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The Problem.

Found the hairstyle you desire? It's flirty, playful, and looks beautiful when modeled. The stylist is skeptical but hacks away regardless. Then the dreaded happens, the stylist concludes she cannot replicate the style. She pulls sections about demonstrating how your facial shape and the turn of the curls don't combine. Distraught, you work out a compromise style but feel deflated.

The solution.

Our galleries offer hundreds of short hairstyles. It's easy to fall in love with a style, but knowing whether it'll be ideal is impossible to determine for certain. The model’s face could be longer, her nose thinner, or eyes wider. You wonder how a few more years will affect a style, and what it'll look like with glasses. Our Makeover Utility removes that element of doubt. Upload a suitable photograph and explore different styles and lengths. Adjust color to discover how complexions rock short styles in red, mid-length blue ombre bobs or if long sultry black locks will suit. Discover the coveted style and desired color, then save the image or print to take to the salon. No guessing games or excuses for any hairstylist and no fear about whether the style your heart is set on will suit.

Getting Started.

To acquire the perfect photograph, Pull any hair back and use a plain light colored backdrop, not essential but improves the finished product. Take the photo facing straight at the camera, passport style. If you always use eyewear, wear them in the picture, as they may influence the ultimate decision. Time to experiment. There's a number of preset models you could use if you possess no suitable photographs. A range of facial shapes and ethnicities attempts to cater for a broad range.

Using the utility.

1. Click "Upload Your Own Photo" and select the photo from your computer. Later manipulate the photo from tabs at the footer of the utility if required. Use arrows to resize and click rotate in the middle if you need adjustments of proportions or position.

2. If you have no photograph choose one of the models. The other steps are identical.

3. Hover the mouse cursor over or finger tap the Hairstyles tab below the main image and mouse up to the applicable category. Select the hairstyle from those provided and see it overlay your picture.

4. Use arrows to adjust the styles height and width. If you need to re-adjust your picture, click the Model tab and adjust. Click on the Style tab to return to the hairstyle canvas. You can also adjust the color using the color chart and sliders.

5. To save, click on the Save tab. A new window/tab will open with a representation of the finished product (you may need to disable any active pop-up blockers). To print, right-click and select the Print tab and follow system instructions. Now experiment and enjoy. You can test drive hundreds of styles and colors to choose what's right for you.