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One of our favorites, a basic wedge cut combining long bangs that lie parted to one side. The model has a longish heart shaped face. The apparent volume that's given by the side bangs and the overall volume even things out and give a beautiful appearance.

The technique called Marcelling produces the unusual effect forming ridges like these. There's disagreement on where the name comes from but the consensus is it was someone called Marcel and was first seen at the beginning of the twentieth century. Use curling tongs/irons but you don't need flowing hair cascading right down to your torso get so angelic. An elegant vibe makes it perfect for those poised enough, not the usual curly hairstyle so it stands out. The defined curls accentuate both hair and face, making it an absolute attention grabber. Recreate this style even on limp hair, so fret not if your locks don't bounce or aren't voluminous. Being blonde works magic as it lends an aura of authenticity giving the perfect retro touch accompanied by sleek shine.

A classic seductive bob style cut on short to medium length colored hair. A bob is one length all round, chin length in this case. A few slight differences add a dash of interest. The bangs, for instance, come to a point and the rest of the ends are a bit choppy.

Artistic designs require daily care and maintenance. Created by cutting to different lengths, some quite short while others significantly longer adding layers and texture.

Love to rock a variety short of styles and want to try something different? A-symmetrical pixies are ultra-sexy, ultra-unique, and super stunning. One side is worn as a short pixie cut, the other a long face framing bang, modish, straight and sleek!

Leading a multifaceted life makes it important to have a hairstyle that's adaptable to a busy schedule. Kickboxing class, cocktails on a Friday night, or working a double shift.

An asymmetrical haircut can often benefit from a dropped parting. The eye's drawn away from the asymmetry to balance things out. Although the difference is what makes haircut interesting, distracting makes it more subtle.

Simple dark wedge design with a parting and side bangs. An Example of Marcelling, a Technique Pioneered at the Start of Last Century. Seductive medium length to chin and longish bangs. Artistic hairstyle, medium cut of different lengths. Rocker-ish Asymmetrical Pixie. Super Short and Sleek A-line Bob. Thick, brunette style with heavy bangs and a diagonal part.

Dark Wedge Hairstyle Featuring Side Bangs.

Framing faces using perfect side bangs. Learn to make those side bangs pop your facial features! Many people wearing side bangs put very little thought into personalizing them. The problem is, in part, down to not enough thought applied to pairing design to face shape. Use side bangs to frame your face giving multiple options available. Wearing bangs in the correct way makes your facial features pop out. Her smile wouldn't look half as beautiful if that hair wasn't drawing attention to it!

Marcelling is an Old Technique but Still Looks Good.

Start off with clean, damp hair, towel-dry it lightly and apply styling product or curl creme. Take a defined side part, and comb parallel to the eye line. Use tiny hot rollers or small curling irons, start curling in sequential sections on one side starting from the part. Make sure you add curls equally spaced so a wavy look is acquired instead of looking like routine curls. Make the curls as precise and defined as possible, tousle it slightly at the back to achieve a wispy look. Spritz on a long-stay hairspray, so the curls don't appear windswept after a while.

Semi-Formal Occasions.

Perfect for formal or semi-formal occasions needing a bit of sophistication. Ideal apparel for retro parties but the bottom-line is very classy designs are appropriate for certain occasions requiring your elegant best. Suitable for people with round, elliptical or heart-shaped faces since it emphasizes and provides a border. Team it up with a deep shade of lipstick and clever eye makeup of classy and bold winged eyeliner. Make sure your eyebrows are perfectly shaped since they're complementary by appearing to connect your face to the front edge. Simple accessorizing is a must, preferably just a pair of pearl studs, so it doesn't appear over-the-top.

Chestnut Short to Medium Length Side Bob.

Medium length locks can be pretty challenging to work around. The awkward length that's too short to tie up and too long to leave to their own devices. Despite those issues, medium length locks can turn beautiful and use seductive, updated cuts and styling. Our model gives a perfect example, wearing tresses cut below the ears at chin level. Cuts are even from back to front and the locks are side parted and slicked down. The play of red and brown colors creates more definition to an otherwise very simple cut. Both feminine yet strong, seductive medium length can be an excellent choice providing increased variety.

Asymmetrical Dark Chocolate Hairstyle.

Gone are the days when haircutting was limited to basic cuts and styles. Nowadays cutting the tresses is more of an art of self-expression. These medium length tresses with different lengths are an example of an artistic cut. Cut in a variety of ways; the tops are very close, the back and sides have jagged edges and the bangs have both cropped and long strands. Other than the artistic appeal, this gives more movement and texture. Go here if you prefer wow factor and a less conservative aura. Usually found alongside rich colors, wear it wild or more conservative for the office. The rich color imparts elegance, making the hairstyle appropriate for a range of formal to informal events.

A remarkable and fabulous take on the Asymmetrical pixie cut.

Love to show off adorable accessories such as earrings and necklaces? Asymmetrical cuts supply a dramatic contrast to a regular pixie. Edgy is what is so appealing about it, imagine how hot it would look in platinum or pastel? For lack of a better term tres chic, and is the ultimate look of confidence. For those comfortable in their own skin and not afraid to announce it. Like it but it's a bit too edgy for you? Shorten the long end and lengthen the short side to make things more even and subtle.

Classical, Elegant, and Versatile.

Elegant, and transitions for whatever event is happening in your life. Spend a few minutes each day using a dryer and round brush to get it right. Try using a thermal protection straightening serum to get your hair to cooperate while also protecting it from heat. Finish it off by clipping off small sections and using a flat iron to create perfection! That's all it takes to turn out so amazing every day! You could experiment with headbands to pull the bangs back, pompadours, and even bang braids! Who says short hair isn't fun!?


It takes the brain a moment to register that the two sides aren't the same length so it feels intentional like you know what you're doing. It also leaves your bangs, which could be hiding a large portion of your face, off to the side so the world can see that beautiful face. You could put a cute hat on this in the wintertime for bonus fashionista points. She wears very subtle makeup to pronounce the boyishness of the cut. You can also wear heavy makeup for a sultrier look. The way her hair is being worn in this picture is more of a hipster look, which works well with bold colors.