Emily Browning
Charlize Theron. Beautiful in Every Way.

Distinctive Look.

Those high cheekbones, a square jaw, and that pursed-lipped smile combine to give the instantly recognizable face of Emily Browning the fashion model, actress, and recording artist. She's counted as one of the most promising of the current young generation of actresses who has garnered many awards and acclaimed films to her name. Emily is also gaining quite a following because of her quirky yet elegant sense of style.


You may remember her roles in "Series of Unfortunate Events" and "Sucker Punch" and more recently "Pompeii" and "Legend". She needed long locks for those roles but she often sports a shorter style in the real world. Ranging from the chestnut pixie, pictured top left, to the wavy soft bob below.


Emily's hair has changed so much since she broke into the movie industry. Her locks have encountered a lot of reinvention and it seems she always has something different up her sleeve. Her short bobs and pixies hinting at a tint of red on her darker brown tresses interest us. Her hair helps bring out her personality and the characters she's playing. Lower down she's pictured wearing a simple and down to earth vibe, minimal makeup, and her hair's a little messy. She accentuates the shape of her face and draws attention to her soft-looking full lips. Boyish, retro and style icon are all in the mix somewhere.


The light brown of her locks has a little ombre effect that brings out the nice green color of her eyes. What makes her an icon when it comes to her style she's not afraid to experiment and let her features shine through. It's admirable how she can take simple stuff yet remain eye-catching and chic. Emily Browning has emerged from being the child star to becoming a recording artist and a promising and sought-after Australian actress. Her acting, singing prowess and her profound sense of style are among her many attributes.

Fashion Guru.

Emily was the Event Ambassador at the L'Oreal Fashion Festival which was a kick start into the field of modeling and fashion. Since she came back after taking her break to finish school, MTV called her a rising fashion icon. She has caught the eyes of many fashion magazines, including the prestigious publications Vogue and W and she has been photographed at many red carpet events.


Striking beauty, prominent cheekbones, and green eyes. Her sense of style has also been much talked about thanks to her created ensembles photographed here and there. Style choices that have graced many glossies have hints of retro prints, lace, quirky ruffled socks and bold lip colors. When she appeared at the MET Galas McQueen opening all eyes were on her. She rocked a red high-necked Marc Jacobs gown which was very different from the knee-length dresses she often wears.


Professional life.


At an early age, she shined like a beacon while playing roles on Australian TV. Her first big role was a film version of 'Lemony Snickets a Series of Unfortunate Events', where she landed the role of Violet, the eldest of the Baudelaire children. Emily turned down the role of Bella Swan in Twilight even though she was endorsed by the book author, Stephanie Meyer. She cited exhaustion for turning down the request to audition for the role, which went to the eventual star, Kirsten Stewart. Speaking of turning down movie roles, she has gotten quite a few roles as a replacement for actresses who drop out. In 'Sucker Punch', she took the place of Amanda Seyfried who had scheduling conflicts. In 'Sleeping Beauty', she was a replacement for Mia Wasikowska who was doing an adaptation of Jane Eyre and in 'Plush', she replaced Evan Rachel Wood who was also experiencing conflicts in her schedule.


Friends and Significant others.

Emily is a relatively private member of the glitterati. She has a few high-profile friends but she socializes more often with mere mortals. Mia Wasikowska is another Australian personality Emily has been reported to be close friends with. The two Aussie actresses love calling each other for relationship stuff and sharing style tips.


Emily has dated fellow Australian Xavier Samuel who's known for his role as Riley Biers in 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'. They met on the set of 'Sucker Punch' but split in 2015. There were rumors of a reconciliation but as far as we know the situation remains vacant.