Hollywood A-listers Who've Been for the Chop.

Celebrity gallery three features A-listers who currently possess a fetish for trimmed tresses. Flexible for any season, some designs allow the wearing of chignons or French twists by virtue of extra length. The occasional style is getting towards mid-length which can give additional scope for implementing additional features not available on traditional short designs.


Actresses and Pop Stars.

All pictures feature popular actresses and celebrities. Female celebrities are admired (or criticized) for their style instinct. Thanks to the paparazzi and quick access media, women around the world follow their trendsetting idols. When considering style, it's not exclusively clothes, shoes, and accessories of A-list celebrities and music icons that are sought after and copied.


Favored celebrities influence girls on the street who attempt to rock similar designs. Creative license and a go-getter nature lead many female personalities to embrace the short hair trend. The fourteen featured include Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Renee Zellweger, Victoria Beckham, Sharon Stone, Pink and Michelle Williams. This batch of photos showcases how gorgeous and fierce these stars shine by virtue of shorter locks.


Shine Like a Star.

A difficulty when imitating someone possessing almost limitless resources is achieving and maintaining it every day. After leaving the salon full of optimism, covered by pride in your appearance it's not easy to burst your bubble. Remember the daily joust starts here with you at a disadvantage. It's not necessary to be affluent beyond the dreams of avarice to shine like a star, though it helps. Take a celebrity style and possess it but be aware that you might have a fight on your hands.


Not Complicated.

Short hairstyles are inherently uncomplicated and some of this batch conform to expectations and show attractiveness as shown by the celebrities wearing them. Some styles are even wash-and-wear, they can be washed, dried, brushed or tousled and you're good for strutting!


Elisha Cuthbert of the 24 franchise and dimpled chin wears a lovely example of the strawberry blonde choppy bob. Talking of bob's, Jenny McCarthy's radiant smile is the only thing brighter than her blonde hair.


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