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Wear volumised, almost quiffed designs for a special event or dampen it down to a restrained level if the occasion requires.

Easy for the office or spike up and stand out for a night on the town. Change or eliminate the part, add accessories, a bit of spray and you're on your way to beautiful perfection.

A unique hairstyle ideal for a woman with a heart-shaped face, it adds height, volume, and complete beauty. Very easy-to-maintain, longer on top and shorter at the front and sides, giving you the opportunity to create as much volume as you want.

Sometimes it's best to keep things nice and simple. A neat light blonde finish has it covered and is definitely high impact.

Another great style concealing a sniff of pompadour or quiff. Not too extreme, tone it down if the situation requires.

This season's most fashionable hot colors and included soft highlights of blondes create a natural and warm look. A stunning collection of various ways in which you can rock choppy crops.

These delightful honey blonde locks are very sweet, they have neat and definitely very elegant long side swept bangs and straight side pieces combed over her ears, a classic volumized pixie.

Almost a Quiff. Hip Feathered and Blonde Streaked Design. Wisps, body, and height. Sexy Crop. Spiky Wisps and Boyish Appeal. Neat and Simple. Quiffy and Ruffled. Seasonal Browns and Blondes Create a Warm and Natural Tone. Honey Blonde Hairstyle. Neat Long Fringe or Bangs.

A Collection of Mainly Blonde Short Hairstyles.

Short and given intensified volume at the front creating a quiffed effect. There's a slight hint of purple or lilac color to add a touch of interest. There are several ways to wear this basic cut, puffed up as shown or slicked down being the two obvious examples. The main reason for its inclusion is to show pulled back volume on the fringe. Reproduce that element as part of most designs.

Light Golden and Flicked.

Hip and sexy. Varying lengths all around yielding lots of texture and volume. The height at the crown is given by the cropped cuts and a darker color at the roots. Wispiness at the layered ends provides more body and the semblance of movement. Keeping fabulous throughout the day only takes a bit of combing and styling product at the tips.


This stunning lady has opted for a laid back cut, meaning she has something perfect for the casual environment. We'd love to see more people wearing comparable coiffures because of a touch of uniqueness without extravagance. Perfect for almost every woman who wants to dress to impress but slip under the radar!

Cropped. Hints of Frosted Tips.

The crop appears strong and boyish, the hair is kept close to the scalp, the tips have spiky wisps. Styling requires messing the strands but keeping it simple. Despite its intentional boyish appeal, pairing with long chandelier earrings or other glamorous and girly accessories will make it elegant and ready for a night out.


The crop cut is by far the simplest and easiest to maintain. Washing, conditioning, and styling is a breeze. A whole lot shorter than many others, enhance by adding some blonde and brown touches and finished by applying some styling cream or gel and hand combing to achieve the spiky and ruffled look.

Very Light Blonde Hair.

The models pale blue eyes harmonize with the ash blonde color. The lipstick provides a stark contrast, enhancing the overall effect.

Big Ruffled Quiff.

Need to make an impact? A big quiff will do the job, all things to all men though as you could always opt to temper the quiffed when needed.

Ruffled and a bit Spiky.

Check this flair out. The tresses are first highlighted to give some depth. Apply styling cream using the palms of the hands, combing afterward. Take note, hand combing from the back to the front achieves the look, pinching the tips using the fingers to finish the style.


A cropped cut may have other elements added to keep it from appearing too simple and mundane. Make use of spikes, bangs, and curls to create texture and body. Combine textures from razor-cut ends with brilliant hair coloring techniques and what better way to color hair than to use this season's hottest trends? Highlight the dark brown using dark blondes for a warm and natural look giving definition and movement, the cut and color are amazing without being outlandish or wild.

Honey Blonde Cut. Neat Longer Bangs Screaming Sweet and Sexy.

The sweetness comes from the crisp light color and combed down appearance. Sexy comes from boldness and softness of side swept bangs. While some designs appear too simple and uninteresting, this one, in particular, exudes elegance and poise. It doesn't require much product for daily wear but for formal occasions, it can be further slicked down or volumized as necessary. It flatters most face shapes and can be sported in other colors too.

Spruce it up.

Appearing on occasions requiring formal look is easy, first blow dry and straighten, then comb over a good sized section to appear like huge side swept bangs. Comb the rest in front of the ears.