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Most women should consider this delightful dark sultry example. An inverted or A-line bob isn't a bad point to kick off from. Pull the long bangs back off the forehead from one side over to the other and frame the face.

You've chopped off all your locks and all of a sudden, out of the blue, Mr. Right inconveniently shows up and whisks you off your feet and you haven't got time to grow them back before the big day? Well, what about this? A big curled quiff isn't standard for a bride but it's your day you can do as you please. Add a bit of interest with an accessory and you're good to go.

An outspoken hairstyle that can incorporate different ideas, creating a wild but controlled design adding height and width. Often utilized with gel or some other product, despite having narrow bangs or a fringe.

Ear length bob style haircuts have become quite common in recent years. They provide the wearer with an added level of flexibility not found elsewhere. Square bob haircuts often have soft and feathery bangs behind the ears or covering part of the face.

Look perfect running to class, coffee in one hand and book bag in the other. Even better in your warm red sweater sitting next to a fire with a book and a cup of apple cider. You're picturing it, right?

You're a busy university student fighting the urge to throw your hair in a messy top bun. An executive who has meeting after meeting and social networking events. A soccer mom on the fly? This style is versatile and appropriate for many different occasions. Flipped inward to frame the face and create the appearance of a narrow chin while also drawing attention to facial bone structure.

Extra cropped cut with longer Mohawk down the back, this funky style is young and vibrant.

Swept Bangs to Create a Gorgeous Look on an Inverted Bob. A Big Curly Quiff, Possibly for a Bride or a Special Occasion. Outspoken, Forthright Hairstyle with Narrow Bangs. Ear Length Square Bob with Feathery Bangs or a Fringe. The 60's Rockstar Bob. Turned in Asymmetrical Bob. Extra cropped with a Mohawk looks young and vibrant.

Instead of the Usual Center Parting on an Inverted Bob here, it's on One Side.

Create gorgeous bangs to stand out from the crowd. Bangs are a wonderful thing, sadly though often the optimum look is missing, this lady has nailed it. The bangs here are swept to the side rather than hanging down her face (can be incredibly annoying!). She's ended up with a rather sophisticated cut which helps make those beautiful eyes stand out.


The great thing is that it won't take much effort to get right, which means it's perfect for the lady without much time. We anticipate this will be a popular design, the model wears it particular well with her brown eyes matching the hair and the muted red lipstick combining well with the undertones of the hair color.

Consider for a Special Occasion.

One downside of a short haircut is what do you do for formal occasions? Updo's are out because we haven't enough to put up and formal occasion equals updo required. Slick back then section the top off, comb forward then quiff up the bangs in a sort of victory roll. Add some accessories, as pictured, and you've got about as easy a formal short style as it gets.


Some women nowadays aren't especially daring, a great shame. Many more people should be showing off their personality like this. Choose something which shows your persona. There are plenty of ideas in this style image gallery and website in general. Choose something you're confident in and everybody you encounter will notice straight away.

Easy Care Spiky Crop.

Wear a crop every day without worrying about styling or restyling throughout the day. A feisty appearance with spiked tips and narrow fringe cropped all around giving movement and texture. Enough height and fullness at the crown and highlights on the bangs give detail and definition.


After washing, tousle using a styling product and twist the tips for a spiky feel. Excellent at framing the face and bringing out the eyes.

Burgundy Bob.

This square bob with a feathery fringe takes the edge off and avoids helmet territory. Modern elements that take this to the next level are the short feathery fringe and varying colors of highlights and lowlights. Ear-length almost all round, shorter section on the forehead. The dark base color is livened by light browns and shades of red.


The different colors lend dimension and shine especially when light hits. Bobs do an excellent job of framing the face and bringing out the eyes especially if tucked behind the ears. Although bob haircuts and styles have become less common in recent years, they still look great worn with modern fashion and accentuated by accessories.

Playful, Fashion-Forward, and Brave.

We love this for many reasons, it would translate into any occasion. It frames the face and adds mystique to the eyes. Piercing blue eyes peering out through pale blonde bangs is a perfect complimentary color combination. Striking contrast colors would also work, warm reds and deep blue eyes for example.

Classic and Chic, Perfect for any Occasion!

This style grows out into a beautiful lob. Don't get into the stylist much? Face it, life's busy. In transitional periods this will still shine. For the uninitiated, a lob is a long bob. If you love the classic look and don't have an abundance of time this could be a perfect choice. An inverted bob with slight asymmetry.

A Mohawk at the Back.

Being bold in hair design is a doddle. This flair offers a new way to sport a pixie haircut. Tiny bangs chopped in front while you spike the back. Apply some styling cream and hand comb the back to spike it. Styling an extra close crop can be tricky, its closeness can be limiting. This model shows that you can make a close crop more fun and funky with a faux Mohawk.


Using a fine tooth comb, slick the sides back using wax or gel. Slather the middle part from back to front with more styling product and gather to form the Mohawk. Though it may not be a cut that is for everyday use, a young and vibrant look such as this is a sure head-turner at any party or concert.