Elisha Cuthbert
Elisha Cuthbert, an Array of Short Blonde Hairstyles.

Style and Hair.

When she was jumping around fending off bad guys in her reoccurring role as Kim Bauer in the hugely popular series "24", long sleek locks weren't an option so Elisha tended to have a style akin to the fourth example on the left. In her other most prominent role in "Happy Endings", things were more sedate allowing for a flowing blonde mane.


Elisha loves to tinker and experiment on her locks which suited her role in later seasons of "24", where she changed her look constantly. You can see her in her short sassy hairstyle, but she often changes the color from a darker butterscotch to a French vanilla shade.


To replicate her sleek, short, and sassy look, use styling gel in towel-dried locks. Use a vent brush to wrap and smooth the strands flat while drying. The moment it dries create a zigzag part on the sides and push the bangs over using molding paste to create definition. Creation is so easy since it doesn't need to be perfect, getting messy is sometimes a better idea.

Shaggy Bangs.

She wore shaggy bangs on a half updo to the Golden Globe Awards. Perfect for a night out on the town, achieve this by applying a volumizing mousse to damp tresses and by using a round brush to blow-dry. Create a flirty flip by running the brush away from your face when drying the ends. Push your bangs to one side and use a vent brush to dry them. For the half updo, create a bit height at the crown using a comb and smooth the top layer using a rubber band.


Shaggy layers on a blonde bob are modern looking and chic. Apply some volumizing mousse after towel drying and make a zigzag part while pushing your bangs to one side. Use a round brush to get lift at the roots. Before it dries, shake it with your hands to create a shaggy look as well as make it a little crumpled, ragged and unkempt. For the finishing touches use a styling wax to tame flyaway strands and create definition and contrast.


Sophisticated, Sexy Blonde Style.


Perfect for special occasions and gatherings. Create a two-way division on top and apply some smoothing cream. After it's dried, wrap end sections around a one and a half-inch curling iron. To break up the waves, rake through using your fingers and to make it last longer, apply a finishing shiny spray.


Long blonde and wavy. Unfortunately for this site, Elisha looks perfect sporting long and blonde wavy hair as she looks sophisticated and elegant.

In the Beginning.

Elisha Ann Cuthbert, the queen of the short blonde pixie cut, is Canadian and grew up near Quebec and then lived in Toronto with her two younger siblings. Elisha finished high school before she relocated to Los Angeles to act at seventeen years old.


Elisha started modeling when she was seven years old. At the age of fifteen, she started appearing on television, hosting a Canadian kids educational program.


Elisha found her real-life happy ending in the Canadian Ice Hockey Player and captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Dion Phaneuf. They married on Prince Edward Island after a five-year relationship. They decorated the church with maple leaves and she arrived in a black convertible Camaro.