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We are not talking raw, full on, mid-seventies spiky and Mohican punk here but the more sanitized, 21st-century version. Heavy if not overwhelming influences from modern punk fashion. Typically provocative punk statements are black or dark colors, studs, piercings, spikes and leather jackets, this sanitized version is almost charming. The first example in this collection, in contrast, the second one, is similar from a technical standpoint but portrays a different image.

Layered mid-length pixie worn to great effect by this model. Successfully pair light chestnut tresses and vivid red/pink lipstick and nail polish, as pictured. Compared to the previous example the shape is quite similar but the overall effect is worlds apart, in fact, draw similar parallels to the blonde cut that follows.

The first three examples in this collection of short hairstyles for women are a lesson in making different finishes from similar cuts. Make an impression and appear sophisticated whilst maintaining a bit of an edge. Getting towards medium length and the front edge is formed by an even cut, giving a classy finish, enhancing your beauty and providing desirable angles to your face.

Bobs are back in fashion this season (did they go out?). At this length, care and styling are undemanding. Trimmed bobs, give natural immunity from split ends or damage since you'll go for periodic cuts and trims. It's the perfect compromise between long and short, great for active women wishing to look stunning without spending many hours in front of the mirror. Easy to achieve and can be the best option for a dinner party or any special occasion.

The model featured has reached very bold on the bravery scale by harnessing the power of vivid cinnamon and fiery colors. Any color, applied or natural, would be equally effective since the interesting features stand proud regardless. It's red carpet splendor and designed to incorporate seasonal expectations. Consider it a faux undercut as one side is smoothed nicely flat using gel. Another way to achieve this would be to introduce elements like cornrows or close braids if that area is long enough.

Want something unique, rugged and attractive? Rough cut bobs frame and provide a beautiful effect catering for any face. Designed for long sides, swept fringes, and heavy use of styling products you can tone down to suit the occasion. This particular example has quite heavy highlights, the color of which matches the set of pearls and earrings.

Classic, elegant and will never fall out of fashion. The long side swept fringe and the side part frame and draw attention the finest features. Side bangs are one of the best inventions since sliced bread. Side Bangs bring out the eyes, can sharpen a round face if framed well, and are simple sophistication personified. Graced the red carpet for many decades, from Sophia Loren to Kiera Knightly, Kelly Ripa and Taraji P. Henson, the epitome of elegance.

Asymmetrical. Color coordination. Blonde Sophistication. Top Bob. Faux Undercut. Brushed Forward. Fine Blonde Bob.

Edgy with Purple Tinge.

The dark purple shade is amazing and engages her rich tanned skin tone nicely. It's definitely not discreet, it's garish, flashy and noteworthy. That color stands out since it's a shade you don't see every day. Purple's in fashion, it might be worth starting a few shades up the red scale so you're not diving in too deep immediately. What's even better than the purple color? Obviously, a cool asymmetrical pixie, the combination is a winner. Nothing shouts punk like dark and spiky.


A design derived from the pixie, it helps to frame her face and emphasizes cheekbones, always a positive. Complimenting her hairstyle is her makeup, you can't put a foot wrong combining different shades of purple. The lighter shade on her eyes is perfect and sets off any eye color. To finish it all off, the super sparkly purple lipstick gives a little twist from the punky look.


Of course, we also need to appreciate the piercing under her lower lip that we should consider the icing on the cake. Inspired by the punk movement but simpler and a piercing adds some fun and merriment, you could always use a temporary stick-on stud if you're squeamish.

Don't Forget Heat Protection.

Use a straightening and thermal protection product, section from the bottom right to the top, and use a paddle brush or large round brush to dry each section. Make sure the blow dryer is facing down. Once dry, resection and flat iron each section, turning inwards at the ends. To finish, use a shine mist, evenly distributed not overused. What you need: Blow-dryer, flat iron, paddle or large round brush, straightening and thermal protection product, shine mist and durable, strong hold spray.

Side Bangs.

Frame gorgeous facial features. On top is a quasi-layered cut which looks fantastic and helps add a real texture to the whole affair.


Opt for modern and stylish by creating many layers, resulting in depth and interest on this easily maintained cut, perfect for women seeking minimal styling fuss as possible while still maintaining a graceful finish. The warm copper color doesn't sound good on paper but works particularly well in real life especially in combination with the vivid red lipstick and matching nail polish.

Short and blonde.

Pearly blonde makes summer sizzle while keeping yourself sparkly, polished and fresh. A sniff of outgrown, redundant pixie and has been spotted on Michelle Williams, Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan.


The essential features include closeness at the nape and sides, measurable and visible fringe length, and textured uneven ends. This cut works in two ways: giving a fun and carefree look when it's styled in a tousled manner or a sleek combed-though feel like this to give it chic sophistication.


Whether blonde, brunette or redhead, rocking this is as simple as it looks. A perfect crown for a businesswoman or someone looking to stylize their look so it wouldn't be too much. A great cut for many different occasions, it provides a sexy and hip appeal very few others can accomplish. If you want something to catch the eye this should be at the top of your list. It's unique, classy, elegant and fun.

Blonde Voluminous Bob.

First, immediately after washing, acquire a dose of volume by using a hot air brush or a radial brush. Use a dryer to dry the excess water but leave it a bit damp. Next, use the hot air brush but splitting the hair into thin sections for an ease of styling. Using clips, dry the sections from one side to the other. Use the rotating function of the hot air brush and to obtain more volume, keep it for a few seconds as close as you can to the roots.


If you don't have a hot air brush, a radial brush will also do the job. Pick one that has vents for better distribution of heat. To protect from heat and frizz, choose a ceramic brush, instead of metal. Wrap sections around the brush and use the dryer to fix. As you pull the brush away, try rotating it to obtain the same effect as the hot air brush. To get those loose curls use a straightener, a round edged one, made to obtain curls. If not, a regular one will work. Take a section, close the straightener around the middle of a section, and then curl it around.


Finishing and Protection.

Do this all around the lower edge and when you're finished, use the fingers to unwrap the curls for a more natural and loose look. Using dryers, hot air brushes, straighteners or curling irons can do damage. Consider heat protection, a high-temperature protection spray applied before styling will reduce the damage produced by high heat. Protection serums or oils are also a great help in preventing degradation due to regular styling and heating. The ones requiring a rinse are the most efficient.

Cherry Red Faux Undercut.

Statistics show, only 1 to 2% of the human population is naturally red. This fiery color is so fierce it's unlikely to have any naturally occurring counterparts, so if you want this color, it'll need by from a bottle. This look is reminiscent of Rihanna's sizzling red, except this is less wild but still very sexy. The basic color is a mixture of bold cardinal reds and cinnamon browns.


Comb the side and slick back into place while teasing the top parts for volume and height before brushing to the left. Difficult to miss and will get people chatting. On one side comb down to varying lengths and layers. The other side, add volume and definition by adding a parting and providing height. The rugged image definitely comes together, not exactly typical short-back-and-sides. This feminine twist on a classic 60's men's cut is cropped and neat at the back and longer on top and generally puffed up using spray or gel. The sides creating a sharp graduation between the two. Next up, a choppy bob.

Classy Platinum Blonde.

Lopped styles can give a dramatic change a women's appearance. This particular bob with a wispy front is great for women at every stage of maturity and walks of life because of its wash and wear nature and versatility. Keep it light, a touch messy, and combed or brushed through for body and texture. It's kept close cut at the back keeping some length in reserve at the sides. The playful wispy bangs give a soft frame to the face, making it all the more stylish and fresh.


Regardless of color, if you prefer long bangs and want a new angle, it's an excellent choice. Alternatively, the following is similar but an edgier platinum blonde color.

Blonde, Fine, and Bobbed.

This look is easy. Once you get the cut, achieving this each morning should only take a few minutes. For the perfect side swept bangs, dry first, especially if you have a cowlick. Dry your fringe on the opposite side you parted it on and blow dry them downward. Using a paddle brush pull your bangs straight down. Once they are dry, push them back into the direction you want the part. Continue drying and brushing downward. Once your bangs are dry, section into three pieces. Use a flat iron beginning at the root, pulling straight down, with gentle turns at the ends.


The section closest to your part, pull in the opposite direction to how you did while blow drying, then to tame your part, spray the tips of your index finger and thumb with a strong hold hairspray and distribute through the fromnt edge, pulling them into the desired direction. Sounds a lot, but it won't take much time in reality.