Shorter Haircuts Found on Famous Celebrities.

In celebrity make-believe world, different rules apply. Mere mortals can pretty much please themselves in terms of fashion and hairstyles. Go shopping in our onesie with hair looking like we've been out with Lindsay Lohan. No worries about repercussions in the world press. If you actually have been out with Lindsay Lohan or you are Lindsay Lohan, you'll be under such intense media scrutiny it's remarkable they leave the house at all. However, most tolerate it and some actually revel in it.


Carey Mulligan's Quiff.

A perennial favorite in Carey Mulligan is first, adorned in a beautiful quiff, silky golden locks match her cocktail dress. Coupled with a sultry pout in contrast to her usual quirky/cute demeanor. Chloe Moretz is sporting a cut that's straying into medium territory, we adore it so it gets a spot regardless. Ellen Barkin looking demure as ever in a blonde inverse bob accompanied by Eva Marcille topped by a daring bleached crop. Farah Fath's perfect highlighted pixie style is in radiant contrast to pale pink shiny lipstick.


Jennifer Lawrence caused a slight stir when she first cut her trademark long locks we first fell in love with when she starred in The Hunger Games franchise. Let's face it, everyone's favorite, JLaw, can't disappoint so we applaud this delightful blonde pixie cut. Josie Davies in a slicked blonde number pulled back off her glowing face. Katherine Heigl wears a delightful retro wavy bob impersonating a fifties screen siren.


Queen of the Pixies.

Michelle Williams has championed the shorter haircut since 2010, an eon in fashion circles. Consider her a forerunner of the recent upsurge in this type of design. When she wore her tresses long she always seemed to have an updo or pony so it was no surprise when Michelle went the whole hog. While Michelle Williams is mayor of short town Rachel McAdams is an occasional visitor, though she pulls this off like an old pro. Figuratively speaking.


Young and Evergreen Stars.

Rihanna's such a hairstyle chameleon she could produce her own gallery. We've compiled an extensive blog post cataloging her short hair journey. Recognize her wearing a cropped pixie. Riley Keough, actress, model, and granddaughter of Elvis showcasing a blonde curly bob.


We included Sharon Stone for her services to the shorter blonde ensemble. She's stunning even considering she's approaching Sixty. Vanessa Hudgens of High School Musical has matured into an accomplished actor wears side swept bangs.


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