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Emma Watson
Emma Watson, Six Short Styles.

Emma Watson.

The thinking man's (or woman's) pin-up comes across as sensible, reliable, and intellectual. There are celebrities that would sell their soul for fame and fortune, they seem to be willing to do or expose almost anything to get into the public consciousness. We're sure their parents are proud of them but we bet Emma's parents are prouder.


She finished her education and obtained a University degree despite being a multi-millionaire. She doesn't take any old role in every movie that does the rounds, she considers with care each project on merit. It may be that she takes a future project where she appears nude but we're sure it'll be for artistic merit rather than a blatant publicity stunt. You know who you are.


Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson was born, and lived in France for 5 years and later migrated to Oxfordshire, England after her father and mother separated. She speaks French as a second language. Emma, seen here with choppy brown locks spent her formative years in England in an extended family setting as both her parents remarried and had more kids.



She studied at the Dragon School, a prestigious preparatory school and Headington Girls School both in Oxford, England where she decided to enroll part-time at a theater company. She's best remembered as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter franchise.


Emma Watson is one of the most admired actresses today but she never forgets her ordinary roots with her friends. She remains close to all the actors and staff of Harry Potter with whom she filmed for almost ten years.

Emma Watson's Style.

She's also not only a good in actor but knows how to turn heads in the world of fashion and style. Her high fashion sense is evident as she knows how to carry herself and her roles. She can turn herself from a cute chic to a very serious woman while maintaining her innate sophistication. She keeps herself noticeable on and off cam by matching a nice outfit with fabulous looking locks.


Pixie Crop.


Emma stunned most of her fans when she decided to cut her mane short into a pixie cut, a huge deviation from her usual appearance. This pixie crop highlighted the beauty of her face and her fashion reputation went stratospheric.


Sported styles.


She appeared at a screening in New York with this super-chic tucked-under bob that matched the occasion and her make-up. Emma was gorgeous when appearing with a brunette chop at a screening for her film "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" and looked perfect with a swept back updo in a cover page shot.


She wore a crop during an MTV awards ceremony matched by her cool smoky shadow and clean lip cream. Emma got remarkable once again when she appeared at the pre-BAFTAs Lancome Party with a side-parted, slicked back number, matched to perfection by her super red lips.


Emma appeared at a Burberry party with a soft up-do, she tied up her mane at the back and let some parts flow at the sides. At a premier of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, she appeared with a loose, plaited updo with a red band which highlighted her maturity.


Emma is one of those chosen few who achieve popularity even at a young age. Despite all her success in life, she still manages to keep herself on the ground regardless of her being a multi-millionaire young star. She's one of a kind since she also considered her academic future and always intended to finish college/university. She's a great example of a good role model for young girls.