Get Girly Choppy Locks.

The dashing prince rescues the princess boasting long golden tresses. The heroine peers through dark, sultry, long locks and lashes, blah, blah. When women first began abandoning long flowwing locks, the criticism was they were abandoning femininity. This stigma is still around to a small degree but in its final throws.


Discover styles highlighting levels of femininity trimmed tresses can achieve. Graceful, elegant and hinting at sophistication, women of all ages and walks of life can enjoy these styles. Neither outrageous nor too bold, they reflect maturity and a casual nature giving versatility for office, day out, or evening affair.

Bonus Video Slideshow. 40 Short Balayage and Ombre Styles.


Never Boring.

Dedication to ultra feminine, soft, elegant and sexy results in examples you're unafraid to wear. Make the transition trouble-free and uneventful by applying a clear plan of action. The previous collection was pretty full on. Sedate, sophisticated, and pretty but never boring, the next selection continues that theme. A more mature and business like feel accompanies these yet they remain casual with an outgoing appeal. Women of a certain age discover lengthy locks equal tedious tangles but don't resign yourself to gross granny cuts. Choose regal flares, fancy curls, dainty curves, and immense personality. One advantage of being a woman in this current era is you're not limited to restricted numbers of crummy haircuts. Alternatives exist from a young age to the golden years.


Back in the day, a tough decision was needed because cuts were clear in definition, girly long or boyish short. Luckily, trends have evolved so that dilemma is no longer problematic. There's softness, elegance, and femininity while appearing feisty and sassy reserving options to achieve common ground between femininity and power.


Try Something Brand-New.

New haircuts accompany new choices for follical perfection. Taking that big cut can be a drastic step leaving you thirsty for more adventure. So, why not try something brand new and exciting? Have you never gotten a perm? Or have you always shied away from coloring? Well, you'll never know how great either of those can look and feel until you try, especially if you're graying, time to crank it up. You don't have to dye your hair purple and pink ombre, but why not blonde? Keeping it curly, or straight for a couple months? Can be bad for your hair if done too often, it's fun every once in a while. Even try both on for size, or throw in some highlights while you're at it!


Wide Age Range.

Trendy yet acceptable in even the most formal of situations. Young girls at school and mature women can use them in their arsenal to assert style and power. Clicking on a style you fancy takes you to separate pages containing helpful instructions and tips enabling you to create your look of choice even after leaving the salon and in the morning rush. Very feminine styles can still incorporate fiery spikes and chops. This collection is very sexy and yet not too uncouth, sexiness still shows maturity and authority. Perfect for office ladies of any age range and can be worn on casual days or be accessorized and tamed a little for formal gatherings. Not designed to be over the top, they're simple and laid-back and allow customization.


Perfect Features.

Dress up or dress down to complement your features elegant, perfect, and special, not over-the-top. Each cut is unique, ranging from spiked to curled, some longer, and some shorter. Although most of them scream, "I'm an independent woman," some shout, "I'm independent and don't mind seeming a little boyish,". Either is fine, you only have to know what you're anticipating.


Some will supply perfection for body and face without compromising your features. A great way to accomplish a sexy appeal, elegance and softness.