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Suited to thirty to forty-plus-year-old ladies. A design incorporating volume and wispy ends to retain a playful yet dignified appearance. The sides are teased forward, the ears tucked behind which hides any unwanted width of the face.

Short and full of fun, the ruffled pixie is the go-to choice for women of all ages. Whether you're 20 something fresh out of college or approaching middle age, the pictured fresh style is the perfect combination of sophistication and playfulness. The pixie looks great on almost everyone and can be as low-maintenance or as polished as you desire.

A fun and stylish cut, perfect for the younger woman or a woman who's unafraid to take risks and stand out. Longer than you'd normally discover here but creates a beautiful aura.

A close-cut crop on dark locks. Quite a severe, almost austere air surrounds a style similar to the one showcased. The rough cut ends and tapered shape add femininity.

The Fauxhawk has swept the nation and the globe. A unisex hairdo plus an updated take on the traditional mohawk that was popular in the 80s.

Width, volume, and beauty combining simple styling and innumerable opportunities to make it individual. The right accessories and makeup generate an instant party-ready demeanor. The versatility makes it easy to tame it down if the sort of work you're in dictates.

For an extra cropped style that maintains its femininity, it's the image of beauty. Easy to care for and you can make it as feminine or masculine as you desire, depending on part and style. You could even eliminate the part and go spiky.

Mature Cut. Slightly Tousled Pixie. Extra Soft Pixie Style for Thick Hair, Lots of Layers. Close Cut, Softer Touches. Highlighted Fauxhawk. Longer Highlighted Strands, Texture and Dimensions. Longish Cropped Mohawk Fringe.

Choppy Ruffled Designs.

Mature cut creating wispy ends. The extra height gained by the volume and spiky sections couple the thin bangs to elongate the face which suits rounder shapes. The side-bangs and the regular bangs are pulled toward a focal point, dragging the eye's attention away from the width.

Pixie with Longer Bangs.

A light Chestnut color on textured pixie design having volume at the sides and heavy bangs covering the forehead. An arrangement designed to detract from perceived length, adding width, making it preferential for the longer face.

Having a longer face shape is simple to distract people's attention from. Bulk and volume in the correct areas distort perception, creating the illusion of width.

Ruffled and Pulled into Volume.

A bit of controlled mess can go a long way. Marvel at the display of a light and feathery feel combining creative emphasis of dark colored bangs. Attainment is as easy as ruffling, it's the main step right after drying.


The bed-head approach has gained popularity due to the sexy and stylish vibe without needing tedious upkeep. Women who grow thick locks can try an extra soft, long pixie cut into lots of layers and get messy instantly. Varying lengths give fullness and texture. The crown has enough height and the sides have tapered edges without straying too near the "helmet". Styling only requires washing, apply volumizing styling product and drying, it's an effortless style that's good for everyday wear.

Short Crop, Soft Touches.

A Tapered uneven finish. A good example of how severe cuts can affect the perception of face shape. The baby bangs and lack of volume make her head seem longer and thinner. Compare the same model pictured here and the width at the sides gives a much rounder, framed finish.

Her high, arched eyebrows and fuchsia eyeshadow cling to the nude lipstick and amber eye color radiating a cat-walk ready ensemble

A Big Fauxhawk Never Fails.

It doesn't involve the drastic shaving or the use of clippers on the sides, making it a popular choice for flexibility, fun for home and business for work. Nothing is quite as fun as a big funky fauxhawk.

Caramel Flecks Amidst a Bed-head Pixie.

Cropped hairstyles give a more youthful and vibrant appearance because the absence of long tresses lightens the face. A style incorporating longer highlighted strands, offering the aura of edginess and fun. The sides and back have similar lengths and varying going up top. The differing lengths give volume and texture. The blonde highlighting adds to the vibrant feel and lends dimension.


A wash-and-wear type can be further styled (sleeked down, curled or volumized) for any special event. The mane's highlighted, then chopped into uneven short lengths, a nest of swirls fixed on top completes the effect. A rough fix on the sides and back makes flicks and flyaway strands appear. To follow is the last of the section and a short blonde flicked style.

Tintin like Blonde Cut.

Apply platinum blonde color, brush the top middle section back in place while the sides curtain the ears. Working women who are looking for a more fun and style for the office could try a longish crop and winged fringe.


The aspect that makes it wearable for the workplace is its neatness, enhance further by toning down the flicked bangs. Easy for the woman on the go, using a styling product and combing is all it takes.