Red, unfortunately, has an inevitable fade. Use a red shampoo and conditioner, these will deposit red color into the shafts during the shower routine to help cover the fade, when not using a color depositing shampoo and conditioner use shampoos and conditioners for colored locks. To be extra diligent at maintaining the red, once a week use a matching red color depositing cream, using gloves apply even amounts for the time suggested on that particular product, then rinse and dry.

An enigma of living contradiction, sexy but sweet and hard but soft.

Cropped to be longer at the back and front. A few spikes and a dash of texture using the razor technique gives that dual look, perfect anytime and anywhere. Ever wonder how the ethereal wispiness of certain haircuts is achieved? Well, it's the razor technique. Using scissors usually gives a blunter slice whereas the razor gives texture, uneven cuts give the illusion of volume too. Limp and flat tresses are a no-no for any length and are definitely more unsightly on locks this long. Limp tresses make the face appear bigger and the head gets odd-looking. Blonde styles are a great remedy, this one has both volume and texture achieved through the cut and added highlights and lowlights.


Before blow-drying use a thermal protector (professional brands for best results). Thermal spray or serum helps protect from heat-related damage and prevents static. When it comes to heat styling, protection is a must. If your locks have natural curls or waves try a straightening serum, lotion, or spray to give that sleek and polished finish the style calls for. For fine strands use a volumizing product to give some extra life and texture.


Start off by sectioning going from the bottom to the top is an efficient and easy way to begin this process. Then blow-dry section by section, using a stiff bristle brush, ensuring you angle the blow dryer downward. A large round brush is also a beneficial tool to start setting the shape. After blow drying, section off, again starting from the bottom and working up. Next, section by section, cautiously work the flat iron giving light turns to the iron at the ends. Hairspray your entire head and smooth down any wispy bits around the hairline.