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This retro design's a combination of different ideas but manages to give the model a beautiful and attractive outlook and produces an eye-catching and super distinctive aura. Her hair's pinned completely and flawless, this hairstyle isn't something you see daily, either on the street or the runways. Find the curls perfect positions, it's the perfect retro chic style. Next a unique dark party design.

When was the last time you wielded a crimper? During fifth-grade sleepovers? Dig them out, crimped hair is back in vogue. This hairdo screams vintage! Transform into a Twenties goddess, thrusting you into the limelight. It creates a very complicated, sophisticated look, with sultry undertones which make you both alluring and adorable. The fringe is necessary to soften the extreme sleekness and to add facial dimension. Bring the crimps back in vogue using a look that's ageless. To follow is a ruffled pixie crop.

Most girls covet the Marilyn look. She's an iconic beauty, her style, and all-embracing magnificent curves. We may not be born with a 37-23-37 waistline, one part of her look that is very achievable is her hair. When thinking of Marilyn, one's mind doesn't generally go, "double B", but that's exactly what you should be thinking! Big and blonde. Going platinum is a commitment of epic proportions, but very rewarding, especially in pulling off this hairstyle. Other than dye, you're going to need a curler or hair wand, flat iron, gel/hairspray, pin curl clips and about half hour to forty minutes.

A rough cut layered blonde pixie is a wonderful classic design. The bangs are equal in length and relative designed to give the individual extra texture. The model features thick blonde hair but pretty much any hair type will still look stunning. Next up is another blonde but neater look.

Many starlets attend red carpet events with similar styles. Clean-cut makes it perfect for the professional woman while being versatile and would work for the rock star. A clear demonstration of confidence, efficiency, and fashion forward.

An ever popular mixture of loose waves and slight highlights that look sharp and sophisticated. This girl has a strong jaw line, the volume of the style softens it. The style that's featured after this one may not suit her so well.

A boyish crop-like cut with feathered bangs to offset any masculinity. Easy styling, wash-and-go with minimal effort, a perfect look for anyone wanting an easy wear style who isn't afraid to make a statement. About as easy as it gets, jump out of the shower and run your fingers through and you're set, you could skip the shower.

Big sexy pin curls. Retro 20's cut. Blonde Marilyn look. Soft blonde pixie cut. Neat blonde and short. Highlights and volume. Boyish crop

Throw Pin Curls into a Plain Design Giving an Extra Something.

Get yourself the retro chic style and wow the world. Her blonde hair is the perfect final detail to complete this look. Another thing that contributes to this eclectic look is the makeup. It's beautiful, and even though it's not what you'd call retro chic like her hair, it matches to perfection. Her full dark lips give a sort of gothic style, which is perfect to balance the very feminine hair. Her very striking, long and dark eyebrows are also key as they add a modern vibe.


Eyes Sparkle.

And let's not forget the other aspects of her eyes. The sparkly eyeshadow is an excellent complement to the look in general and makes you stare back. Don't overlook another factor, her nails. Those pointed, long dark nails are an ideal addition to the wide-ranging look, giving it a touch of edginess. We have to admit that the main attraction of the picture is the amazing hairstyle. Everything else is important too, but only to bring it all together. The method of making this style stand out was mixing it with different looks, vibes, and eras. By combining the retro chic hair, modern and gothic makeup and edgy nails the overall look was well executed.

Crimp your hair without looking like a frizz-bomb?

First, comb your bangs and secure at the front with bobby pins. Though crimping is possible with curling irons, using a crimper on wide setting will give improved results. On towel-dried hair, untangle the knots by brushing with a wide-toothed comb. Once your hair looks smooth enough, take small sections, hold in loose bunches while pressing down on equidistant, moderate to big portions with the crimper. Allow the hair to cool for the waves to set. Don't pull taut until cool as the crimps will pull out.


Applying hairspray before pressing down will provide the definition, resulting in crisper looking crimps with almost nil frizzes. Repeat on your bangs. Crimping with less pressure gives a softer look. Teasing the crown area gives voluminous look. Spritz with more spray to set.


Combine with Good Makeup Colors.


Needing the confidence to carry, wear this at a plethora of occasions, from important dinners to official functions. The right makeup can draw attention to your eyes as your fringe ends right at the brows. A pair of falsies, mascara, and deep, well-blended eyeshadow would do wonders. Team up with light-winged eyeliner, berry lipstick, a string of pearls, and you're raring to go. This style would look flattering on duskier skin tones and round or heart-shaped faces. Since the hairstyle is voluminous, her face looks sharper and she's rejuvenated a little. This may have been invented in the 1920s, but it's so beautiful, consider it timeless.

Go Marilyn with this Fifties Classic.

Part on your Chosen side, and comb gel to the roots, especially up front, where you need most volume. Start at the front, closest to your forehead. Using your preferred curler, curl your bangs away from your face to increase volume. The curls you're looking to produce will start small and round, sausage-shaped. Some of us have hair that holds, curl and it stays curled, straighten it and you've got pin straight hair all day. If you're in that boat, leave each curl while you work at the rest, starting at the front and moving back.


Pin Curl Clips.

If you're like the rest of us, pin curl clips will be your best friend in the battle against slowly-straightening hair. Curling the back is tricky, assuming you don't have a roommate to lend a hand. A flat iron will get those pieces at the back into cute little curls. Once you've curled everything, we recommend waiting for twenty to thirty minutes. Then use the flat iron once again to smooth out your new curls, remember you're not straightening, you're controlling the curls, so turn it when you get to the ends to keep some bounce. With the help of a little hair spray, you should be camera-ready.


But wait! Don't forget to add thick, ruby red or crimson lipstick and three shades of eyeshadow. Generally a blue or gray will leave you the most Marilyn-esque. To offset the vibrancy of your hair, you may want to make your eyebrows thick, though not out-of-control-thick, and brown. Once you're done, you should be ready for a night out on the town. But stay away from any Kennedy's!

The Classic Blonde Pixie.

The pixie cut, if done without the client's face shape in mind, can sometimes be too blunt so the concern may be that it may not suit. With feathered ends it's a little softer, the length at the back and the wispiness of the bangs suits square and round faces by complimenting any angular jaws or wideness of the face. Pixie cuts work well with triangular and oval shaped faces.


The cute blonde color creates a feeling and look of lightness that's perfect for different skin tones. Easy to maintain, this doesn't need much styling product or many salon visits. The pixie style haircut is soft and feminine looking.

Hot Styled, Back Faded Undercut.

This look is ideal for showing off your cute accessories and embellished tops. It's perfect for showing off your biggest or brightest pair of earrings. Wear with emphasized lips, or completely natural, made for showing off your best features. This fashion is ultra-efficient, due to the length. You save money by using less shampoo, conditioner, and other products, in addition to saving time on drying and styling. If you love trendy but don't like spending an obscene amount of time on your hair this could be yours.


How to create this look:

This style begins with a great cut. If it's your first time going short it could be a great idea to visit a stylist that specializes in short hair. If you've got a regular stylist, they should be familiar enough with your hair to get the look you desire. Once you have the cut learn how to style it. It's a simple process: start from damp hair. Put wax into the palm of your hand, (to begin with don't use too much. It is easy to add more), rub your palms together to spread the wax, then use your hands to distribute (using your paddle brush or comb to make sure the wax application is even).


Begin combing from the back of the top of the head and working your way to the front, combing in the direction you want (front to back). Begin directional blow drying using your paddle brush, working on small sections. Once dried and in the position you want, use the finishing spray to keep it in place, use the comb to capture and control any fly-aways. You need: Wax, comb, paddle brush, finishing spray, and blow dryer.

Loose Waves and Highlights.

Some think that shortness limits styling possibilities, this concern is justifiable with some cuts like this and this. On the contrary, though many styles are fun to work with because of the length, creating volume and texture is much easier and faster to achieve.


This short brown look with a blonde high and low lights has both volume and height. All it takes is a volumizing product (mousse, leave-in conditioner or spray will do). Try a little bit of teasing near the roots and sectioning. Voila! No limp and flat hair here, just stylish hair with flair that screams sexy! The style is intended to keep the sides and back shorter than on top. By making the top of the hair have volume, you add definition and height. Or try a boyish crop but still retain your femininity.

Show your Feminine Rock Star Side with this Edgy Pixie Chop with Ruffled Bangs.

This boyish crop can still show your feminine side with classy bangs draped over the forehead. Bring out the inner rock star in you with an edgy pixie cut with ruffled bangs and dark hue. Though this look is bold, when styled the right way it'll be a hit in school or the workplace.


The bangs give this haircut a feminine touch. Leaving the bangs to air dry will give a softer look. On the other hand, using wax to set or texturizer will provide a rocker chic look. Overall this design is easy to play with and with the right products and accessories, it could give a different aura. Another idea is short hair with flicked back sides and fringe or bangs with volume on top. After this is a modern take on an 80's classic.