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The model here has auburn colored locks complemented by an extraordinary and contemporary spiky style sporting longish, side bangs. Perfect for longer face shapes but will also suit other face shapes including the ever versatile oval.

Use natural curls for a stylish and bouncy short hairstyle. Easy to achieve and maintain because it has no defined structure. While we're not saying fling it anywhere, leave it to its own devices to a certain extent.

As chemical technology research bears fruit for the haircare industry the art of coloring has come into its own. You can now get further away from the norm while avoiding causing too much damage.

Square face shapes. People that happen to have square face shapes can often have very strong jaw lines. To get a haircut to draw attention away is achieved via spikes or extra volume.

Use your bangs to modify the perceived shape of your face making them as wide as possible will reduce height, whereas giving them more height will reduce width.

Cutting tiny sections to different lengths will give a similar texture. A touch of styling product amplifies, giving balance to a long face shape.

Particularly suitable for a wide or round face shape because it's close cut to the face, framing it and reducing the perception of width.

Spiky Fringe. Use Natural Curls. Vivid Red Streaks on her Bangs. Seductive Crop. Flicked Sides for a Narrow Face. Choppy. A Bit Messy.

Choppy Fringe Hangs Below the Eyebrows.

Spikes, especially when confined to the back and not drastic are acceptable in most situations nowadays. Spikes at the back but maintaining the clean, slick bangs in front. The extra long side pointed bangs give the right amount of edginess but still have structure and polished appeal.


Wax or gel keep the spikes from getting limp or rebellious, comb the bangs down and set in place, a leave-in conditioner or serum should help. The Spikes at the upper back of the head are a styling issue, include them or not as the moment dictates.

Cherish Natural Curls.

Curly hair often accompanies frizz and sensitivity to heat and humidity. Some resort to straightening using chemical treatments and others use flat irons every day. This design proves that embracing natural curls is possible and there are styles that can answer the difficulties associated with curls but avoiding resorting to aggressive chemical or mechanical processes.


Scrunch the natural curls using anti-frizz, volumizing or curl defining products and allowed to dry, does not require brushing after setting. Who said curls on short locks couldn't be delightful? Add in some accessories even like simple earrings producing a total hit.

Extreme Red, Muted Undertones.

Fiery red is fierce and fabulous, the crown has longer sections producing ample height and body. The bangs and wispy sides together with the darker lowlights give even more dimension and body.


The great attribute of this design is there are no rules on how to wear it. Leave it messy and it'll still be awesome or slicked back it gets posh. A red mane is a hot trend right now and celebrities have shown women of all skin colors and face shapes can wear them.

Very Blonde Hair.

Want a clean and easy-to-fix look? This pixie chop is one you might be waiting for. Cropped in layers and blow-dried to have enough volume and retain softness. Sport right after drying or enhance by sweeping a section sidewards. Seductive and sultry are two words that usually conjure images of women with long manes cascading down their shoulders or wind blowing through their locks.


A short cropped pixie can look sexy and seductive, the shortness and blonde color livens up the face and draws attention to the expression of the eyes and lips. It also accentuates the cheekbones and the overall glow of the skin. Who would have thought something so easy to maintain can also be so stunning?

Side Bangs Adding a Touch of Flair.

Because of the characteristic narrowness of long and oval face shapes, we advise people with them to steer clear of long straight tresses. Instead, we recommend a short style amplified by more volume. This short design exhibiting flicked sides is a great example of a cut that compliments those face shapes. The flicked sides draw attention outwards and not downwards making the face seem fuller. The wide, wispy fringe covers the forehead, making the face look less elongated.

Color Works Wonders.

The color also works wonders in reshaping the face and making it a little rounder and more proportional. One hairstyle that's unique and attention grabbing, it's chopped in layers with thin bangs, the hair is then blow-dried to capture volume and then center parted. To finish, utilize the help of setting cream or gel, give the ends a small flick outwards.

Another Unique Take on Pixie and Layered Designs.

Add setting cream or gel to give a muddled and messy design. Cutting to different lengths produces a style with texture, volume, and interesting shape. The dark colors exude an attractive appeal because of the variation in length gives a remarkable shine. Texture, volume, and shape, it also has the ideal height, flattering most face shapes, looking great with darker hues. It's suitable for college, the workplace, and even casual fun events.

Messy Frosted Tips.

Another unique flair enhanced by the addition of highlights on selected parts. Like natural curls, waves can sometimes be tricky to tackle on a daily basis, they can get frizzy or sticky especially when exposed to harsh elements, pollution or the sun. Luckily, short designs provide the ease of maintenance combined with versatility. A positive for short wavy hair is its naturally unkempt look, which is very sexy and carefree.


An example of how natural waves can provide a messy-sexy look, the strands are long and the waves are still visible. The tips appear like soft spikes with a tousled top. The tresses are blow dried to give a soft feel. Ruffling while also flicking some strands away can make you extra fabulous.