Short Locks make Cute Hairstyles.

To stand out from a crowd it's tempting to crush the opposition by going more extreme than others would dare, or you could out-cute them. It requires more effort to reproduce beauty than shock, anyone can stick a lump of meat on their head like Lady Gaga for shock value. Choose cute and fabulous every time.

Bonus Video Slideshow. 40 Short Styles with bangs.


In comparison to previous galleries, these designs are cuter and girlier. Flared flicks and choppy bangs soften edges and make feminine features. Fantastic for working women needing to appear at their best without spending an eternity trying to achieve the design. We can't all work or learn at a trendy tech company that permits hair in the craziest, most exciting new ways. Sometimes, we don't want to go against the grain, Choose perfect cuts for not feeling too rebellious. Pictures of short hair in natural and girly styles that will work in combination with any type of face, be it round, oval, square, heart-shaped. Ideas leaning more towards the feminine and cute but still pack a little punch.


Take shorter looks and add interesting details like spikes, slices and tousled texture. Messy is sexy, discover fourteen examples allowing a messy yet elegant countenance. Especially helpful if you lack the time to prepare or you're heading out in a hurry.


Color Match for Best Results

Almost none are the model's natural color. All match their looks, you can tell they're dyed by shine and highlights. Picking a simple style? Reach a visible pinnacle using the perfect color. No need to take an online quiz to decide what your spirit animal's color is, ask a stylist. Getting a calm style producing a mature appearance? Match color, style, makeup, and eyes.


Dress up or Down.

Transform luscious locks using minimal time and effort. Messy and sexy have never been so easy. Spiky and choppy can be best expressed using sliced hairstyles. Featured gallery including many choppy and spiky examples, tousled, wild, and even tamed. Can match most uniforms or formal office wear. Also cute with many types of outfit, so it doesn't matter what type of clothing you enjoy wearing, these styles should accommodate them rather well.


Crazy styles, incorporated into a gallery, spice things up a touch. More feminine and elegant than a punk rock style, incorporating the right amount of color, so you're attractive without being brash. A great way to spice up an outfit without going over the top. To leave a lasting, unforgettable impression, subtlety is a strong ally. Next up is a selection conforming to no particular theme so dive in, you never know.


Familiar Faces

It's okay not to want to think outside the box. Otherwise, showing a sample picture of a celebrity to the stylist, and saying, "Make me look like this" would be frowned upon. An orange flared cut reminiscent of British singer La Roux. We have a blonde, almost medium length cut reminding us of Martha Stewart. A photograph gallery that doesn't advocate wearing something so wacky that everyone turns their head and stares.


For the girl who doesn't court excessive attention, but understands appearance is essential. Classics are classy. There are almost zero simplified straight cuts, the bangs are all modern and made to fit the model's faces to perfection. Standing out and looking your best aren't mutually inclusive.


Women choosing a cropped coiffure sometimes face troubling questions from friends or family not used to the idea. Will I appear boyish? While boyish cuts do have appeal, many women want to balance the convenience of trimmed hair against natural femininity.


These lovely locks highlight ways short hairstyles can bring out what makes the modern woman. They're simple to maintain, combining cute and a hint of boldness, full of personality. Whether variations on bobs and pixies or feminine spikes, all demonstrate ways a short coiffure highlights womanhood. Because every woman and every face are different, explore how the featured styles highlight the best parts of you. Many here are reminiscent of shorter versions of more clichéd hairdos seen on long-haired ladies. Nice if you're afraid to take a big cut, or are working towards it gradually. A good way to dip your toes into the world of pixie cuts and bobs.