Celebrities with Short Hairstyles.

Meek and demure are things of the past. Sisters are flaunting their chopped locks on red carpets the world over. The world must say hello to empowered ladies who are sexy, adventurous, and strong. A touch of never ending class will make any crowd say "Wow!" Here are some great gals carrying the banner for cropped locks:  

Anne and Ashlee.

Anne Hathaway. It horrified many people when such an iconic celebrity cropped her mane scalp short for 'Les Miserables'. Days passed and the world came around and she received praise from various fashion magazines and fans. Ashlee Simpson, another Hollywood woman who underwent major hair transformation. So far, people love her new image! There are many magazines and websites featuring her pretty bob and even teach how to achieve it. According to Marie Claire Magazine, nobody from all of history could ever beat Carey Mulligan when it comes to rocking a short hairstyle. Blunt crop, tousled bob, red, blonde, or brunette. Carey can rock them all.


Charlize and Elisha.

Thinking about getting a pixie crop? Then Charlize Theron must be your star role model. She shaved her long pretty locks for 'Mad Max: Fury Road' and said it needed at least three months to return to pixie length. However, the movie's over and Charlize was still spotted wearing a similar look. Sexy: is the first word to come to mind whenever you see Elisha Cuthbert wearing her pixie locks. Many people found the idea outrageous back in 2007, but now everyone loves her cool and sleek tresses.


Emily Browning, the girl who adds funk to chopped hair. Pixies don't suit everyone. Emily's face suits this immaculately, if you're a similar shape it'll work for you too. Emma Watson, not only a hero of Gryffindor; she's a hero to many women who love cropped manes too since she left behind her adolescent shoulder length cut with bangs. Evan Rachel Wood. This actress publically declared her love for chopped manes more than her long and blonde ones. She always fantasized about following the steps of vintage Hollywood goddesses like Marilyn Monroe.


Ginnifer and Halle.

"I would never have long hair again", Ginnifer Goodwin said in an interview, she cropped her hair for the TV series "Once Upon A Time" and guess what? She's true to her word. Halle Berry has tried many different bouffants in her career but her most memorable ones seem to be those involving a cropped crown. Hayden Panettiere. This "Heroes" actress has been known for her ladylike designs that scream femininity but she chopped her locks off and never glanced back. Janet Jackson is a diva who is considered iconic for her chopped mane, she used to exclusively wear her tresses long but when she trimmed them everyone saw her with a fresh perspective. She's a hundred times hotter with her new spirit.


Planning a trim but need extra inspiration? Then check out Michelle Williams. The pixie queen herself has made this style her own. One of the main reasons Renee Zellweger loves it short is because it's comfortable and plain. Well, Renee, self-deprecation is admirable but you're far from plain in our opinion.


Female Hollywood celebrities have provided inspiration for girls of all ages regarding fashion statements. People once doubted women could pull off boyish and still retain their stardom. These Hollywood celebrities who rocked these hairstyles made a big splash. They proved the naysayers wrong in the fashion and hair industries. More celebs...