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From Time to Time, we Find or Make Stuff that we Think is Funny or Interesting.

  10 Fats about Hairyou Might not have Heard of.
1. Style Changes. On average, a woman changes her style 104 times in her lifetime. In surveys wanting a change was the most common reason.
2. Length. The record for the longest locks goes to a woman in China with 18 ft locks whereas the records for ear, eyebrow and nipple hair all stand around 6-7 inches.
3. Money. The largest amount hair was ever insured for is $100000 by Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tom Jones insured his chest hair for $7m and a lock of Elvis's hair went at auction for over $100000.
4. Natural color. Red locks are only found in about 1% of the worldwide population. They were a sign of a witch, werewolf or vampire in medieval times.
5. Tensile Strength. A single human strand can support about 3 1/2 oz or 100 grams in weight, a guy from India pulled a 10-ton truck over 50 yards with his.
6. Extensions. The longest extensions ever applied were in Serbia and about 1/2 a mile long. She must have needed a 10-ton truck and an Indian guy to get around.
7. Image. In surveys, 96% of women agreed that their sense of beauty and a positive self-image is connected to their locks.
8. Growth Rates. Human hair grows a touch over 1/2 inch per month this can increase by leading a healthy lifestyle and getting plenty of sunlight.
9. Gender Differences. Male and female hair is impossible to tell apart unless genetic tests are used. About 11% of American men admit to coloring their hair, it's 75% for women.
10. Hairdressing. The most expensive cut was by Stuart Phillips in his salon in Covent Garden, London, England on an Italian client for over $16,000.