Evan Rachel Wood
Examples of Evan Rachel Wood's quirky style.

Evan Rachel Wood.

Not your average squeaky conformist from the Hollywood production line. She's spiritual, bisexual, got engaged to Marilyn Manson, and contemplates existentialism, so she likes to smash it a touch. Her time served with lengthy locks in various colors ended several years ago. She has since been observed wearing locks incorporating rebellious and quirky elements in equal measures.   

Fashion, Style, and Hairstyles.

She has timeless beauty as she goes from era to era on a whim. By matching a great sense of style and gorgeous locks, this actress seems to have it all.


You can describe her fashion style as classy and gothic. You can usually spot her wearing dresses of regal designs or outfits with rock or gothic flavors. you'll seldom catch her in bright or neon colors. She's a self-confessed, makeup and hair obsessed, beauty junkie which explains why she always has gorgeous locks to match her classic attires. Her favorite makeup would consist of bold colors like glittery dark purple eye shadow.




During ordinary days the actress wears comfortable denim jackets, shirts, and pants matched with cool boots or shoes. Nothing seems to be special about it except for the fact that this girl knows how to mix and match. The combination of her pieces is flawless. She's always successful in giving a fresh and casual vibe but still has that cool and elegant aura.


The color of her locks is in a state of constant change depending on movie roles. Although her favorite would seem to be her natural blonde, she still enjoys experimentation, vivid and expressive colors add accent to her character. She described her hairstyle as something that changes like the wind.




Evan Rachel Woods' birth date is the 7th of September 1987. She was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. It's only natural that a lot's expected of this singer-actress as she comes from a showbiz family. Her father sings, acts, writes, and directs, her mother is an acting coach, director, and actress. Show business runs in the Wood family since her brothers have taken a similar career path.


Movie Debut.


The singer-actress movie debut was in 1998 when, at only 19 years old, she got the chance to play the lead in the movie "Digging to China". She subsequently transitioned to a more mature part in the teenage drama film, "Thirteen", which got her a Golden Globe nomination.

On Screen.

When she was five years old, she lost out to Kirsten Dunst in getting the lead child role in the movie "Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles". The actress has worked more in mainstream movies since 2008. She also went back to television playing a character in "True Blood" and in the HBO miniseries "Mildred Pierce". Her performance in the latter series got her Best Supporting Actress at the Emmys and nominated for a Golden Globe.


"Mildred Pierce" is a critically acclaimed and award-winning miniseries about a restaurant owner in depression era America. Ms. Wood plays Veda, the daughter of the titular character played by Kate Winslet, the tortured relationship between the two being the crux of the story. The Guardian dubbed her 'one of the best actresses of her generation'. She's not only an actor; she can also kick ass, literally, as she's a taekwondo black belter.