Funky Ideas.

Unique hairdos are rare, by their nature, but this collection has some candidates. Some are so unorthodox, they might be from another world. A wide mixture of similar length but a vast difference in the finished product.

Bonus Video Slideshow. 40 Blondes.


Contrasting ideas but some aren't too far off the deep end, others are their own version of unique. Some are intended for braver ladies but we attempt to cater for everyone and some elements may prove useful. Tone down or crank up each to your requirements exactly. Leaving out extreme colors and shortening the bangs makes this one almost conservative.


Intermediate length.

This portfolio is ideal for those between lengths, some of the options presented are a touch longer. One of the worst parts about growing out a bob or pixie is trying to keep it tidy and acceptable until the desired length is reached. Sitting on the border between medium and short, they're great for that transitional stage. Not drastic but modern and fresh.


These choices fit most face shapes, eye colors, and age groups. Longer cuts can appear exciting with color to add definition and depth, while bangs, fringes, and spikes add texture. Parting and combing help with volume and height. The description in every photo sheds light on some vital information such as care products, styling tools, accessorizing and simple how-tos.



Some cuts feature simple and easy going patterns accompanying spiky designs and easy to style locks. Mid-length locks give variety when choosing the next step. There isn't a running theme like bobs and pixie cuts. Incorporated here are boyish and more masculine styles accompanied by sexy feminine cuts. A boyish cut is very trendy for a woman incorporating different influences and providing an edgy demeanor.


Bridging the Gap.

A scattering of feminine examples, while others are rather boyish. Wary of stepping into masculine territory? No worries here, even when opting for boyish haircuts, you can keep it girlie. Strive for more feminine some days or retain a boyish aura on others. Make-up goes a long way, not wearing any will make you look more masculine, for the days when you want to fit into those gender norms. When you want attention from guys, wearing feminine makeup is essential.


Add heels or pretty dresses for full effect. Bright lipstick and heavy eye shadow will promote femininity. Things that grab attention and make people notice your face are generally considered girlie while keeping things toned down and less obvious gives a more boyish visage.


More Variety.

Rather than limiting yourself to specific types, why not browse an extensive variety that allows consideration of different angles. Check out the following set which is much more feminine and even girly.


If you are exploring shorter ideas for the first time, here's an indication of what awaits you. Crops, even boy-like styles, can help frame those features in new ways, bringing out the eyes, raising cheekbones, and inspiring a smile.