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Cross between an undercut and a pixie. A true undercut has an overhang of volume above it hence the term. Here the volume is brushed forward. A pixie generally has at least a couple of inches on the sides pulled forward in front of the ears. This one's clipped quite close, almost to the roots which have emerged beneath the color.

Fashion is ever changing. What is trendy now may slip off the radar tomorrow. Years ago fashions came and went in rapid succession because they were more extreme than the previous incumbent. The eighties, for example, had some eminently peculiar hairstyles, remember A Flock of Seagulls? Today we're less fickle because most styles are easier to tolerate. The color scheme here is likely to have a shorter shelf life.

1950's was an age of hairstyle renaissance. The pixie haircut was one of the many iconic designs introduced around this time and was adopted by many women around the world.

Punk and rock and roll inspired this spiky design on fine hair. Easy to take care of and jagged edges offer facial highlights. Achieve by finger combing, spraying and using wax to highlight your best features.

Natural curls? A spectacular opportunity to take advantage of a cut that utilizes the natural curl. Throw in volume and bangs to create a stunning, eye-catching yet girly style.

The opportunity for volume, which is ideal for those afflicted by fine flyaways. Cropped on top and brushed forward, creating at least the illusion of lift. Easy care cuts can go from high to low, parted or not, depending on your particular taste or the event.

A gorgeous blonde haired woman sporting flattened and side swept fringe. Her face is framed by curly wisps giving width and volume. One of our favorites, tone it down to suit.

Cropped sides plus neat front edges provide a contrast between the two. An Inverted Bob, Curious Dual Color. Ultra Pixie Design. Slight Highlights can Soften the Facial Features. Curly Design. Bounce and Volume from Natural Curls. Ash Blonde Look that's Versatile and Easy to Change. Sexy Flat Side and Swept Bangs or Fringed Curled Wisps.

Blonde and Finished Using Clippers.

You've got to love side bangs, they're sublime on almost every woman. Want to make them work? Then opt for a longer side hem. Side bangs help frame the face and the way you should wear them is dependent on your shape. You can extend or reduce the perceived face length by exposing or hiding your forehead behind bangs.

Don't Neglect the Rest of You.

Remember, the whole goal is to ensure all of you looks fantastic, not only what sits on top of our head! You want as many elements as possible to wow others without going overboard. Here the blend is right, she has opted for a longer fringe which helps provide the perfect frame for her face.

Dual Color Inverted Bob.

One of the most popular shorter haircuts for girls is the inverted bob. Cut the back above or right at the nape, the front sections are kept longer or tapered to frame the face.


Lots of variants and, due to its flexibility, is suitable for any age group. Some famous celebrities who have sported similar hairstyles are Rihanna, Madonna, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham a.k.a Posh Spice (giving its alternative name: Posh Bob or Pob).

Short Pixie Cut.

The pixie haircut is a boyish hairstyle for girls. The hair's cropped close at the back and a bit longer at the top creating a tousled effect to the layers.


Popular in the 1950's when the American beauty icon and actress Audrey Hepburn wore a similar style in her debut film, Roman Holiday.

Seventies Retro.

Short looks have a tendency to bring out the bone structure and facial features, a racy vibe does that here. Except for the wispy side swept front all the other strands point away from the face. There's also lots of texture from the spiky tips and messy crown. Because the cut and styling take the weight away from the face more of the jaw line and cheekbones are visible.


More suited to angular face shapes than round ones. The ultimate out-of-bed look but has the edge, style, femininity, and beauty that other styles and cuts cannot match.

Twists and Curlies.

Curls can be a challenge. Short curls can be an even greater challenge entailing battling out the frizz and wild volume that inevitably occurs. This short curly example illustrates how to tame the curly tresses while still keeping the bounce and volume. Put reliable mousse (curl defining or volumizing) to good use, put mousse on damp hair then tousle and dry.


The steps are simple, yet the effect is classy and beautiful, easy enough to do each day yet stylish enough for the elegant events. Achieve using natural curls, mess, finger combing, use gel and hairspray and voila. Straighten to make it soft and demure or use your natural curl to create spikes and panache. An innovative, easy to take care of style having endless possibilities in reserve.

Messed and Brushed Forward.

Ash blonde has head-turning shock value, the color is surprisingly light and the cut is quite close. Though they chopped the hair above the ears it remains versatile, the varying lengths at the crown give height and body. It already looks great but you can also part it at the crown either in the middle or to one side.


Sweep the bangs, spike the tips, and toss the hair for a messy look. The possibilities are endless with this nifty style. Part it and slip it down to create a soft and demure look or spike it up and be party ready. The right color, highlights, accessories and makeup, give an amazing look a multitude of women can wear and look spectacular.

Pretty Sunflower Blonde.

A sexy design sounds difficult to create but as this model illustrates, it's indeed achievable and with little effort involved. Sweep and slick down the front edge, the top is flattened too. Take the short wisps at the back and sides roll with fingertips and hair product (wax works best) to make slight curls or wavy spikes.


The finished product is a cross between messy and polished. This style offers lengthier straightened strands, bangs were also chopped and side-swept. Scrunch the back and sides of the head to achieve ruffled and a touch messy.