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The Sixties gave us a variety of awesome hairstyles! This bob, inspired in the Sixties, has flipped out ends. The increased body towards the back shows how timeless the bob is!

The pixie cut was women's popular destination for daring short hair. Now it's the undercut! Enough length on top gives versatility. Options include the fauxhawk and the ever fashionable pompadour. Or up and messy like this example! Each adds some diversity!

Brave with hairstyles? Always wanting to change but need to be able to switch from fun to conservative depending on the situation? Why not try an asymmetrical messy undercut lob! With one side shaved or cut short and the other half left longer, leaving room for versatile styling!

This sleek pixie cut is exceptionally smooth, with the hair parted utilizing a rat tail comb and combed to the side. A tapered neck plus side bang helps frame the face in addition to adding a delicate softness to otherwise stiff examples.

Classic cut alongside interest, feathered scissor work at the ends from the bangs to the back on highlighted blonde. Tactical pizzazz with a ruffled part to one side.

Single big bang, wall to wall bangs on deck, literally ear to ear. Slightly side swept with a loose diagonal parting on this dark brunette model.

Curly bob for thick blonde hair. The back, cut quite straight, provides extra volume. Bangs styled into soft curls, such fun to wear.

The 1960's Inspired Bob. Worn Up Undercut. Asymmetrical Messy Undercut Lob. Polished Sideparted Pixie Cut. Bob Length Pixie Style with Long Flowing Bangs. A Dark Style with Quite Long Bangs that are Slightly Side Swept. Fun Bob Design with Lots of Curl and Bounce.

Sexy, Timeless, and Gorgeous!

The bob represented an evolution, moving from pinned and proper to something entertaining! This bob is wonderful and highlights the face, creating a long oval shape and adding the right amount of forehead height. The framing nature is particularly pleasing, it draws attention to eyes and lips. Short hair is in, but here's a unique approach. Ultra-sexy, and a timeless look that's perfect for all ages. Furthermore, considering the length, you'll be ready in an instant.

A Fun and Popular Look that Exudes Confidence and Beauty.

Gorgeous and brings out eyes and cheekbones! The epitome of confidence! It leaves nowhere for the wearer to hide any insecurities, showing every single beautiful perfect imperfection! This look takes courage, but confidence is rewarded by how amazing you look. Style for a business professional or rockstar.

Fashion-Forward, Daring, and Chic this Look says Confidence and Fun.

Wear up or down, curled, straightened, and even styled hiding the undercut. Fashion forward and super fun! It highlights the cheekbones and facial bone structure, while also placing emphasis on the eyes! You can wear this a multitude of ways, something feminine, fun and funky, definitely, try out an undercut. If you end up regretting going so short you can cover it up while growing it out!

Easy to style and even easier to wear!

Save time and money with this short pixie that dries rapidly and uses minimal styling product. A power style demonstrates confidence. This example accentuates facial features and is perfect for oval faced individuals. Sleek structure plus professional edge equal perfection for a multimillion dollar corporation's CEO. Simple enough to go with any hair coloring without looking over the top. Change up by wearing it slicked back or by growing out the bangs while maintaining the trim on the rest of the head!

Recently Two Designs have Dominated the Short Design Scene, the Bob, and Pixie.

Take the best of both worlds to create a modern fusion style. This design is bob length with the wispiness of a pixie. Cut the sides to the jaw-line and keep the fringe long and cut equal length below the lashes. The wispy texture gives movement and volume, the darker colors give depth and dimension. Straight, neat and short best describe this. Cut the tresses in soft chin length layers and long bangs obscure the eyes, you could do them shorter for practical reasons. Style by blow-drying it straight and making a slight side parting, flick for added flair.

Big Shiny Bangs.

Achieve a youthful yet stylish aura. Short hair doesn't need to be boring or straight-laced. Exude simultaneous style and bubbliness. Chopped to ear length, long curved, sliced bangs swept to one side. Straighten the rest out and comb into place, a stylish woman with an evident creative streak would love this design. Keep the back and side cuts short while the front is one or two inches longer. The longer front gives an air of drama and draws attention to the face structure and eye color. Keep locks slick and shiny with serum, leave-in conditioner, or defining mousse. This look is different and modern but acceptable in the workplace and most schools. Next by way of contrast is a curly blonde bob.

Looking for a Style to Sport in Springtime?

Suitable for women with chin length hair or a touch longer. Part the locks on one side and blow-dry with a round brush. Curl the lower half to attain volume, class, and sophistication. The 1960s bob looks classic but can look stiff on some girls. Some recent updates have welcomed the creation of more movement with the inverted and A-line bobs gaining popularity. This is a particularly fun spin on a well-loved bob design. It has an uneven parting, leave one side straight and curl create bounce and volume. Achieve the curls can with a curling iron, heated rollers or roller brush and spray. Flaunt during formal and sophisticated events such as weddings, prom, black tie party or even corporate meetings.