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Now we're getting deeper into this portfolio of short haircuts we're moving away from the basic styles or their slight variations. Not to say it's all mohawks and spikes down here, you'll find plenty of pixie and bob variations but there's stuff included like the one pictured. Heavy color, quiffed faux undercut, not a design you'll see every day but tone it down if need be.

Back to basics, never disregard a neat and simple demeanor out of hand. A basic cut may not be exciting but that doesn't mean it's boring. Sideswept, shiny, and healthy looking and goes with the rounder face, you can always spice things up by adding accessories. Also ideal for the workplace or school/college and won't take a huge amount of effort.

Women's hair not only gives an integrated beauty, it also reflects temperament. Today's woman, by choosing color and form, presents succinctly and within a single gaze her conscious choices of the image she desires to present in her Socio-professional surrounding. Usually, the color and style chosen follow the requirements set by the current fashion and the stereotypes which reflect the outlook of the person who wears them.

Popularized by a strong female character in the popular AMC television show The Walking Dead. Short, boyish hair is currently very chic. Easy to care for and simple to style, an adorable crop is excellent for older and younger women alike. Don't let the photo fool you, this style looks amazing in not only white or gray but other natural shades such as blonde, brunette, red, or black and even in more adventurous shades such as pinks or purples.

Definitely a softer and more elegant style for a woman of stature, taste, and panache. Very delicate, wispy and offers easy care. Long enough to pin back or leave it down, either way, it's feminine and beautiful.

The very definition of super fiery yet feminine. An extreme and edgy look, it's longer on one side than the other, right on trend. It provides the wearer innumerable opportunities for styling because you can sweep everything to one side, change the part or lose the flares.

Outlandish spiky hairstyle, still remains almost completely on the feminine side because the stylist has cleverly used the right amount of soft autumnal red and brown undertones.

Quiffy Faux Undercut in a Bright Red/orange Color. A dark brown basic cut, side-swept bangs. Blonde with Low Part. Short and Spiky. Soft Elegant Hair Design, Delicate Wisps at the Nape of the Neck. Feminine Hairstyle - Extreme Edge. Crazy Design is Made Feminine because of the Use of Color.

Copper and Orange Hair.

Copper and orange sound like the colorist's worse nightmare but somehow it works here. Working with color doesn't mean you need to go extreme, this lady has a bright shade of orange but she'll be able to wear it in situations other than casual. The whole secret to making it work is how you wear cropped quiffs, don't go too extravagant and you'll have something suitable for any environment, relying on the color for extra sparkle.


Some girls shrug at opting for an unconventional style, they cherish convention but there's always another way. Casting aside too many awesome options limits your choice to the extreme, you'll be stuck in a rut. Take a chance.

Neat, Dark Chocolate Colored Cut - Easy to Maintain.

Image gallery of various women rocking basic short hairstyles can be enhanced by some extra sparkle. Don't ignore the basic styles, the addition of the right amount of pizzazz makes you epic.


To make your facial features pop you don't have to opt for something too daring. Try converting basic to unique using layers, means you have options rather than going extreme.

On the Long Side for this Site but Still a Winner.

A modern woman holds her personal style in her own hands. Her integrated image would never be perfect without the supplement of her hair. Whichever style of dress and behavior she might choose, her hair will always be the final touch.

Your Imagination is the Only Limit for Sassy, Simple Hairstyles.

If you're feeling fancy, spike it with some gel or comb it back for a stylish, greased back feel. If you're feeling tired and don't have time for fancy hairdo's, run a brush through to revitalize it and be right on your way.


Celebrities who currently wear or have worn their hair 'boy short' include Emma Watson (Harry Potter series), Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana), Natalie Portman (Star Wars, Black Swan), and Halle Berry (Catwoman). These leading ladies are fierce and fearless and show short hair isn't just for the boys anymore.

Soft, Sophisticated, Chestnut Design.

Soft and elegant, the back is quite long but girly without straying into mullet territory. The detail making it stand out is the delicate wisps at the nape of the neck. Those wisps are like softer versions of spikes, giving an edgy feel but remaining feminine. The front has side-swept bangs and the top slick, adding elegant appeal. The dark color makes a shinier appearance when light strikes, making the best colors. Accessorize with sparkling barrettes or a bejeweled headband, making a sweet look super feminine and gorgeous.

Big Side Fringe.

The risky thing about edgy styles is they can be more difficult and often appear too extreme for the rank and file. A good example of how an edgy style can be fun, sexy, and functional. The back is longer and reaches the nape and one side has shorter tips while the other has long bangs. The top has ample volume and height and interesting spiky details. When a hint of spikes and some sleek parts are thrown in, we're screaming party but comb through to tone it down and viola we have sophistication and reserve. Spike it up, lay it down and highlight the wisps, fringe, and so much more. Ideal for a powerful woman, or a woman of strength, stature, and unwavering style. Take advantage of some wax and hairspray, finger comb and done.

Red, Spiky and Slightly Sideswept.

A good play of light autumnal reds and browns on dark spikes to make the wearer appear more radiant and feminine. At first glance, this seems over the top, what makes it appear that way are the spikes from all angles but take a closer look and find some texture, dimension, and feminine details.


Different tones give softness to balance the texture. A reliable styling product and a comb are all you need. Slather styling product (gel or wax) onto damp tresses, section using finger-combing motions and twist the tips to make the spikes and finally, comb the bangs down and set in place.