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One of the most popular singers of today, Rihanna is a serial chameleon. Here's an inverted asymmetrical bob shook up by choppy, uneven ends.

Another one from Rihanna. Heavy fringe on a faux undercut establishes an iconic polish on a perenial favorite.

From when Selma Blair went bleached on a cropped pixie. After that rush of blood, she soon reverted to the customary brunette we know and love. Selma Blair was another one of those Hollywood celebrities infected by contagious pixie dust.

Evergreen Sharon Stone pictured looking fresh, now incredibly around 60, rose to fame and indeed infamy in Total Recall and Basic Instinct. She was Academy Award nominated for best actress and won a Golden Globe Award for Ginger in Martin Scorsese's "Casino".

Pixies and crops are a huge hit this season, as more and more celebrities sport them. Tisha Campbell is no exception, she rocked hers at "The Mountaintop" Broadway opening event. The jet black cropped pixie and bright red lipstick made her cheekbones pop.

What has flawless beauty, Tyra Banks, not tried? She's sexy in any dress or hairdo! Comfortable in all her million new experiments, she's elegant and smiles using her eyes.

Victoria Beckham, in Los Angeles, sporting fashionable sunglasses also has a blonde bob. Cropped at the back graduating to longer at the front with long sides.

An Inverted Bob is Longer at the Front and Often Clippered.

Prior to becoming the Bad Girl in wild colors and styles, Rihanna sported much tamer tresses. Reminiscent of Victoria Beckham's uneven chops, Rihanna's inverted bob is modern and chic. Amplified side part, the tips sliced very thin, framing her face and providing more texture, perfect for her less outrageous image. Rihanna revels in unique, something appealing to the younger crowd and draws media attention.

Rihanna the Trend Setter.

Ever ahead of the crowd, here we see Rihanna wearing an undercut before it was even a thing. Her perple striped, high necked cardigan cooperates with the length of the nape. While her makeup shapes compliment the zippy top.

A Flaxen Selma Blair.

Selma presents herself flaunting feminine locks showing the simplicity of style she exudes. Not heavily madeup and her hair appears unencombered by creams or gels. Her locks are combed into side sweeps and colored in light blonde, not her signature hairstyle. First, the closeness is shocking, strands so close to her scalp, also the color was so far removed from her regulation brunette it's untrue. Selma's style vacation was a breath of fresh air that sent Hollywood paparazzi buzzing and women across the globe rushing to the salon.

Ageless Sharon Stone.

Choppy layers leaving long strands at the nape area, parted leaving the shorter locks on the top. The sexy Sharon Stone is the epitome of stylish class, wearing a funky cut such as this, she still seems ageless. Sharon's messy style is seductive and youthful. No long tresses weigh her down and these strands brighten her face and make her appear twenty years younger. The champagne strands offset by darker roots give an interesting dimension while the messy texture gives it height and body.

Tisha Cambell-Martin.

This layered pixie falls towards her face; a very 90's version of a classic. To maintain a neat and tidy edge, the back and sides taper, which blends into the top layers which are flat, to contour the head for a neat touch. Suiting her round face, it's simple and easy to sport to formal occasions. She has established her long wavy credentials in the past using beautiful sides and backs adding width.


She's also known for trying different types of clothes which complement her every inch. She wore a pantsuit and a shrunken vest, matching it with a pair of wide-legged trousers and completed it with a matching black fedora and trench. Tisha shone on the red carpet by wearing a long pink Fuchsia Breezy Dress complemented by a diamond bracelet. She looks spectacular in black pumps with gold squared toes. The one shoulder dress is definitely a dashing way for her to show off her envious figure. Also, she wore a one-shouldered pencil dress with a thin chocolate colored belt and complemented it with a flowered brooch to kick the simple nutmeg dress up a notch.

Tyra Banks

Glamorous and chic hairstyles Tyra has worn include; medium wavy, long curls, sleek and straight, neat bun, braided bun, bob, half up and half down, short curls, feathery, highlights the list is endless. Regard the splendid style here she carries so well! Tyra gets more and more glamorous as the years pass causing huge numbers of girls to track her choices. The model isfashion conscious to the point of obsession and determined to shine.


Tyra is famous for her super-sexy skin hugging clothes that flaunt her curves and assets! There's been fashion evolution and Tyra's looks are a keystone in her career. She ensures at any event she's THE center of attention. The Tyra-effect! Her colors are smartly chosen, like flashy neon. She is proud of her curves and takes every chance to flaunt them. She's a perfect fashionista! Tyra has a spark that ignites people around and the audience follows her. She believes, traditional beauty will be less valuable and uniqueness heralded.

Posh Spice.

Ever since she stepped into the limelight as Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham has been an aspiring icon. The bob has been one of Victoria Beckham's favorite and most iconic styles. She has worn it in many different ways but they all look gorgeous on her. Women have copied her bobs so much it gave rise to the term Pob or Posh bob.


She definitely has the fashion fairies by her side, her new haircut is great and it's something lots of women emulate. Her haircut isn't too complicated so should be easy to implement.