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Ah, the pixie cut. Kicked off by stars like Audrey Hepburn and Jean Seberg, the pixie is an edgy, playful, feminine, cool look. Find the right pixie for your face shape, and show the world that you don't need the obvious feminine touch those long, flowing locks endow upon you to be stunning. This is one adaptation of the pixie that's sleeker than others, the baby bangs give extra length to round faces. Extra voluminous on top, and close-cropped at the back. Apply serum or mousse on clean, damp hair, blow dry using a paddle brush, and take a defined side part. Brush to the side of your face and comb your side-swept bangs so they cascade over your forehead and to the sides.

The shag is one of the most versatile hairstyles in history. The stylist cuts at various lengths, creating layers of volume and personality. It may seem somewhat random from a distance but most shags are quite symmetrical and ordered. The shag creator was Paul McGregor, a barber by trade. He designed the shag to have feathered layers at the top and sides, creating fullness throughout the crown. The shag's considered a unisex style and is worn by many male rockers and female bombshells since its inception in the 1970s.

For natural waves, it works well with straight hair too with a bit of extra effort. It's soft, sweet and feminine, with an edge, you can re-create with hairspray and teasing.

Long bangs and side bangs combed behind the ear, low part, and subtle colors combine to make the height of sophistication.

This daring and edgy longer pixie cut can be low maintenance or styled up. The cut follows the shape of the head so it's catered to each person's head and hair type. The layers help distribute the weight so it's less heavy behind the ears and lighter with more shape up top. This allows you to have a nice high roof without too many short layers.

Create an entire buzz by having a new and chic hairstyle. Every girl wishes to acquire the favorite style she has feasted her eyes on more than a million times. Celebrities, big-shots, and high-end lifestyle video bloggers agree that this is the most appealing trend this season. Be the next diva in town as you get to flaunt this amazing chic style by following the simple steps below.

Sexy and yet soft and feminine. The stylist has used differing length sections to create elegance. Longer at the back and has ultra short baby bangs or fringe.

Nice Simple Pixie Type Style with Feathered Bangs. Short Choppy Shag Type Style. Soft Feminine Blonde Look with Relatively Long Wispy Bangs. Long Bangs and a Low Part. Blonde and Choppy. Charm your Hair While you Pamper it. Sexy, Elegant Feminine Hairstyle with Different Lengths.

Quick and Easy to Manage.

Repeat on the other side of the part but don't comb it too neat. We're aiming for a bit messy. Coloring would be a great option since it adds some extra zing. Tease the layers at the top, so there's more volume at the crown. Adding a lightweight volumizer and lift with your fingers as you blow-dry will also do the trick. The hair gradually gets closer to the scalp, making a funky look with the big-to-small transition.


Apply hairspray to set the wispy yet sleek look. For formal occasions, try a variation without the teasing part, so the hair looks sleeker. Nude, pastel, bold and neon makeup looks gorgeous with this style, so dabble in whatever you feel like. No drastic eye makeup required; it's better to keep it minimal. There is no ceiling on the kind of clothes to wear with this, dress as you wish.

Sleek and Sophisticated.

To achieve sleek sophistication, like Lisa Rinna's signature style, dry using a diffuser and a round brush so it drifts away from the face. A bit of styling mousse at the roots on top and the back will add volume. Avoid adding setting mousse to the sides as this can make the hairstyle seem disproportionate and will widen the face. The shortness works well for showing off highlights or jewelry.

Wild and Crazy.

Want to give off a more dangerous vibe? Try a messy shag. The short locks are easy to manipulate to stand up and look tousled. This is a great look for those that don't want to appear to be trying too hard. Use a flat iron to straighten, then apply a volumizing cream and run your fingers through the roots letting it fall to its natural position. Turn the ends outward if you need extra volume. There are no rules to creating a messy shag, but in general, it's best to avoid too much symmetry.


Many celebrities have gone wild and crazy, including Jennifer Goodwin and Halle Berry. Because the shag hairstyle is so easy to maintain and looks great on almost every face shape, many celebrities and regular women throughout the world have opted for the unique cut. If you decide to go for it, be bold and choose the shortened version. You'll love the easy care and many styling options available.

Sporting Very Cropped Tresses can be Risky for Women who want to Avoid Looking Boyish.

For the lightness and low maintenance of cropped tresses without looking too masculine, this soft style is one to try. The back is close and the sides and front have longer strands and the side swept fringe gives this style a softer and more feminine appeal. Leave alone to dry after washing for a natural style or use wax, leave-in conditioner or mousse for a more polished appearance. You could change the part, sweep it back, off to the other side, down the middle and so much more. With it being shorter on top, you can use that to spike, and use the longer fringe to frame your face.

Very Neat and Tidy

Very professional cut indeed. Neat, tidy and the sort of thing that wouldn't be out of place anywhere. You could wear it in the boardroom, consequently, it'll fit anywhere on the corporate ladder.

Choppy Blonde Cut.

Around the face, the layers are weighted, creating an off-centered part which is where the side bang begins. No hard lines with this cut so it falls to its natural position, no matter how you choose to style it. Speaking of styling, you have quite a few fun options with this particular cut. Looking for a little chic and modern? Use a paste or hair glue to achieve a sleeker look with severe bangs. Keeping a straight hairstyle in mind, use a mini flat iron to straighten and curl the ends under or flip them to add playful swing and movement.

Looking for Volume.

Follow that style up with a tiny bit of volumizing spray or powder the roots around the crown area for added volume without the added hassle of backcombing and ratting. Use a curling iron and curl out from the roots with a little bit of texturing sea salt or beach spray to achieve romantic waves. Pin up one side with smaller bobby pins or cute barrettes and clips to add a punch of playfulness.


Those with curls can quit trying to tame their tempestuous locks and worry less about fly-aways. The cut will help flatter curls, with greater weight distribution to shape how they fall. As with any shorter style, the amount of product you use on a daily basis will diminish. To maintain shine try Moroccan argan oil shampoo and conditioner to protect against heat and UV damage. Stars who've dared to rock this short haircut include Kelly Ripa, Helene Fischer, Jenni Garth and Norma Ruiz.

Curl it up.

Dampen and use a towel to scrunch the extra water out. Do not rub with a towel as it won't get the curly or wavy effect you need. Now comb and pull backward towards the scalp making it dense and messy. Try hair gel for dampening and giving a natural wavy look. Those that already have curls/waves can skip this step.


Often Found on the Red Carpet.

What's so good about this hairstyle? Well, the wavy updo is simple, cute and time-effective. You can rock this hairstyle in party dresses, at the prom, an evening date, a day out or a formal function. Be it Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Drew Barrymore or Scarlett Johansson; these stars love the wavy updo. So paint the town red and be a head-turner while you rock this chic hairstyle at that awaited party.

Curls, Flicks, and Waves Give a Touch of Femininity.

Rub in a small amount of styling cream while brushing outwards to get the small curls, waves, and flicks. Highlights can bring in more intensity to your overall facade. For cropped designs, look more feminine add volume and texture through wisps and waves.


An example of how to turn a design of this type into an interesting head-turner and conversation starter. Trimmed to varying lengths; long at the back, cropped at the sides and even more cropped at the top. The different lengths don't just give texture but movement too. Twisting the tips in the fingers creates a wavy and wispy texture.