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You'll find a multitude of different styles, some are a great deal more complex than others. If you already have the cut you prefer, some of these might be attainable using accessories or innovative styling. Most of us need a salon visit for a style overhaul. A neutral, basic haircut, add details and change aspects to give a minor overhaul minus the salon visit.

Don't let anyone fool you, bob designs aren't exclusively for women endowed with straight and silky tresses. Bobs can look great, especially enhanced by a whole lot of body! If you've been holding off on a bobbed haircut because your hair isn't straight as a pin, fear not! Even having wavy, body-full or curly hair, take the tousled bob choice that enhances natural hair types with soft layers.

A-line bobs got particularly popular after Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice made it her signature hairstyle! A-line bobs are definitely posh but in the right way. Sophisticated, clean and classic, while being appropriate for a number of lifestyles, occupations, and personal styles! So, what is it about the A-line bob that makes it so popular?

Not all short hair is conducive to helping those under the strain of tight morning schedules but this is perfect for individuals in that category. Short and cute like a pixie but is less sleek and far softer worn loose and natural.

Blonde waves and loose curls cascade down one side of the face creating the much talked about, asymmetric look. Beautiful curls add a ton of wispy fun but straight and sleek is always an option.

Spiky and boyish, you can say that we are barking up the masculine tree here. Reserve regular maintenance sessions to keep the longer sections looking great and intentionally longer for spiking. Worth considering for women in a mildly corporate environment who are looking for a strong disposition.

Why get a pixie, you ask? Pixie cuts make everything adorable. Cheekbones will be incredible and ears super adorable. Versatile for any situation. You could be strutting down a runway, transporting a mini-van full of kids, presenting to the board, or going to a rock show in this one.

Swept Bangs to Create a Gorgeous Look on an Inverted Bob. Textured, Banged Bob. A-line Bob with Bangs Side Parted Ear Length Bob. Sexy Asymmetrical Length. Cropped Spikes and Longer Strands. Classic Crop (aka, the Pixie).

Square Jaws and Extra Length at the Back.

Our model here has a pronounced jawline and a square face, similar to Olivia Wilde and Demi Moore. There's nothing inherently wrong with a square face but there are certain things you should avoid. Baby bangs immediately spring to mind, this applies to long and short hair. Choppy, undefined bangs, swept to one side, have an unevenness that diverts attention from sharp angles giving a rounder perception.


Don't ignore the back of your head when it comes to styling. Some have updo's or braids but of course, you can't do that with cropped locks. The length provides a touch of softness to the neck. Take elements in isolation and remove or transfer to another style as required.

A bit of Wave or Body to Start?

Start using a small round brush and blow dry small sections, rolling the brush away from your face. Use your fingers to tousle in gentle motions to break up curls or chunks of curls. The side bangs frame the face and draw attention to the eyes. Bangs also give a softer touch as opposed to the heavy body of the rest of the style creating the perfect balance.

A Popular and Chic Look for Women of All Ages.

Benefit from positives on pretty much any facial shape. Shorten a long forehead, narrow round faces, highlights the cheekbones while adding slenderness to necks and chins. Drawing attention away from any problems in the central areas like eyes, nose, and mouth. Bonus, grow it out and develop a beautiful lob, perfect for those too busy to maintain short locks. At the longer length, some waves give a completely new vibe.

Easy to Wear and Absolutely Adorable.

Take no time at all to style each day. Blow-dry, adding a little straightening product and using a round brush, you're ready to go! Neat and clean which is perfect for the professional parent whose morning is like running a triathlon. Look clean, beautiful and professional without spending thirty minutes on styling. Spice up the cut with a blend of highlights and lowlights, or a bold new color. Staying natural works too.

Playful, Fashion-Forward, and Brave.

An asymmetrical cut is perfect if you're seeking something a bit different, but less different than going pastel pink. Feminine and chic, perfect on the red carpet, at a black tie event, or to class. There's nothing as rewarding as taking risks and loving the end result. If for some reason you don't like the result you can get your stylist to even it out.

A Punk Hairstyle that is Undeniably Fun and Easier to Maintain than many of that Genre.

The fun factor comes from the short length and the edgy vibes that the unevenness and spikes exude. Wash-and-wear is easy for women in any lifestyle or part of the world. Lightens up and draws attention to all the facial features because no strands frame the face. As such, this style is more suitable for women equipped with heart or oval face shapes, wider face shapes would tend to look even wider and the lack of bangs exposes the forehead making long faces seem longer.

Popularized by Audrey Hepburn and the gorgeous Twiggy.

This timeless short haircut uses sleek bangs to draw attention to your face and elongate the neck. It looks adorable dressed up or dressed down, bare faced or made up. It's chic and an absolute classic. Throw on a beaded dress, headband, and feather and you're ready for a Gatsby party! Flawless for any occasion! Due to the shorter length, pixie cuts don't take extra styling time out of an already busy schedule. Many even take less time than you're used to if you are coming from longer locks.